Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Confirmed! iPhone 12 Killer?

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    The Samsung Galaxy S11 is now the Galaxy S20, S20+ & S20 Ultra! Here's every leak about the S20 before release on Feb 18th!
    Latest iPhone 12 Leaks.
    Max Weinbach.
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    1. EverythingApplePro EAP

      Just so you know all of these renders were made using official leaked CADs from the factories, enjoy our new and improved renders :P

      1. Worawat Srisawasdi

        They basically copied iPhone 11 camera design...

      2. debi winkering

        Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and #LUMIy Lightblade SUCH WIN #2020 #UK

      3. Sam Maalouf

        @Jakob Malki no apple sucks wtf

      4. Jakob Malki

        @Sam Maalouf why is that, are you saying Apple is better then all the other brand's?

      5. Sam Maalouf

        @Jakob Malki but he is honest. Of anything he would be more biased with apple

    2. Simps Sit Down

      If it doesn’t have iMessage and Memoji ion want it 🥱

    3. Roro_ Rockstar

      I don't think this guy can resist talking about Apple when he's doing a phone that isn't Apple

    4. Mark Evangelista

      I hope that i have those😥

    5. Top10zeda

      you got it all wrong son

    6. MarcosMarroquin007

      I'm watching this video on my Galaxy S4.

    7. redhog t10

      This dude has the unlimited knowledge on every phone why is his name not everythingphonelord🔥

    8. Cookielord412

      Yup this is one of the final reasons I want to switch to Samsung


      Why is there a cheese grater with an apple logo in the background

    10. Chi Asmr


    11. Vino Vino

      S20 ultra 😍

    12. ŇööŔ Žämäñ ķhåń

      Sorry dear I'm sumsung fan but S20 is not iPhone 12 killer.. iPhone 12 killer will will be lunch next year S21

    13. Family Friendly Quality Content

      Apple dooky

    14. Your Boss

      iPhone and Samsung need to up their game with Chinas phones

    15. Your Boss

      You’re going to be making a new Samsung s 10 abcds 9

    16. Latrell Jennings

      I love how everybody just casually stole his thumbnail image

    17. Joey Sorrenti

      Samsung and beyond! Plus ultra!!!

    18. eris mariano


    19. frankndeebox

      Samsung has won I repeat Samsung has 4 cameras I repeat Samsung has bet apple

    20. Rw1212


    21. Robbie Yo

      Saw the commercial, I want the camera on this on the iPhone!

    22. dark side


    23. Worawat Srisawasdi

      Samsung Galaxy S20 is basically iPhone 11 Pro copy.

    24. jade

      I cant waitttt

    25. benni boy8

      Apple:adds 3 cameras Samsung fans:ewww looks so ugly Samsung: adds even more ugly cameras Samsung fans: wow so good i love it BRUH

    26. Jorge D Quesada

      To kill the iPhone they need more than that jjjjj

    27. Derrion Brumfield


    28. rahul wadhwa

      Again RIP APPLE as usual. Now their pro max looks old which has come few months back

    29. ﴾Λ͟rtificial﴿

      Apple 2021: We've invented expandable storage. Introducing the iSD card

    30. WolfangJunior11

      Literally, every New Samsung Galaxy S Phone is an iPhone Killer... I don't even know how Apple has survived so many times...

    31. kaloqn

      Apple has a lot to catch

    32. Barcelona's Hot Crowd

      Come on man. Hardly an iPhone 12 killer when 1. It's a damn Samsung 2. It's Android. It's a bit like saying that the new Ford Focus is an Audi R8 killer. It's simply for the ignorant.

    33. Bluestarseed1

      finally numbers that match the years. feels better on the conscious mind.

    34. TAU

      the s20 is realase bro

    35. Meza10731

      Apple is going to jump to iphone100 to try and one up Samsung. Lmfao!

    36. chronicles of k'za

      Is it water proof?

