Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs Motorola RAZR DROP Test!

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    Ultimate Galaxy Z Flip vs 2020 Moto Razr Drop Test! Foldable glass vs plastic. The latest foldable screen tech put to the ultimate durability test.
    Galaxy S20 Ultra vs 11 Pro Max Comparison.
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    1. Brandon Stevens

      This is a message to everything Apple you’re just jealous that the Motorola 5G survived the Samsung and it had no cracks except for that white crease the Motorola one Samsung zip

    2. speaker gameing e

      Its still a plastic screen on zflip

    3. Atïa hãmzã

      Samsung flip z game 10 kngn kt

    4. Berto _OnLine

      He's handsome!


      Motorola : I just try to make folding phone 🤧

    6. AzharHassan

      I'm not a fan of Motorola but just do the goddam drop test without whining like a girl will ya.

    7. Dave


    8. Andy Bustryk

      Man I love my Razr 5g i sold z flip after one week.Razr is way better phone love it better look

    9. Peter Lang

      Maybe try the new Razr 5G as that is a vast improvement over 1st gen

    10. Yee Choon Wah

      Once dropped, meaning, heart's breaking. Once , words , hear I hate ! Now, ate it

    11. Bonnie Louk

      I trust all companies Motorola apple LG Samsung

    12. Mavgamer wilytq

      The Samsung screen is made of plastic so it doesn't break

    13. Steph Bee

      My anxiety kicked in when he first dropped the phone 😫

    14. M12• BIM

      Esse cara e louco

    15. Dominika Żyłko

      I really cant believe that my Samsung Flip broke on 5th day of usage when it fell down out of my jacket when I was getting out of a car...


      z flip glass will never break because it made of plastik

    17. ProGamer 001

      Can I have the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

    18. Pineapple Vlogs

      congrats on 1 million views! clicked on 999k

    19. Ty Utley

      Boy why you trashing the moto phone, if you a hater just say that 🤣🤣🤣 I’m still getting one

    20. Robert Seignette

      maybe it would be a good idea to try dropping them on a uneven surface like the pavement outside. its a more realistic scenario

    21. mortalkaiban

      I was going to get one of these phones but I ended up building a pc. I'm going to wait till they actually come up with something durable.

    22. Prinsipe Motions

      3:07 is the start of the video

    23. mantasour

      Samsung definitely makes a better product in terms of appearance and functionality. The accoutrements are nicer. Motorola however makes a perfect phone for a dumbass like me. The razor looks weak but I'm typing on some old moto g thing I've had forever as a back up phone. It's cracked to hell. Another one I had just died this morning after losing several pieces of the screen lol. Motorola ain't no bitch

    24. buffet panda Rico

      But then comes out the razr 5g

    25. Neelam Kushwaha

      1:50 did anyone notice that there was the hello there in the Motorola razr

    26. Phonk Equinox

      This inside is NOT glass on the z flip

    27. judy nunez

      Just take a hammer. cause it looks like you love pain and torture. Jajaja.

    28. Jonathan

      I love the razor so much and he was being so biased. But I was laughing as he broke the z flip! I was so funny to see him try to defend the s flip, LOL.

    29. Josh Rivera

      Biased much? That’s all I could gather from this vid 🤷‍♂️.

    30. Saurabh Patil

      For a reviewer... This dude is highly biased from the start...

    31. joker666

      Your username is misleading.

    32. Pavel Vodnar

      those are from Apple?

    33. ivantoxie

      Would be nice if they stopped selling us phones made out of glass.

    34. Hussain Kamal

      Very nice motorola does not compare with samsung

    35. Erik Petan

      I just wanna bend those phones

    36. Noid Para

      Why Apple fanboy testing Samsung?

    37. Xellfer


    38. Xellfer


    39. Xellfer


    40. Pr. Silterson Freitas Knop

      Drop test *Motorola rasr breaks on the front* That's not a big deal🤣🤣🤣🤣

    41. Pr. Silterson Freitas Knop

      The z flip is still working

      1. Pr. Silterson Freitas Knop

        Omg z flip is stronger on the front

    42. Blake Birdsong

      Video sponsored by Samsung? Lol

    43. Blazy Arguilles

      You can just give it to me please I love thattttt

    44. Roman Orlik

      You are such an idiot...just know it and live with it. I will not trust any review of yours👎👎👎👎


      Sir,goodmorning here in the Philippines,🇵🇭can I have a old iPhone8 from you, cause I don't have a money to buy a new phone ,,it's my dream to have a iPhone8,I hope you notice me,🙏God bless and. Keep safe

    46. SnoodlyBoop


    47. Julia Agesti 6.A

      indonesia like dibawah

    48. ShadowNickz

      summary: samsung z flip stronger, there, your time has been saved

    49. marin christian

      Last time I’ll be watching you, this is not a test video, more like hate on Motorola video..hater

    50. Sydney Wells

      i agree that the first model razr motorola put out in 2019 had a lot of faults, it was it's first run. but motorola definitely has the best team when it comes to listening to customers and improving their product because the new motorola razr 5G is a way better phone than its predecessor. I'll definitely be looking into it before I do the samsung zflip. The nostalgia factor also is great on it.

