Sad iPhone 12 Leaks! More $, No Accessories, RIP 120Hz & AirPods 3 Design!

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    Bad news for iPhone 12.. Higher price, no accessories, no 120Hz display, delayed release, less 5G models, exquisite thinner box & more Exclusive Apple leaks! AirPods 3 design, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra leaked, iPhone 13 details & more!
    Last iPhone 12 Leaks.
    iOS 14 Beta 2 Features Review!
    Phone Rebel Cases
    Max Weinbach (leaks source)
    Concept Creator (Note 20 Ultra & AirPods 3 Modeling)
    Scene Inspiration (Apple_iDesigner)
    Wallpaper used.

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    1. Luciano Mendoza

      SAMSUNG chargers😅👌

    2. ThuRa AungThan

      Why isn't there a voice recorder installed in the iPhone?

    3. I Dripz

      Didn’t the iphone 11 like just come out😂now they have the 12 like just chill apple😂

    4. Mahin Mujah

      I am rich

    5. Da Ny

      Can I had one?

    6. Abdullah kamal

      wowing 12 love

    7. AMG 63

      Imma get the iPhone 11 Pro Max

    8. DF Arun

      Give me a iPhone 11pro 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    9. Fitsum G

      Bro I don’t use the the new power adapter I still use the old one and now I have buy a new adapter to charge the item I brought.

    10. Amirreza Ahmadi

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ilike this but in iran is very very very very very Expensive

    11. manvir singh

      Need to do something otherwise, soon apple sold only box and iPhone sold separately

    12. janarthan selvaraj

      Your T-shirt 👕 is very beautiful 😊👍

    13. Lila Nunez

      Well yeah, that's what we expected

    14. Was9no55

      120hz means nothing to me on a cell phone

    15. Lichay Tiram

      I have iphone 7 and think to upgrade this year to iphone 12 pro but i isn't happend if we get nothing new

      1. YTA

        iPhone 7 still works well on iOS 14

    16. Juan Paulo M. Caruncho

      Bad idea

    17. Yaaska Gonzalo

      Ilove Iphone 11 pro mx Give me My Brother😭🙏

    18. Yaaska Gonzalo

      Oh Give me one Iphone Pleas😭🙏💯

    19. Jessica Quant

      bruh this shit looks wack now

    20. Monil Reddy

      When you start using non Apple power adapters,the phones battery health starts deteriorating quickly

    21. SHABBIR Rahman

      wonderful video ♥

    22. Tony Rizo

      Sad why sad? This iPhone 5 style will never compare.

    23. Sophie Williams

      Ngl I’m kinda scared they are going to remove the charger in the box all together

    24. itsLaze

      I bought a iPhone 11 Pro Max yesterday and hope there is no new iPhone till September 2021

    25. Steven Campos

      Oh yeah I will definitely use the box :) for many purposes like charge my phone :)

    26. Steven Campos

      Sorry y’all am dying with this 11pro max nobody even calls or txt me anyways so:/

    27. seasidegalaxystreet

      Everything apple pro should do something else now.

    28. Tariqul Islam

      IPhone 12 pro may i know the finale release seat..?

    29. chrismas

      iPhone 13 prediction: The iPhone 13 won’t be named the iPhone 13.

    30. Hassan Malik

      Will it have touch ID

    31. htoo maw

      Me after September 2020 Apple Event : wait, what!? where the hell is iPhone 12?

    32. Juan Salgado

      No thanks I’m keeping my iPhone XS till it literally falls apart

    33. Juan Salgado

      Wow at least the box will look nice that’s fucken sad

    34. Robert Ramaker

      Andriod gang wya

    35. starlightnessa

      a charger isn't an accessory. wtf. i literally waited for this year to finally upgrade, but this is just a disappointment.


      But at least the box will look nice... you sound stoopid

    37. Kassif Hussain

      Roughly same price for less it don’t make much sense angmore I’ll think I’ll stick with my 11 pro max 😂

    38. Kassif Hussain

      Apple has ran out of ideas 🤷🏻‍♂️

    39. Valentina Mar

      Been waiting for the new iphone to become worthy of buying for the last 5 years but here I am on my iphone 7 plus with cracked screen thinking buying the iphone 12 is not worth it smh

    40. Some Channel

      I love the idea of a smaller phone like my old 5 but how can I get one after buying an xr which I love just July of last year

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    42. 2xAV

      The 11 is the same size as the XR?!