    37. Michael Wilson

      Apple: We skipped 9 Samsung: Ok, we skipped 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 and 19.Fight me Apple: ....

    38. Abu Hurairah

      Apple zombie gets excited because within 2-3 years apple will copy some android features. How zombieish

    39. Guest 666

      2 more days

    40. Eddy

      Heh, Plus Ultra

    41. Robert Nawracaj

      The best part about it is that Samsung products actually go down in price so you could wait a few months and instead of getting it for let's say $1300 it would be down to $1000 or $900

    42. retard alert

      that looks so ugly ngl.

    43. Mary Rodriguez

      So I kinda need help what would be best a I phone 11 with three cameras or should I wait for the s20

    44. Jordan Barrett

      What about Note

    45. Jordan Barrett

      Why No S11

    46. aaron stelmach

      If only samsung threw some money to social networks to get them to update/upgrade the software. Thats what holds samsungs back with social media, it takes pictures directly from the viewfinder in most cases

    47. T K

      Just released the Ultra has a 100 x digital zoom!

    48. stanglova86

      upgrading from my s6 edge do you think its worth the wait??

      1. Oktay

        Is this a serieus question? Ofcourse it is?!

    49. Raj sugu


    50. WOLFRANGER 1

      Holy cow 12G ram half more like bruh

    51. Andrew Barrot

      The 120hz refresh rate is correct! Looks amazing in hand, announcement coming Feb 11!

    52. Leorio San

      i love apple and even im surprised (:

    53. arpxdagoodone

      ...and finally...2020 and no notch....ohh wait a minute....

    54. Sarah Becker

      Why is the phone he is holding have its front camera lenses in the corner. But the ones he has photos of have the front lense in the middle. ?

    55. allmightynoob

      Bruh there's a literal fucking telescope on this phone

    56. SuperNick 2006

      Idk what to get the new samsung or iphone 11 or 12

    57. Jake Bercic

      Absolutely killed it. Thank you for all the info

    58. M J

      Last year I bought a iPhone 11 Pro, the iWatch series 5, and MacBook Pro; I sold my S10 + and I regret it every single day since then, iPhone users don’t have a real idea of what a Samsung is capable to do. I bought it because I work for high profile individuals and they want me to use Apple, but I’ll be using Samsung as personal that’s for sure. iPhone is just for status and looks. Greetings from Colorado.

      1. T K

        I find iphones not's also not intuitive at all

    59. Ken trekmario

      So I rather have wider than longer . Makes movies look weird.

    60. star boy36

      Another phone...Jesus Christ I can’t keep up 🤯

    61. Seth Judkins

      The S20 ultra will be 6.9 not 6.7 lol

    62. Andrea Minetto

      120 hz only on full hd+ No msmc No ufs 3.1 No 3d sonic fingerprint

    63. Dipankar Roy


    64. K T

      I just left iphone after 12 faithful years. Just purchased Samsung Galaxy S10 and im blown away. Like wow wtf

    65. Belinda Ginete

      Nope. The Iphone 12 killer would be the Note 20. They almost have the same launch date- last quarter of the year.

    66. Beyond Antares

      Dude are you brothers with ZoneOfTech?

    67. Jana G

      So its still has a punch hole ...

    68. Ir0nLeg3nd

      Samsung in 2 years be like *Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S69*

    69. 忍者Ninja

      Everyone was laughing about iphone 11, because of camera design and now we clearly see samsung did same but nobody will notice and laugh about that. 🙂

    70. Bryant Stuewer

      Soooo much of this info is wrong lol come on man

    71. Mona Ghobrial

      Lol thought this was an Apple channel

    72. Anna Christine Arram

      And here I thought that the iPhone 11 was ugly, but this is just the worse 😂

    73. Evan H. Bogle

      The smallest S20 is the size of an s8+ in terms of screen size

    74. FBI

      iPhone: oh no Galaxy: hahaha easy

    75. Mr. Zealous

      I hate this guy

    76. Kiara Louise

      Im sold lol 😆😭😭😭

    77. dylan chanel

      Is Samsung killing the galaxy note?

