Most Durable iPhone 11 Pro Cases Drop Test! Top 10

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    Which iPhone 11 Pro case is the most durable? Top 10 best iPhone 11 Pro cases drop test from 50 feet! Phone Rebel, Mous, UAG, Pitaka, OtterBox, Dbrand, Spigen, Rhinoshield & more!
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    iPhone 12 Leaks.
    Last Case Drop Test HERE.
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    1. EverythingApplePro EAP

      The Phone Rebel cases are now shipping same day at!

      1. Rajajai Rajajai

        How to by in india

      2. Beatriz Mendez

        @Devam1310 Gaming 😎

      3. M. W.

        My first one arrived in a week and a half. The other two I received two days later. Excellent shipping.

      4. Alex Gonzales

        So bad not available the Phone Rebel for iphone 12 pro. I have to wait 1-2 months or more before I order & ship to Sydney 😟. So for now on I'm using cheap $10 case temporary. 😞

      5. Zixiao Liang

        when could the new 12's case come out!!! need it!!!

    2. Gabriel Andersson Enocksson

      5 AirPods Pro? 2 to 2 winners and 1 to one winner. Not fair

    3. alainagoto

      When will there be a Phone Rebel Case for the iPhone 12?

    4. Myles Gonzales

      Loved the later hater remark. Lol if you know you know.

    5. Peanut Fnm

      Just to be honest who actually drops there phone from 50 ft usually you drop it from about 4-5 feet that seem unusual

    6. Zada syahna haditama


    7. Altamira

      How can we be sure that's it the same iphone that you droped and the one your check downstairs when you use your homemade case ?

    8. Azn 8282

      could you type the name of 1st cast and the case you mentioned worked for years?

    9. Zabdiel Castillo

      mous dissapoint

    10. Matt Nigrelli

      Any youtuber: we spent over $10,000 on this video Me: Well I gota sub and leave a like and comment

    11. Shiru_ka

      Woah thanks now I definitely know to look for Rebel phone case. Looks so unusual as design but very protective.

    12. jayswonkeydonkey

      I do believe that his lovely blue shoes got more "product placement" than some of his test cases...

    13. everyone deserves to live

      i was watching a mous case ad like 10 minutes ago . i watched the full 4 minute ad. and commented an a random video about how i just watched this ad on youtube and im gonna buy an ad product for the first time

    14. FilmMagician

      It's really bugging me you put the new case on at the bottom of the stairs. How many times did you have to run up and down? lol. great video.

    15. Grant Jorgensen

      nice job on the case

    16. Rajajai Rajajai

      How to by india

    17. Luca Montone

      Kinda hurt to watch this as I just bought a mous limitless case. 😪

      1. Reckless Players

        Me too bruhh 😭

    18. Dhenies Ijaya

      Can I know the review about apple silicone case? Does it protect your iphone?

    19. Beatriz Mendez


    20. Shantanu Patel

      Do an iPhone 12 Pro cases

    21. Titanium Gamer

      Waiting for iphone 12 pro this year🤣

    22. Saw Saw

      Ohh boil I got heart attack

    23. shoppingcart

      No one: Me:drops the phone off the Eiffel Tower

    24. Kaitlyn Lien

      1:27 Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro $50 - Survived 2:07 UAG Civilian $50 - Survived; not do well with shock 2:56 Mous Limitless 3.0 $45-60 - did not survive 3:42 Rhinoshield solid suit $35 - did not survive; split case 4:35 Otterbox Commuter $41 - Survived; flew out of shell 5:05 Casetify Ultra Impact $60 - survived; delamination 5:40 Speck Presidio Grip $40 - survived; further delamination 6:11 Spigen tough armour $40 - did not survive 6:53 Dbrand Grip $30 - survived; bottom broke 8:37 Rebel Crystal - survived

    25. Diuco

      Which one for s20 fe?

