No Notch iPhone 12 & Touch ID + iPhone 9 (SE 2) LEAKS!

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    2020 iPhone 12 now rumored to have NO notch, in-screen camera & Touch ID on the flagship model, too good to be true? iPhone 9 (SE 2) fully leaks & 2020 iPad Pro final design leaks. Busy 2020 so far!
    Last iPhone 12 Leaks.
    Phone Rebel case preorders open Feb 20th!
    iPhone 9 leak:
    2020 iPad Pro leak:
    Wallpapers source: AR72014
    Thumbnail inspiration: pB6777tsAN6Y/
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    1. John Njeru

      why is this recommended 10 months later?

    2. Videos For Fun

      SE2 = iPhone 12 mini😂

    3. Aiden Bagshaw

      8:03 Siri woke up at that point.

    4. Jesus Christ

      came here after the iphone se 2020 were announced

    5. T-Dop

      why was the notch even a thing? it's dumb. i refuse to buy another iphone until they get rid of it.

    6. 버거

      말이 너무 빨라서 잘 안들려요 ㅠㅜㅜ

    7. NaTure_MERCy

      Apple : takes huge risk and releases 5 iPhones in one year COroNa : *my time has come*

    8. Louis Villaa

      Maybe they should add a touch ID at the back of the iphone 12 or something

    9. gmb

      thicker iphone 9 = more basttery life?

    10. squibbles

      Isn't the Apple logo the OG RGB?

    11. Darth Maul

      Im gonna cry I have an IPhone X It’s gonna go outdated

    12. Shredder Info127

      2020 iphone 12 with notch will make Apple will definitely regret it. People will go for other phone.

    13. Redline_IL

      Cant wait to get case.

    14. Rw1212


    15. Chadain Salmon

      I just wanna play pubg and take selfies

    16. Robbie Yo

      Gunna be my favorite iPhone if it actually looks like this no notch one.

    17. Pharaoh El Capo

      As much as I don’t like the Face ID, it would be cool if the 9 has the full screen display

    18. Iacon Dawnshire

      When you're sporting the 4.7 inch iPhone 8 screen, you plan to get the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    19. Barney eats kids

      Should i wait for the iphone 12 or buy the 11 pro max?

    20. Jorge D Quesada

      I'm waiting for, to change my iPhone 8, let's see


      We Stand Against 5G


      Why did he lie about the Apple Watch having $100 in the box, ever sense then I stopped watching his videos but now and the Income Back looking for an apology video

    23. MasterXVeno

      i have iphone 6s gold

    24. FantasTECH with Muhammad Haris Mir


    25. Trevor Jones

      I can't wait

    26. mr rod

      4:54 Why Face ID doesn’t work in an normal Apple Face Camera? 

    27. Ju Ju

      Apple Corona is released in 2020 !

    28. Raj sugu


    29. Joshua Hull

      I need the new apple air pods

    30. Misael A Mata

      Yeah. No notch!

    31. Daniel Stanley

      Apple is lagging behind in the technology seriously are they really gonna keep the notch another year I thought this year was meant to be the big design change. (No hate just annoyed)

    32. Hilda Elson

      I miss the time when Apple only released one model each time. Those were the simpler times.

      1. mabros

        P Narenpithak nah you're just nostalgic on the next level, options are clearly better.

      2. Dr. Rainford

        ab cd same

      3. ab cd

        P Narenpithak no thank you, I prefer to have options

    33. masta1234

      I men buying it

    34. masta1234

      I am biting IT

    35. masta1234

      Why dose people think iPhone 12 might be a square pionen like iPhone 5

    36. DON T

      Preordering this when it’s available. Trading in my X for this.

      1. Samuel Gravrand

        send me your iPhone X then, definitely need one ;)

    37. Mehersa Sharma

      In iphone 12 they should be working on backside. They should change camera. Putting 4 cameras or just change it. It should look different from back side.

    38. slothyy teen

      iPhone 12 comes out Coronavirus killed half the world's population Dark joke sorry

    39. Dr Ghost

      I just got the flipping 11 dog

    40. Bryce Staples

      The send everyone in casa Grande iPhone 11

    41. Ashish

      I really wanted SE2 to have a bezel less display so that I don’t want to feel low in front of my friends whose flagship models have a bezel less display with low cost . Spending lot of money on the iPhones and not been satisfied by the display. Pls Apple change the fucking design other companies are changing with their every models with certain changes

    42. Kevin Bruenjes

      Who takes photos with an almost 20in tablet. It doesn't need a camera upgrade. They need to work on the software battery and anything else but the camera on iPad

    43. Felipe

      For those are looking for a phone, not a tablet. I have the SE and it's a perfect size phone.

    44. Grace Bobby

      Now, do I get the 11 pro now or wait till next year I have an 8 right now

    45. Dexzurjoy Dilucaca

      No Notch wow no owner of minecraft

    46. pedro DeLaVega

      If iPhone se2 doesn’t have the same square frame as the iPhone se or a full screen I will not buy the ,i have been within for 3 years to. Upgrade so I may look in to android or keep using my iPhone 4 se

    47. Se8o3 :P

      When ios 14 beta comes can you test it out?

    48. Draven Rivera

      Will iPhone 9 have FHD screen or 730 like Xr and 11 ?

    49. Savanna Love

      iPhone 11 is the latest iPhone so ain’t next iPhone gonna be called IPhone 11S why is everyone calling the 2020 iPhone the 12??

