Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra & Z Flip Impressions!

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    Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is here! Hands on impressions with the new 108mp camera, 100x Space Zoom, 120Hz display & Z Flip!
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    1. Sparsh Jaiswal

      Samsung is trash

    2. 0canadiens81

      Samsung rocks

    3. shut up sonic

      He changed from liking apple product to Samsung

    4. oh really

      I bet it kills him to go and see how much samsung is progressing ahead of apple and the fact he has to pick up that you don't have 120hz applied out the box is how low you have to go to find anything to critize samsung ....there's nothing apple are doing that is even slightly new and they are an embarrassment as a tech company at the moment..... Maybe change your channel name to samsung is so much better than apple....

    5. dark side


    6. Pubuditha Perera

      I lurveee ur voice... so cute 😍

    7. Bryan Lara

      Searching for some apple fan boys

    8. Taimoor Qamar

      Damn phone


      Samsung ultra Everything

    10. ray gwap

      I need that case, where is it?

    11. Oderfour Tv

      The most beast phone in Samsung Galaxy devices, thumbs up

    12. Alen Mathew

      Who suggest the name everythingapplepro😂

    13. Pavesan Guhan

      Samsung S20 Ultra is My Fav

    14. mohamad karake

      Airpods pro

    15. Muhammad Adnan

      Samsung device isss too cool. . .

    16. Siddhanth Chatterjee

      And now we wait for the iPhone 12

      1. Marv0712

        I can tell you this: Nothing much will change

    17. Goldboy121


    18. Engr Talha

      I thinks he impressed with it

    19. Luisa Kühner


    20. javier miranda


    21. David Cienfuegos

      Here for the giveaway!! 🙌

    22. Mohan KC

      add a new channel everythingsamsungdoes

    23. Mohammed Haji


    24. J


    25. shabana Ahamed

      Sumsang galaxy z flip amazing smartphone comparison to sumsang galaxy s20 ultra

    26. Abraham Nevarez

      Help me win

    27. Pratik Raul

      Can i win giveaway

    28. Zino Lhendup Namchu

      @everythingapplepro Samsung rocks 😍😍

    29. V4l0r


    30. Mario Marin


    31. Retrobellite

      this dude kept saying he hope Apple will adopt whatever Samsung is having like BRUH just switch over and stop wasting your time damn LOL

    32. Retrobellite

      "copy Apple from that" lmao changing lens isn't something new wtf

    33. Retrobellite

      trying so hard to say bad things about Samsung but he just can't LOL

    34. yuriy paul

      Gaydroid gaybuds gay 10 plus s20 ultra gay usb type gay carger

    35. eris mariano


    36. Ultra Art

      Everyone knows my iPhone 4 is better than all those phones. 🤦‍♂️

    37. Gennaro Mure


    38. Zohaib Imran

      You are awesome you are my favorite

    39. Redline_IL

      Cant wait to get case.

    40. Rw1212


    41. Kasun Herath


    42. Devamm Shah

      Comment for airpods giveaway

    43. shimanto arafat

      Samsung should have named it s20 big

    44. Jetstream 353


    45. Ricardo Segovia

      The camera feature looks awesome.

    46. marija

      So the flip should last 200 flips a day for 2 years

    47. Juniel GC

      I'd love the S20 ULTRA😎

    48. Mehmet Göksen

      Amazing phones

    49. Rickrickboom

      I’m looking forward to Apple fans screaming “innovation!” When they finally get rid of that hideous notch

    50. Marek Tesze

      60 fps still so satysfying to watch 😎

    51. cxcugomez

      Amazing you got to test the phones early!

    52. Djaberi Kabarira

      Hope to win the s20 ultra. So excited

    53. Achraf El bouaidi

      Can't wait

    54. John Hernandez

      Dope 👍🏽👌🏽

    55. WE LAZY

      Being an Apple fan, reviewing Android phones and still not being bias. Good job Good job How i wish could win your giveaway ser, Thank you

    56. Alan Aladrović


    57. KeanuW

      The Apple fan boys(Samsung Haters) have gotten more quiet in the past few years?. .I've waited for this time to come!🧘‍♂️😂

    58. Carlos Jimenez

      They look pretty good to me

    59. Sergio Cedillo

      I would love to get my hands on them

    60. Xxlunigacha xX

      samsung is better than iphone

    61. Bharath Kumar

      I have Been waiting from 3 years for your giveaway, love from India

    62. priya madhu


    63. Problem solved

      Hello sir, I am a poor man, but I have a lot of love for the iPhone, sir. If you please give me one of the motherboards' then my iPhone will be full.

    64. Oddly Edgar


    65. MS TechBOSS

      Do you know when the phonerebel case will be available for the s20 Ultra?

    66. Manuel Taiwo

      Flip phones in 2020 loool‼️🔥

    67. Destro

      That z-flip still have long way to go

    68. Mercedes Lotridge

      I love the baby blue😍

    69. Anthony Rogers

      I can't believe people who bought that phone actually thought it was a good idea... Foldable glass? That's not what glass does AT ALL... How is anyone able to even fall for that?

    70. AzCh07

      Have you thought about adding a magnet to your new cases? To make it compatible with magnetic phone holders for cars

    71. Theo Bruh


    72. WavvyJ10

      I like when you get to compare them

    73. Anchal Halder

      100x zoo. Is very interesting for me

    74. Shivneet Chand

      Just change your name to Everything Samsung Pro, Bro 😉

    75. spihox

      Whose watching in 2021

    76. Nicholas

      I want the ultra so bad I just got the s10 smh

    77. ray gwap

      Where can I get that case from?


      S20 amazing

    79. Hassan Habib

      Airpods pro in white

    80. Mohamed Modawi

      The camera is huge

    81. Sina Muhamad

      Samsung is better than apple

    82. Greger


    83. Artur Believe


    84. Tadek Jordan

      what equipment do you record your movies? Thank You

    85. Rasel Sarker


    86. Hunter Madarasz-Holm

      Woo s20 so cool but Apple please

    87. Hunter Madarasz-Holm

      Air pods g

    88. VX

      Samsung: let’s skip 10 numbers Nokia: am I a joke to you?

    89. N. Xub

      Samsung customers: look at that ugly iPhone camera bump. Samsung: hold my beer.

    90. UnboxingTV

      5:55 no dude, they did not copy apple. They improved. Not everything is *automatically* copied. WTF.

    91. can this peperoni get 1000 subs?

      2007: Apple we built a phone with a camera 2020:Samsung we built a camera with a phone

    92. Sherab Chukhortsang

      I can't find a wide variety of Case and Cover for Samsung Galaxy s10 and others like iPhones

    93. Channel ko

      Almost 15 years when i started using android phone. So hopefully this 2020 i wish that i could buy the 11 pro max 25gb

    94. Jay S

      Samsung phones look so freaking cheap 😂 the back is like a bad plastic look yikes

    95. Oliver H


    96. Fabio Speranza

      Everything Samsung pro here

    97. Christel Ontiveros

      They should have more colors

    98. Nieke Meir

      Why is Apple still more beautiful?

    99. Baal_ Pakna

      airpods pro

    100. 100 Ton

      why this has so many dislikes are apple fans mad he's complementing samsung?