New Apple Products To Expect In 2020! iPhone 12, SE 2, iOS 14 & More!

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    Apple's 2020 is going to be a HUGE year for hardware, here's all the new products to expect. iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 9 (SE 2), iOS 14, new iPad Pros & more!
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    Latest iPhone 12 leaks.
    Galaxy S20 Leaks.

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    1. Calvin Kellams

      I'll pass this year just like I passed last year. I got the iphone X and I will wait until I see a new phone this isn't the same exact phone with "better internal hardware" like that's gonna help speed things up. My internet sucks, I have terrible signal where I live...any phone I get will suck so like I want something cool and new at least...

    2. Calvin Kellams

      Omg AR glasses 😱

    3. Dramin yeet

      📱⌚️💻🖥⌨️🖱🎧📲 all the apple products

    4. Safanja Dorff

      Oh! These Apples, I got 1 in my stomach and the rest in the fridge🤣🤣🤣🤣

    5. Nintendo Girl Gamer

      No new products were announced :'(

    6. Roan Grasmeijer

      Damn that reverb got me tripping bro

    7. Apollo Mark

      *Mine was successfully unlocked with the help of SUCCESSTOOLS77 on Instagram he is the best when it comes to unlocking any device*

    8. Apollo Mark

      *Mine was successfully unlocked with the help of SUCCESSTOOLS77 on Instagram he is the best when it comes to unlocking any device✔️✔️✔️✔️*

    9. Caleb Ruiz

      hey dude i love your videos... but whats up with that transition where your face morphed into the next scene lololol it looks wack ngl

    10. Vanessa Nigley

      OmG just got lots of apple products through super _tech001 on 1G So greatful

    11. Vanessa Nigley

      OMG just got lots of apple products through super _tech001 on 1G So amazing

    12. Denali King

      why are you shaking the items

    13. Hussain Dodhiya

      I want airpods please

    14. Exotic

      What iPhone is the little white one on the minute 5:09 ??

    15. xiAvoid

      Imagine Apple make a regular pillow with a apple logo and sell it for 1000$, we would still buy it.

      1. yuriy paul

        Yes I wholed buy it Apple gang forever

      2. Christin songbird


    16. Gabeツ

      Shaking the phone doesnt help advertising

    17. DIGITAL

      Apple phone kinda suck rn but if they get better than that would good

    18. Pete Burrows

      I really can’t see the point of apple bringing back Touch ID. It just says to me that Face ID failed.

    19. Guy Croxford

      The iMask

    20. Nightther

      Oh no. Raid shadow legends got Filip too!

    21. Mir Rahib

      what is the launch date of iphone 12 series?????

    22. ariixa

      Aren’t they doing an iPod 8?

    23. Rainbow liu

      Oh my God

    24. LELE

      I’m not updating unless they remove that damn ugly ass notch!

    25. Hayden Winsor

      No you do not think

    26. Ground Zero

      Due to the coronavirus I don’t think so🙀

    27. Beast GamingMC

      Well iPhone SE2 already released.

    28. EmjayHQ

      Ipad camera, love that. maybe it is underestimate now, but goo

    29. haneen 123

      I just want the iPad Pro 2020😔💔

    30. E Ft

      If you need a credit card or payment plan to have this phone , YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT . The shopping spree is over forever.

    31. Mehemud Styling

      I need a I phone 11pro max bro Can you give mee

    32. Jimmy Federico

      IPhone 12 is coming in september like in the 8 ok my friend

    33. Kagurazaki Estioko

      “an apple a year makes your money disappear”

    34. Muhammad Adnan

      Your videos too good,,Great wOrk...

    35. Kate Lundberg

      Both Apple and Samsung ruined the aesthetics of their phones by fucking around with the camera lenses. Butt ugly.

    36. Christian Newkirk

      The new iPad Pro update it look so cool

    37. Ahmed ahmed

      you're cool

    38. BeatlesFanSonia

      Will The Coronavirus slow down the release date?

    39. Key Bucks

      nice iphone 9 red color 🤗🤗🤗

    40. Travis Williams

      Apple do an se2plus or pro with the iPhone 8plus body please😣😣😣😣

    41. Steak Dressing

      7.99 mil

    42. Clay Held


    43. Lavaplayz Gaming

      How do you have an iPad Pro that is going to release in 2020

    44. Cesar Rivera

      You forgot to mention the rumored over the ear headphones

    45. Elize de Kock

      At first I thought it was a scam but after he sent me $5124 to pay my bills and deb

    46. FreeLaoLanXang

      iPhone 9

    47. Theo Bruh


    48. Redline_IL

      Cant wait to get case.

    49. Southshore74

      I am sick and tired of hearing nothing but talk about Cameras on iPhones and Androids. Come on

    50. ProJDMgamer 5

      Will the se2 have wireless charging

    51. Simon Kristensson

      I wont upgrade my iphone x until they release the glasses.

