NEW Tesla Model 3 Track Package & Track Mode v2 Review!

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    Tesla's all new Track Pack & Track Mode v2 software update for Tesla Model 3 performance models. A completely new track experience for the Tesla Model 3.
    Order Track Package now:
    My Model 3 build!
    Teslux Innovations Headlights.
    Ghozt Lighting Controllers.
    Yunique LED components.
    Tailored Auto Styling vinyl blackout.
    My Tesla referral code:

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    1. Konner Krikava

      I want those rims Also you should review more cars, loved this video

    2. Ryan Pride

      You should try that Porsche Taycan Turbo S!

    3. RC Robinson-san

      this dude is havin phun

    4. Vedant karde

      Do a drop test!

    5. Juan Hernandez

      This is cool but the car still looks average, Tesla needs to change the look of the Performance version, even if it means increasing the price, maybe flare out those fenders and make it look more aggressive. BMW and Audi do this to their M and RS models, why can't Tesla.

    6. ArcticM


    7. Salty SaltShaker

      After all those months of ownership: Filip, it's time to review your Tesla Model 3.

    8. JoshCourts

      Next thing you know Tesla will be making phones better than Apple

    9. dracoTV

      if you hit the battery at the bottom of the tesla u may explode

    10. spintires- Arab


    11. /// AMG

      it is not a good looking car.

    12. speedweid

      Anyone built a Model 3 into a track car with a full cage?!?

    13. Venom Animation

      Lets see how BMW owner will react to this!!

    14. Streamlined

      Dude, we don’t care about janky Teslas that make no sound.

    15. Рома Котов

      Безумно красивая тачка у теслы третья модель))) если-бы я не был обычный нищеброд я-бы обязательно её купил)))

    16. Ed

      So car that touts saving the environment wasting tires drifting?

    17. Iqtidar Ali

      Track Mode V2 = Free, no other manufacturer!

    18. HxneyCombxx


    19. ThexBorg

      Nobody cares... look.. 400k views compared to an Apple post... give up.

    20. teigantohotsauce

      Why didn’t you go faster

    21. Lasse Jacobsen

      more tesla videos already

    22. Jeremy Wong

      EAP: Tesla model 3, why would you get anything else? Also EAP: I’m gonna replace my Tesla model 3 with the cybertruck.

    23. John Ward


    24. Bryan G

      His is a brat

    25. Sam Clements

      Filip is such a gorgeous man

    26. Jonathan Armer

      Does anybody know the usb set up for track mode recordings?

    27. AJN Racing

      The model 3 is a great car but if I want to drift I’d rather take Mercedes c 63 AMG

    28. Findoherty0697

      They should do a line lock mode like in a mustang for burnouts

    29. dalex pik

      Hay guys, everythingapplepro I mean everythinsamsungpro, no everythingteslapro

    30. depressed as always

      NiCe BaCkFiRe ThO! ThE eXhAuSt SoUnD iS AsToNiShInG!

    31. lalalaxi

      ugly car

    32. Litty Tube

      I wonder what you would be doing if you never started THwikis like what other way would you be making this much money

    33. Litty Tube

      Thanks to reviewing iPhones now you have a Tesla wow crazy how this guy reviewed phones and stuck with it for a few years and now he lives a good life THwikis can change your life in only a few years

    34. Corridos Chingones

      No kema cuhh😂😂😂

    35. Joel Ilalim


    36. manifest 73

      I thought the when point of EVs was to save the ozone and the planet? Tesla had lost there vision, profit comes first.

    37. BayAreaEASports


    38. Loaf


    39. R

      I want to see the STIG from TopGear drive this spec model 3.

    40. Isaiah Johnson


    41. DLaayy V2

      The sound bite value of this video is high.

    42. AggiePride4life

      EAP, I got money on the fact that Apple's new self driving tech will find its way to a Tesla Partnership! Bank on it!


      that tesla car is so lit mr.everything apple pro love the drift sound

    44. YAKUTTY

      No Electric car can beat the Tesla, Elon and his team are freaking smart!


      Everything is car pro☺😍

    46. Kent Genita

      oohhh.. 😯

    47. uploadthis10

      One thing to add, make sure you empty out the whole car and have nothing free in the car lol

    48. Sarvanan Eee


    49. clank8989

      You should hire a better cameraman. Your presentation is excellent but sometimes he doesn’t show us in real time what you are explaining.

