Samsung Galaxy Fold DROP Test! Shockingly Durable

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    The New Samsung Galaxy Fold Drop Test! How durable is it? Unboxing, Quick Review & DROP Test. Actually surprising results.
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    iPhone 11 Pro DROP Test:

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    1. Ro

      Five years later... Apple announces their new foldable.... Its amazing 😍😍😍 🤣.. typing this on galaxy z fold 2... and its amazing.. keep taking notes Apple... I'm sure after another 4 years Samsung will sell you there new foldable screen ..hahahah

    2. Mark Groves

      Any chance of the same test for the fold2?

    3. Jacob Healy

      Mine had a white line through it when i dropped it

    4. ButterflyAsh Fam


    5. ButterflyAsh Fam


    6. ButterflyAsh Fam




    8. CyrusV

      Wow. Such a crappy and biased review/content! Who would care how the phone does after a 10 ft drop?

    9. Fayth Ang

      It is also 5g

    10. the mobile lab

      It’s not duarbale at all....are u stupid ?don’t u see u throw it with the frame on floor ???go check tech rach Samsung fold hamer test...totally missleading title Video

    11. HowDoILock Growtopia

      wtf is so possible what that phone is foldable?

    12. REALME 2PRO

      Which phone is unbreakable atfer 10 feet drop

    13. Omar Lozada

      I just bought and AT&T unlocked fold in mint condition for $850 (taxes and shipping included, really wanted this phone but $2k original price was and is is still way too much for me) and was extremely worried the oem included case won't be useful in case of a normal drop, after watching this review without any case at all I have more peace of mind. Thank you for doping your phone!!!!!

    14. 1seipai

      But surely the point is that Apple use premium materials like aluminium and glass? Are they really going to use plastic?!

    15. Stuart Gibson

      BS, dropped mine twice from 1 metre (sat at my desk) both times the inner screen broke.

    16. DomYoRich

      5:38 my worst nightmare if i had this phone

    17. Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

      Is anyone else flinching for him?

    18. Sophia Coglianese

      Dr appt

    19. Martin Van


    20. mitch warne

      Hahae so good

    21. Alexis Roa

      Men please, Review of Galaxy Z Fold 2 it's waosome

    22. Romeo Exzellenz

      impressive but a water test would be nice too ... especially for this device as I have no idea if even little rain kills it off.

    23. Youssef Bejii

      Shit the front and back are glass are you dumb or what the only plastic thing is the foldable display because you cant fold galss

    24. Autumn


    25. TheWobblyEmily

      if you had a bunch of tiny rocks on the floor it'd be more realistic. a single raised particle would completely kill it

    26. Saim Mushtaq

      I don’t like Samsung because it doesn’t use Apple id ok

    27. TheMinecraftslayer

      10 years later iPhone 2g vs iPhone 22

    28. Stephanie Salvio

      0:49 Mrwhosetheboss

    29. Niklas Gs

      Let's count how many time he says "apple"

    30. Jomelle Ayento

      He is so nervous hahah

    31. abraham aquino

      The channel: everythingapple The content: samsung phones 🤭🤭🤭🤭

    32. Shaikh Salman

      Its glass idiot smh

    33. kelvyn williams

      Its a durability test,not compared to iPhone which already sucks,socks, don,t buy the galaxy fold for the smaller outer screen,you get it for the insanely large inner screen,except for the Huawei,there's no phone device larger than the fold.

    34. Omair Farooq

      I just hate to see reviews from these iphone fan boys. Just kills the excitement of innovation. Spins so its bad, android is a barrier, price is too high. They just keep whining!!! Shut up already!

    35. Chicano 4 Trump

      Hating Much

    36. Rock

      I've dropped my fold on concrete hundreds of times... Not a single crack and working like new. I do have the included case on it.. Its actually more durable than most other phones out there when it comes to dropping the phone. I am surprised too

    37. Issac Ong

      Thanks for ur video, i am confident to buy this phone. But a bit cringy when the phone drop 🤣

    38. YT5UFY4N

      Thx gelped me deside if it was worth it if it got damaged although it comes with accidental damage wareanty from the bic

    39. ES SkotKash

      everything apple pro *Proceeds to make a video about a samsung galaxy phone*

    40. Derrick Jackson

      You were expecting the screen to crack? It's made of flexible plastic. Were you absent that day in science class?

    41. Eco kitty


    42. Sahabe

      Take the corner of the phone where it was seen that the phone fell through the human :D

    43. Sahabe

      Huawei : Even though it was a result of throwing the case, I continued without scratching, and during the last launch, the inner screen was broken, the main screen is still not scratched so it is solid

    44. Rihanna Bissessar

      Why is it shockingly durable 🙄🙄 didn’t you already know that Samsung has the most durable and best phones ever!?

    45. Mark Evangelista

      Hope i can afford those stuff😥

    46. PSYCHO

      2:19 "Obviously the Android is a barrier". *Says the guy who loves jailbreaking iPhones in order to get Android features* 😂😂😂

    47. amor day

      Try to drop 10ft the iphone

    48. Polus Petrovich

      I think apples foldable phone will be the iPhone 6 Fold (jk)

    49. C S

      Next year wait for Apple to 'invent' the foldable mobile...

    50. game bummer

      Wheres slow mo?