    43. SoloGamersTvV

      Its time to switch to samsung 😡

    44. Random Vegetarian

      should I wait till those air pods come out or just get the air pod pro

    45. Syzygy Masen

      we don't care about the box, just give us the adapter 😤

    46. Minahil Attiq

      I want this phone 😭😭😭😭😭

    47. Samuel May

      I think I’m genuinely going to switch to the Samsung! Good job apple

    48. Muhammad Riyan

      Can you give me one 😔

    49. henry lhiem

      So when the upcoming event will be happen?

    50. Thomas Walton

      Gooooo android and get better everything for less apple POS

    51. Blackhammmer

      Lmao and yall still let them rob you

    52. Victor Iliev

      iPhone 12 = Trash

    53. De armas L De armas L

      Si el 12 no trae cable ni cargador ni nada va aser una mierda ojalá que nadie lo compre

    54. Elite Heocinx

      So they just took the body of the se and slapped it with better components good and the iPhone 11. Good job apple

    55. Picverse

      I hate to say this but the people at Apple and their events look like some old out of shape men trying to sell Encyclopedias. Yes it is that bad. Even their smiles are looking shady. I am not even an Apple hater, it is just ironic that these tech companies fire their employees for getting old, yet these old dinosaurs at the top keep their jobs and they are the ones that are out of touch. I still remember them showing off those face emojis and they thought it was the coolest thing. Seriously how many people notice this? What made Apple rich was not just because of the money they were making, it was about the product they were selling.

    56. Nuri

      "There is one upside here, a thinner box" Oh mah gawd, where can I get one, quick! Good fucking lord, some people are seriously deranged...

    57. thomas lee

      🤦🏽‍♂️ the iPhone box got more of an upgrade then the iPhone 12. Lmao

    58. Splendid Cookie

      I've said to myself that this year I'll be getting my first iPhone... Seems like I'll stay on android for a little bit longer with 120Hz

    59. Black Spawn

      You mean holding that L like Samsung did this year.

    60. Amit mahala

      not sure which camera he is using to record this shoot but video quality is so great

    61. s

      the only thing Apple has is IOS.

    62. シpimpcessleiシ

      Even tho I’m getting a iPhone 11 pro max I’m not getting the new phone even tho if it’s better or not it’s not worth it and it’s ugly

    63. Emille

      I’m definitely getting the one because i’m not paying for it. If I had to, i wouldn’t buy it.

    64. Lachi97

      I am moving to Samsung, this is getting pretty dumb already

    65. Łucid

      uncomfortable? have u even felt the ipad pro?

    66. I am your biggest fan 123

      A lot of iPhone users will switch to Samsung in the future because of how expensive it is and it has less things not worth my time or my money

    67. Cedric Villani

      ALSO at this point I would be very happy to just include a phone on my DSLR or Nikon P1000. Ill keep the watch and the iPad but screw the damn phone / i mean shitty camera.

    68. Cedric Villani

      Highest quality?? As in what ? I would have to say real leather on the Apple Card case is better then any plastic or rubber. A comment on no plug and box/packaging, and people actually eating up the lower carbon footprint, thats total BS!! They are saving MILLIONS at your expense. And also of course making you buy a new case. None of this has anything to do with Apple trying to save the planet haha. If they really cared they would give us credit for not accepting accessories

    69. El Leon

      Cost wont be cut if accessories are sold separately.

    70. Steven Techno

      TL:DR: No real reason to upgrade from existing systems, Most people owned phones previously, so reusing old power supplies is no biggie, only first timers may be affected, Do research and prepare yourself when you buy something. - No reason to upgrade for most folks. I think Apple is gonna pull a Nintendo with the "New 3DS" approach. I mean as long as the include the USB cable, then *who cares?* Most people likely have old "blocks" from old Androids or iPhones laying around anyways.It only hurts "first timers", who is buying a phone for the first time in their lives, and no one else in the house has ever had one. but most people have had phones in the past, and adapters can be found in the junk drawer. But, *always* research a product before you invest into it. no charger? get one first. no headphones? add to the list. - I personally plan to keep my XS Max for years and run it until it can't run no more. I personally *never* get hyped for anything. I just wait and see how something turns out, and if it's worth my time, I'll bite. Moore's law slowed down. so getting a new phone every (few) year(s) means very little as it did back in

    71. xeuphxriq edits

      i’m just gonna stick to my iphone 11

    72. Natasha Waithera

      😂i thought it was going to be the best release ever..but hey am still switching from android to gut says that's enough for me. As long as it works that's what matters but am disappointed. How could it be possible no charger.