    50. Wolf Lazuli

      me when i upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro the day of this videos release : -____-

    51. Iyke Styler

      Are you sure apple can do a no notch. When Samsung has / have not implement it first 😂🤣

    52. Jake and Rose Ann Bautista

      I thought the guy was Kris Allen

    53. That1guyfromco

      The iPhone 9 will be good for my mom that seamless no notch iPhone fuuuuuck I need that time to switch back to apple

    54. NRT Mythical

      If there’s no notch then where will the front camera be?!

      1. Mohsen Uddin

        GTA Guides and Tips inside the phone lmao

    55. Mets Rock

      Rather own a iPhone 8

    56. Bbuzzin 19NineTy

      Why waste money on a device with an lcd poor screen with a devastating battery life, same camera set up for 4-5 years now? Hey, theres super AMOLED display with 70 times better battery life 90 hz screen for a lesser amount. Don't be crazy over a fruit, bonus ~ (( ✓)).

    57. Leila BadrElDin

      What is he doing hanging up phones as decoration?????

    58. KillaMoth

      iPhone 9 and 9 Plus should be released on the same day

    59. Plantation Sensation


    60. Jamaal Fulat

      Imagine the iphone se2 or 9 gets face id and touch id 🤯

    61. Riku

      Same design we hear this every year I could of told you that! It's apple c'mon 🙄

    62. Mania28

      Even though I’ve had a new iPhone every other year since the 3GS, I must say the Samsung S10 and soon S11 have much better screens. Apple need to give us better screens and displays.

    63. Rick Khan

      Apple stole my under display camera technology I should have patented it 4 years ago when i saw the XIAOMI MIX 2 lol

    64. Rayden Lara

      9:22, “ stretch res much?”

    65. mufid khan

      Full screen m hona chaiy

    66. Valdas V

      Man I am an android guy, but I really want the notches phone, looks like s10 will have a dot, but waiting for iphone 12 is a but tiresome... Oneplus is a good option, but I wish it had waterproof.

    67. Numbsy

      My bro has iPhone 12 already or 13

    68. Phil McCrack

      Why aren’t apple making their own led panels?

    69. SlipstreamVJ

      AirPods 😍😆😃

    70. CLIINT

      Me:Apple taking y’all money Also me: has an iPhone

    71. A S

      I like Face ID :/

    72. Sarita Vishnoi

      Fantastic video

    73. Mzwandile Harmans

      I don’t want Touch ID, bring that notch back

    74. david butler

      I upgraded from an iPhone 7. It took a bit to adjust to the changes. (No home button and all the swipes) but I am enjoying it now The battery lasts a long time and I enjoy putting it on my cordless charger dock. Sometimes I must power the phone off and reset it as it stops working on the dock. Other than that, it is great.

    75. Sophia. R

      wow thats a big cheese shredder lol

    76. nikhil sharma

      Lauda 😂😂😂

    77. Sir Fa

      Does anyone what tec is implement in the disappearing camera in this oneplus phone?

    78. Umasankar Devineni

      Microsoft:*doesn't put a Windows 9*Apple: *doesn't put a iPhone 9 until after the iPhone 11*

    79. Tor Abba Rafi

      I don’t know why the the i phone without the notch doesn’t look like an iPhone

    80. Devika Sharma

      what website do you use for your renders

    81. Hassan Ali

      Apple is sooooo outdated!!! Wtf 2020 And launches a phone that looks like 2013???

    82. Bethanie Ortiz

      are they ever going to make a touchscreen macbook :/

    83. Elite Gaming

      Why does he have a cheese grater in the background?

      1. Ruben Golyshevskiy

        That’s computer

    84. Sayori Itsuki


    85. Shalini Rana

      I have a 6s and I wanted to wait for the 2020 iPhone in hopes that there would be no notch and an in-screen fingerprint scanner bc I prefer that to face id but if I have to wait until 2021 then I might as well just get a new phone now

    86. Online MMA and fitness training

      One more thing the iPhone se 2 is basically the iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 mixed together right

    87. Online MMA and fitness training

      And will the iPhone se 2 be the same camera or similar to the iPhone 11 camera

    88. Online MMA and fitness training

      Will the iPhone se 2 be better than the iPhone XR

    89. Fugui Pro


    90. idk ok

      DUDE know one cares about these stupid leaks MAKE SOME ACTUAL CONTENT

    91. Kaiii

      2020: Here is the iPhone 9 2158: Here we have the iPhone 80s XL Plus Pro Max with Bionic Apple A45 with iOS 87 Pre Installed 500hz OQLED Screen With 40G 10T of storage 10 Cameras that the phone can record in 60K but still only 1 flash with any and every colour and gradient in the spectrum. Oh yeah we also Have AirPods Pro XS 10, the Apple Watch 40, Apple Pencil (Gen 27) and the iPad XRS Pro Max that we will tell you about later and is nearly as good as the iPhone 80s XL Plus Pro Max. So what else are we releasing?

    92. Mario Arreola

      Hi, I am there winner of the AirPods pro. How do I claim?

    93. Master fanclub

      I’m getting really tired of spending money on new phones

    94. Matthew Smith

      I want the original iOS look and home button again. I hate today’s iPhone. The 5 was the best one!

    95. Alison McGregor

      one day iphones might have 30 cameras filling the whole back of the phone lol

    96. Gumhuang Kim

      why the hell did I have to watch four ads while watching this short video???????????? is this youtube's new policy? in that case I am quitting youtube

    97. Jud & Tatiana

    98. Jamie Nassuk


    99. Birb

      SE Pro.


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