    51. Akshar Mukka

      5:04”I wonder what kind of cases we’ll see for this” Doesn’t check the box and Samsung includes a case

    52. Saad Malik

      Is there any solution of low quality video and pictures of instagram stories in samsung

    53. Sabrina Collins

      Hey this is so cool

    54. Kamar Hoilfiled

      why are u drop that poor phone and china try their best make that

    55. Dimondminer11

      Android? A barrier? disliked. You are not very "Pro" at all

    56. Juan Galvan


    57. 민캉

      패키징이나 기본 언어가 한글로 되어있네 한국에서 산건가..

    58. Daniel liggins

      The outer screen is deffo good I use it a lot

    59. Randhir Panmand

      Samsung Galaxy flod 2 wireless charging phone???

    60. Deolan pather

      says exterior display is too small, but wasnt apple devices never to go beyond 4 inches? At the time all apple fans were onboard with that idea.How times have changed

    61. Nathan Murdock

      it is so dumb to break a $2000 phone on purpose.

    62. whathappenedtomysanity

      literally what comes out when a phone and an ipad have babies

    63. redstone Geek

      Everythingapplepro:"a huge notch up here iPhone 10 and 11:am I a joke to you?

    64. n4im 23

      brought the remote control to school instead of The galaxy fold xD

    65. FreeAmerica943

      This guy is so annoying....unsubscribe

    66. george clark

      I absolutely love my fold. Any and all Apple users are retards for buying the same phone every year.

    67. george clark

      I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought it was funny how he was trying to rag on an innovative company like Samsung. And promote a company that will eventually try and copy what Samsung did 3 yrs prior. Then he had the audacity to talk about price. Apple fanboys out here spending $1500 for literally the same phone every year. Just with a different camera design 😂

    68. george clark

      Apple trash

    69. Adriana Sulkowska

      I was watching this on the phone😂

    70. Ilyas G

      The fold's notch fucks with my OCD. I need it to be centered.

    71. clive hines

      the Galaxy Fold is a very good phone

    72. hamskyxxx

      Android is a barrier....What! Unsubscribed


      My colleague bought this and it's such a waste of money! I did not enjoy watching videos on thia device.

    74. NeceyB1

      Everything Apple Pro please do not break it for your mom get mad at you

    75. Neko

      This video deserves more dislikes haha this is ridiculous. Do drop tests without cutting videos 😒

    76. Kris Janso

      "it's a really good idea to put plastic on a phone like this. More shock absorbant" bruh you really comparing plastic to glass who shatters quicker? haha dummy

    77. Rahul Sood

      Remember when you buy a "renewed" phone from Amazon, this is probably the guy you're buying from.

    78. Minerva Manos

      Haha making the foldable phone look bad but has good quality. Boo👎

    79. Ricky F.

      I honestly think that what you're saying in this video is just 100% contradicting. Paying alot for what you're getting? And a big notch? Lol. An I phone has a brick notch and the price tag of an iphone for what you get......seriously? You're a moron. It broke after you smashed is 37 times. Idiot.

    80. C3eru

      The back screen is made of glass...

    81. cellphonenut

      Excellent test !

    82. DrogoDGN

      Each drop costed him $50

    83. Lukas Antonio


    84. Could not pull out In time

      No hate at all but here’s my problem now I know that I’m going to get flamed for saying this but. Why would you do all of this when you know that we can run out of major resources I’m just wondering because I see you do drop test videos and other things like that and I’m going to say this for the last time but no hate at all

    85. Alex Wu

      If Vertu Company not Yet collapse. They will make a Foldable phone cost 250k

    86. Alex Wu

      There goes the future

    87. Mr Xclusive

      Somebody drop him please. Go back to Iphone

    88. Randy Fordz

      Bro can u sell me one of your drop test phone, i need a samsung phone to replace my android TV Box so i don't care if the screen works i only need the HDMI to Samsung Dex mode to work.

    89. Asjath Shakir


    90. billy velasquez

      Apple is over r6

    91. 入山はなこ

      Galaxy fold looks like a nintendo ds xD

    92. YT - Rosé


    93. Jordy Kroeze

      "ridiculous expensive for what your getting" Expensive? Yes? Overpriced? Maybe, but its new tech. With Apple it will be like: Expensive? Yes? Overpriced? Hell yeah! And you are using Apple... But great seeing Apple Fanboys review these products :)

    94. Sotarotta

      You apple pro what drop samsung?

    95. Sotarotta

      Rip samsung galaxy fold pls me buy iphone 5s 20€?

    96. mams1701

      Good lord, this guy could not possibly be more biased.. He dropped it 12 times before I couldn't take anymore of his apple ass-kissing wishing this would break... Christ, head on back to apple land and leave real phones to the men, OK... 👍Clown..

    97. Samool 101

      Apple should do something like this for the IPad mini so it becomes somewhat relevant and new

    98. Anton Borjesson

      That cost 15000 in sweden

    99. Chima Opara

      Samsung now uses “glastic” materials which are known to be very durable on their mid price range phones. And they can also take a proper beating. I only wonder why they didn’t incorporate the same use of this “glasstic” material in the making of the galaxy fold

    100. shychick84

      Well it’s about time to start saving the AU$3000 to get me one of these bad boys.