    51. Katt B On 3

      Ha Ha, stay safe and buy the case.

    52. Akash Goswami

      Go back to your dumb iphones. You know nothing about foldables

    53. Ricardo Martinez

      I'm definitely getting the z flip sometime. I hate how the screen on the Motorola can be lifted so easily

    54. J R

      He obviously hates the razr lol

    55. Adam Porter

      Clearly paid big money by samsung to make this video

    56. Brad Smith

      How much samsung pay u

    57. Juntrik🚀

      Such a bad review Even when the samsung model failed he‘d Tell you How much better it is compared to the Razr.. sad

      1. Alex Navarro

        Failed? That can easily be replaced, and is much better than a broken screen. Build quality and specs are miles better on the flip. It is clear who the winner is

    58. Illes Samuel Tolgyes

      who cares about you talking shit about the RAZR?

    59. Illes Samuel Tolgyes

      i like the razr... my mom has one and she loves it.

    60. Malik Haider

      Everything apple pro needs to switch he's name real quick cuz apple is crumbling

    61. Thomas Campbell


    62. Shadows Shadows

      Lol the razor is way better bud lol

    63. Brian guill

      Ese weon caga dinero

    64. giulia p

      I never write this're so sexy 😍 face and legs so easy to look at

    65. Rahat Kabir


    66. strawberry

      this brake my heart

    67. Promasterchef33

      The Samsung galaxy Z flip does not have a glass interior screen it is plastic with a nano layer of glass in the flexible OLED lair

    68. Miss Me When I Am Gone

      He did not break the phone but my heart..

    69. BOB CREDO

      never watch this channell again.,, eww this is crap

    70. Anti epicall SOM NINJA

      3:41 thank me later

    71. Crystal Pierce

      What if falls out of your pocket ridding a bike

    72. Karanbir Singh

      First and last video watched on this channel .... I hope samsung paid you well

    73. myyoga8spa

      See this is why I like your videos and I follow .. I trust you You're honest strait forward Keep up the good work I was confused on which one should I go for Thanks

    74. KING AIZ

      In like the Samsung

    75. Alan Wong

      samsung sponsored, and also doing giveaway with S20 ultra, get real!

    76. will peoples

      Why no 10ft drops?

    77. Sweetcraft 557

      I think the z flip it's just a better build phone

    78. Joao pedro Godoy

      Troxa mano porque quebra porque não duo

    79. Mc Guiller Tagalongan

      Me i have that for my online class

    80. Kevin Gachaツ

      I remember that plainrock124 tested the Motorola Razr

    81. the man behind the slaughter

      Jerryrigeverything: starts scratching at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

    82. the man behind the slaughter

      IPhone users be like 👁️💧👄💧👁️

    83. Oleg Yefremov

      That’s why I bought expensive (but apparently necessary) leather case for Samsung

    84. Bonds Kanselier

      I have the Razr, love It and it still works fine... P.S. are such a loser Peace... out 😜

    85. Charles Cooper

      Hahaha wow talk about not having the right info...the razr is NOT plastic,it's metal... and the galaxy's screen is NOT glass, this right here is a prime example of favoritism, hands down this video shouldn't have even been made

    86. Chris Cluney

      I recently bought the Z flip and am so paranoid about it breaking because I am so in love with it, so watching this is horrifying

    87. SirLuca100 RBLX

      Lol everythingsamsungpro 🤣🤣🤣

    88. bentogamer games


    89. Henrique M

      The RAZR may be flimsier than the samsung and more cheap looking still is the more desirable phone of both. The z flip is just UGLY and not sexy at all. Minute 4:15. Big lol! the guy bragging the solid high quality of the samsung and BAM "Oh...thats all it took :D Yeah buddy that´s why plastic is not such a bad choice after all.... Justice was done after all :D

    90. Akshat Jain

      Both have the plastic displays, I dont know why the Samsung is calling it a glass display?

    91. The fallen one

      And Samsung got the idea from Motorola

    92. The fallen one

      Moto was head of its time by 1year

    93. HaaaNoooooo

      Always with these drop tests. (Colored glass outers don't matter because of cases on 1,650 dollar phones.) Nobody has no case on even a 200 dollar phone. It's why these drop tests are for views. (A very expensive video? It's paid for a thousand times over by sponsors and views. EverythingApplePro with no older tech Apple devices. I always find this ironic.)

    94. Daniel Krenn

      I really wish they would go plastic on the back of all phones again. There's no reason for the glass outside of making people want to buy a new one because it's all cracked

    95. Crazytunes Bak

      Video disliked

    96. Maddini Tharun

      Try to be fair

    97. Jr nu mex

      whats up guys? youtube vids universal start..

    98. Eliotriz

      Mmmememememememe pls

    99. Resul Emini

      I want a phone pls😫😫😓

    100. Jazil Usman

      Moto is better is but zflips just so cool