    52. 다니엘Daniel ZXZ

      Thank you for posting those amazing factual videos I'm using samsung but in my opinion I like apple more

    53. Ashley Martinez

      Is iPhone 12 gonna come and September 2020

    54. John Herman

      Apple criminals when it comes to data and other stuff they say you can't recover that you dam well can

    55. Lavaplayz Gaming

      To join

    56. Lavaplayz Gaming

      You need to pay money

    57. Jaka Rina

      Apple should do foldable watches, imagine a watch totally replacing your phone... when you want a watch face you fold it in when you want a bigger screen you fold out, just like a laptop... the plus in design is that you’ll never drop your phone/watch plus it would be amazing to connect airpods to the watch, also imagine watching a movie on your watch or a THwikis video

    58. Alexis Fierros

      Iphone 9 plus or se2+?

    59. Problem solved

      Please Sir give me your old 1 IPhone/motherboard Please please....

    60. Problem solved

      Hello sir, I am a poor man, but I have a lot of love for the iPhone, sir. If you please give me one of the motherboards' then my iPhone will be full.

    61. Nihilzero

      I like ur Tshirt, do u know where I can get it?

    62. jeremy vandyk

      I don’t like your THwikis channel

    63. Vinoj Kumar


    64. Sammie R

      This industry is filled with copycats so I hope that Apple doesn't do anything dumb with their iPhones

    65. The Hierophant

      AR Glasses replacing iPhones?!??? Yep. Everyone will want to wear glasses. not!

    66. YT TRANT

      I have an iPad Air 2 on iOS 13 and I can’t get Memojis can you please make a video why the older devices on iOS 13 can’t get memojis

    67. MrTootyRole

      Guy: this video is sponsored by... Me: by who? Guy: rAiD sHaDoW lEgEnDs

    68. Courtney Julien-Leach

      The iPhone 9 looks the same to the iPhone 8

    69. Tenite

      No one:difference? Apple:wee added... Uhm... Numbers? 10 has become 11 Right?

    70. Stefan Genov

      Can't wait for the new iPhone for 2020 so happy that i didn't upgraded in 2019 🤔

      1. MD_Y02

        What phone do you currently have?

    71. Slapshot Jack

      There is not gonna be an se2 that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of in today’s age of smartphones

    72. Jorge D Quesada

      This Year they need a huge step and will be amazing

    73. Noname Noname

      I want the 6.7in iPhone 12. 🥰🥰🥰

    74. Sgm-E

      Hmm looks like iphone 8 and is about the same price...strange.

    75. Mohsin Rafique

      i am using Apple products since 2011, but if apple did not launch Something similar like Samsung fold or Z, i will not buy new iPhone ,i will shift to Samsung...

    76. King Doge

      Who else has an SE and is upgrading to the iPhone 9/SE 2?

    77. Merriss Ccin

      OMG....I just got lots of apple products through alvinspy100 on amazing

    78. Diesel Stone

      Everything apple pro love your stuff and your info is always accurate

    79. ScooterBoyyy

      i'd love the sandwich design to return

    80. Sodilious


    81. FantasTECH with Muhammad Haris Mir


    82. OA Delano

      The game looks like Marvel strike force. I like the marvel one much more tho

    83. Mohammed ALSARRAJ

      Just like an old iPhone design like 7 plus or 8 plus

    84. A A


    85. cupid

      I hope that, for the homepod, they improve siri dramatically. Because it's not just a speaker, it's a smart speaker. If they want it to perform better, they need to actually make it smart. You know what I'm sayin?

    86. NinjaWorrior 786

      Can I plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz have an Apple watch

    87. Bunzzz 07

      Same shit design every year.. I’ll keep my 6s+

    88. Saleh Zubair

      We love you guys amazing videos ❤️❤️🤍

    89. rlyhoodie

      AirPods pro pls

    90. Alex The mta and r211,weather, fan

      Just stop making air pods,I absolutely hate them.

    91. pavankumaroct21

      What about apple tv

    92. Max Gasse

      Is it too much to ask for a phone that can sit flat on its back without those ugly af cameras protruding from it??

    93. Raj sugu


    94. Shadab74


    95. Charles Jovellanos


    96. Jim Fromearth

      iPhone 2 may be called the SE-X!🤔

    97. Clay&Dez T

      Been loving your videos for years ! Hope to win something special for once in life ❤️

    98. Scott Espeseth

      Yes but will the return of Touch ID be a hardware or software improvement????

    99. Nala!

      Don’t forget to sanitize the new iPhones. Dip it in boiling water for a few minutes.

    100. Charley Garza

      Is anyone gonna get the iPhone 9