    50. Kevin

      Not repetitive at all

    51. shayan khan

      s20 giveaway

    52. Heck Yea

      More like $55k with stealth model 3, including 5k track package, in N.J.

    53. jonas kristensen

      Wow this is a Dream. Will this Update only work on model 3 performance 2020 or could it be fitted to the 18/19 models to?

    54. Levi Blue

      why are you so HOT

    55. choda42

      Can you get this with the Cyber Truck??

    56. Jeff

      So why do you want to drift in this car?

    57. WE LAZY

      I challenge you to run over your phones ,hahaha but anyways I'm a car guy but I domt have money so I can only buy it on my dreams hahah I badly need a phone huhuz Let me be winner of your giveaways

    58. Whitehouse Farm Barn and Caravan Site. NO tents please, thats a different site.

      Software is free! GoTesla!

    59. RaZa Mughal

      Nice bor

    60. Ahmed ahmed


    61. Muhammad Ibrahim

      On fire 😍😍

    62. DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse

      My performance model 3 is coming in two weeks. So stoked.

      1. EverythingApplePro EAP

        The best car ever!

    63. V N

      Forza Racer's dream lol

    64. José Soria

      Wow I envy you so much.. You are crazy in the good sense!! Congratulations!!

    65. Cristiano Ronaldo

      Tesla’s are still gay M Power 🇩🇪

    66. MRGDC

      0:00 Filip knew how to light those tyres up!

    67. Sha ker

      This guy is bragging

    68. Kommentator

      $5,500 for upgraded wheels and tyres is completely insane!!

    69. ew10j4turbo

      This upgrade v.2 can be installed in the 2018?

    70. nounou kasber

      it's not nurenberg it's nurbergring sorry i had to correct that

    71. Kris Cruickshank

      Lights are cool

    72. Babu Frik

      Still not got used to the banshee scream during drift

    73. Wall-e

      This is what happens when you build your channel around a company that doesn't do much.

    74. Thatcher Eames

      You should start a new channel called Everything Tesla Pro!!! There are tons of rumors with Tesla!

    75. Shawn

      This should be illegal. So cringe omg. Just keep to daily driving that piece of junk.

    76. Daniel Ocegueda

      Hell yeah!!👊🏼

    77. The Fashion Wrr

      Great beauty

    78. iKingRPG

      You should actually change your name to EverythingTeslaPro

    79. Hus 9

      That faster even while drifting

    80. Cheezy Simmons

      I am soo excited for the up coming tests by other car enthusiast youtubers

    81. theLastoftheHitachi

      yeah, the Roadster will be more suitable for track, this is just a software addition - not much hardware; for now the Taycan is the only proper track EV

    82. Philip Laurén

      What does he mean by 70 000$? Is it not 35 000$?

    83. Plainrocky123 Plainrocky123

    84. Annastacia Atkinson

      I'm in love! 🤍🖤

    85. Annastacia Atkinson

      Ohhh yesss!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 This is fire! I am all here for it!!👌🤘

    86. Braydon K


    87. Joseph Wallace

      We have the same car! But yours is way modded out!!! :)

    88. Grazeown

      Tires on the Tesla be sounding like the box eeeee errrrrrr

    89. Christian Ullmann

      There goes the „zero emission“ statement 😂

    90. 邓少闻

      nice job

    91. Jerry Jrs Garage

      This is like buying an RC Car...just 1:1 scale. I love your lights at the end. Makes it 👌🏼

    92. Jerry Jrs Garage

      Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to put all the power to one wheel at a time LOL. You guys are making me want to test this out. We are looking forward to try some of what I see here in the video on the test drive before purchase of course...or maybe on Turo. Hmmm

    93. Haroon Hattar

      O m g 😱😱😱

    94. J M

      Nice rims!!

    95. Dave Biswas

      Wow Fast and the Furious 🔟 👌😁

    96. Rumana Afrin

      Hello dere

    97. Zameel

      Fingers crossed for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Giveaway 😁😁

    98. Ari -36


    99. BTT T

      Mod for rich kids to get into more trouble haha

    100. Milán Kovács