    78. MogeOfficialTV

      Honestly don't understand why everyone hates apple. The newest galaxy and iPhone are pretty always on the same level. The galaxy has better storage capacity, while the iPhone has a better graphics card and processor. Everyone made fun of apple for adding another camera, despite literally every other brand also doing the same thing. The galaxy and iPhone cost the same. the play store is more open and the galaxy phones can do things that you would have to jailbreak an iPhone to do, but the iPhone also has it to where all of its apps are optimized to work well with iOS. While the iPhone has half the RAM, like I said before, it's optimized so that it is functions as well as the galaxy's 8gb. And that is pretty much all that is worth comparing.

    79. aneo siu

      Samsung should build like iPhone block the ad pop up on screen.

    80. ᴋᴀɪsᴇʀ

      If this channel was named Everything Samsung Pro, I would have subbed and watched this channel. Sorry for being a sheep, Galaxy phones are too good, imo. 😩✌️

    81. Jahed Miah

      He's touching that s10 as if it was a s20 lol

      1. Paul Hord

        Hes uses iphone mainly so the s10+ still feels futuristic to him.

    82. Andra King

      Yes finally said EverythingSamsungPro 😂😂😂

    83. Knowledge Power

      S20 ultra so now their will be 3 s20 instead of 2. Basically all the same. They come with the wireless earbuds too.

    84. Knowledge Power

      Galaxy always kills Iphone

    85. Subaruuu12

      Bixby button is still a thing 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    86. Bryn Barnett

      That camera is too big

    87. meme Smoke

      Should i get the s20 ultra 5g or wait for the Note 20 ultra? I kinda like the boxy shape of the note series but i also am excited to see the s line with the single punch hole cut out. I wonder how the note 20 ultra design will be different from the note 10's design. So far no news on the note 20's design . Maybe a smaller punch hole???? Ive owned s9 plus and s10 plus and never owned a note phone maybe i should get a note?

    88. Exodus fivesixfivesix

      Not sure about 5g. Besides the tech having rumors of cell damage the battery performance of the 5g note seems like a lunge back.

    89. Matt A

      Has apple even figured out eye recognition yet?🤣

      1. retard alert

        Matt Ryan did i ask? and no it’s not wayyyy better. it’s legit the same thing just in your eye.

      2. Matt A

        @retard alert because it's wayyyyy better, more accurate. Why have one when you can have both? Samsung has both

      3. retard alert

        Matt Ryan um why would you need that when you have facial recognition?

    90. 1 mil subs

      Samsung t shirt with apple logo I see what you did there

    91. Jad Abu Ghaida

      Yor shirt LOL \

    92. micdoses1

      As far as I'm concerned the s10/+ an Note 10/+ are iPhone killers

    93. Jonathan Jacob

      LOL, you are excited to see what Samsung is doing today because that means you might get it on your iPhone in the next 3 years.

    94. HornyTrolllololololool

      S20 ultra will have 108 mega pixel camera? Oh my gawd. Samsung already has the best display, looks like they might get best camera as well. They really want the throne to become queen/king of smartphones

    95. Iyke Styler

      I love what you said today ❤️

    96. Linda Scott

      Is there going to ne a Note 20?

    97. Rohit Korpal

      S20 another low quality phone to rob people of there money. #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungIsThief #SamsungChorHai chor hai chor hai #SamsungChorHai chor hai chor hai #SamsungChorHai chor hai chor hai #SamsungChorHai chor hai chor hai #SamsungChorHai chor hai chor hai

    98. SavageArfad

      No Jack, no buy!

    99. SlothGamer

      Why would they skip 10 numbers they won’t! It will be galaxy s11

    100. Bee6chan

      My boy was excited about getting a new update for his iphone a few months ago,it was keyboard swipe and to make the messaging background black😂😂😂