    73. L K

      no 120hz ):

    74. jamie lynn

      I just now found out the stove 12 coming out 😮😭

    75. fluffywaffles

      lmfao i was planning to buy this but bye boi im going back to iphone 11

    76. Benzinewagen

      The abhorrent innovation-aversive Cook will try to delay every feature to milk out his channel to the max. So why include innovation in the iPhone 12 now that it has a new design ? Keep everything else for iPhone 13....20

    77. John Othwolo

      It won't keep the costs down gawd damnit it will just make Apple more money 🤦‍♂️

    78. Phill360

      Purely for recycling purposes I wish Apple would just put their devices in a simple cardboard box as the only purpose of the box for me is to get the item to me safely.

    79. Antonio Whittle

      Hahahaha Apple is trash! Samsung has had 5G for 2 years now...Apple still waiting...fingerprint scanner...still waiting....Gorilla glass 7 still waiting....120hz STILL WAITING!!!!!!!! " 2 HOURS LATER " ............

    80. Sarah Kelly

      That’s cool

    81. John Raymart

      not upgrading til the notch is gone

    82. Shyvian_HavokDaKid

      I just heard all the reasons I should hold on to my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Removing the charging block from the box, removing the ear pods even tho I have AirPods Pro, I’d still like to have the EarPods for extra back up. Nothing new on the iPhone except once again improving the damn camera which by the way doesn’t justify the upsets price rage for these phones. A “skinnier more beautiful designed iPhone product box” does absolutely NOTHING to entice me to upgrade and spend that kind of money on it. I’ll likely have to keep my iPhone for 3 damn years again like I kept my iPhone 7+ for three years. Apple is really lacking these days. Now they want you to pay ridiculous money for vertically nothing new on the phone and nothing at all inside the box...

    83. Umer Raja

      Apple does not include new tech. Fanboys: Apple is waiting for technology to mature, lol :D 3rd world backward countries: We are also waiting for technology to mature. :D

    84. Ian LZ

      No charger, no PUBG , Fortnite, no 120 Hz,etc... why should I buy this?

    85. candyania

      How tf is apple gonna think that a fricking charger isn’t necessary I have a feeling that there are gonna be a lot of complains with future phone like man come on these phones are supposed to be better not worst.

    86. sergioxs

      No airpods, no charger but sexy box!! Shame on you Apple

    87. abdelhak adj-amansour

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      1. Hell_ Raıser

        Shut up

    88. Cristian Tudoricu

      2021 .. no phone in the box.. because probably you will have one in the house already

    89. Robby Rob

      I'm done with Apple and Samsung. Every year they increase the price and give you less and less. I'm switching to Motorola. I don't care what anybody says.

      1. Sank Madridista

        Go for One plus

      2. Xx MLGSHREK xX

        Motorola ain’t even bad tho, it just gets made fun of because it’s not like “apart of the culture”.

    90. Argo Perdana

      No charging adapter included in the box, (still) no 120Hz display, yet "blinded" Apple fanboys will still buy it

    91. ma ta

      I have a samsung a50 and i would want to get the new iphone 12 normal and i want to ask if it does worth?


      I’m finna switch to a droid Bc niggas talm bout no adapter piece 😑

    93. Young King

      “But at least the box will look nice” 😂😂😂. How much more are we going to settle

    94. Igli Gjolaj

      You guys are buying phones?

    95. sarim ahmed

      Why is nobody talking about the note 20 ultra 😠

    96. Marco Ibarra

      Stop with these fake leaks it never had edges and the only thing that real is the cameras and and chips

    97. MUAlyssa

      They on some “batteries sold separately” type of time. I be more excited about the new charger than anything 😭 Apple is fucking up. My charger is already messed up rn had it for like 3 years they really trying to take More of our money

    98. Krzysiek Tannenberg

      I'm only laughing at you Apple users xD the worst part is you still get into this nonsense every premiere of something

    99. Gaurav Patel

      Maybe Apple can't make them because of the pandemic.

    100. Gaurav Patel

      We can't process more than 2k on a smartphone. No point of 4k