    26. Kaven Gatdula

      When the phone case is Shape like a banana

    27. Ramy ELhossiny

      Subscribe from egypt

    28. Iva Benerjee

      He dropped I phone in 50 feets I also drop my ph android ph in my bed also 🙄🙄

    29. Aidan Saner Vlogs

      You should sell you’re cases with cover on the sides as another option

    30. Hasan nur ikhwan

      Cuma melongo gw njir

    31. Neung IR


    32. Lovely Anne Sagao

      Would love to have the broken phones hsqhhahaha

    33. Avery Almodova

      Had me at the “self eject” feature for the commuter 😂

    34. AQIL HADIF

      Use temper gelas


      Please give me a i phone

    36. Tarun Kumar

      this drop test doesn't justify the durability of these cases,we usually drop our phones from 2M height

    37. Gold Eagle

      I'm surprised that the phone housed in Mous didn't survived. Can anyone help to explain why it didn't survive when other reviewers have tested it in similiar conditions and yet their phones were able to survive their drop tests?

    38. Its me Janie

      I will be grateful to have an Iphone case just like that...its really durable!

    39. ANU FF

      Them : destroying iphone 11 pro 💔 Me: loving my realme c2 😂

    40. ANU FF

      Give me one 😢😢

    41. MR gaming

      If you don't want iphone plz give 😁😁

    42. M. W.

      This video sold me. I purchased three Rebel cases ( the black ) one of them was dropped about 30 feet dropped from a roof and I was suprised because it looked like nothing ever happened to the phone or case. Excellent case.

    43. An RN

      you didnt take out the phone and checked the back from the rebel case...

    44. ℳY NAME IS ℕIℂ K


      1. ℳY NAME IS ℕIℂ K


    45. ℳY NAME IS ℕIℂ K


    46. C9ッ JEYBHEE

      Vid recommendation: Do this with the new iPhone 12 Pro

    47. Taman

      We need a video like this for iphone 12 pro

    48. Adhish Adhi

      Can you give me one phone 😮😮😫

    49. Md Mohim

      Brother will talk to me a little

    50. 4D WordLife

      I was going to order your case brand but you guys dont have it for the 12 pro max! :(

    51. AiiMEExx

      Get 20% off Lander products here!

    52. Elana Henricus

      what is the best case? X

    53. Roy Ramirez

      nice vid mah dude!! rock out!!!

    54. Gabriel Bolocan

      I think he melted Nokia 3310s into the prototype case so it's rigid af.

    55. mohamed ali Asrih


    56. anucray

      When are you launching for the 12 series?

    57. Blue Mate

      But its the case not the screen protector....

    58. The grefg Adduscan

      Mejor envíes de romperlos deberías donarlos a niños que necesitan los iphone para sus clases

    59. Doug Nulton

      7:04 “And that’s kinda what matters, the tighter the case is, it’ll disperse shock the tighter it is.” 13:22 “I guess it was so stiff, it didn’t disperse it very well.” hmmmmm 🤔

    60. Entrepreneur Life

      They only break when you drop it by accident

    61. Mohammed Junaid

      Plzz sir don't waste the mobiles if u don't want give for we its helpfull for our studyies plzz sir

    62. Jack liu

      Waiting for the iPhone 12 video

    63. Angie Yonaga

      Most Durable iPhone 12 Pro Cases Drop Test Top 10 please videos

    64. Charles

      Where are the Rebel cases for the iPhone 12?

    65. Jayden Nielsen

      “ Spigen cheap but ultimately not that protective” dude it is protective it was just 50ft

    66. Jonathan O’Leary

      Otter box will win

    67. David

      My man wearing the TNF X Supreme collab??

    68. Alex Gonzales

      So bad not available this Phone Rebel for my iphone 12 pro. I have to wait 1-2 months or more before I order & ship to Sydney 😟. So for now on I'm using cheap $10 case temporary. 😞

    69. Bencha Hernández

      Hope there is gen 1 cases for the iPhone 12 pro max

    70. Liam Horn

      Where’s UAG 🤔

    71. John Lemuel Santiago

      This guy has cash to burn like bruce

    72. Aldo Merturi

      I really love those drop tests videos!I have been watching you since iphone 6 came out.Keep up the good work man!!

    73. Ahmed A

      "customary" that word... I don't think it means what you think it means.

    74. Know Where

      Cordura Jacket????? Please Brother LET ME KNOW?????????????????????????????????????????

    75. Know Where

      Please Let me know the Price of the Jacket you are wearing....????

    76. Nikko Games

      The tumi one are very good i drop my phone 5 foot no screen protector multiple times no cracks i swear

    77. Ck1

      How i can get this old phone for fixing,?

    78. Manthan Bhargava

      Bro if u have free iPhone 11 then give it to me why r u wasting it by dropping them and breaking them

    79. Manjitsingh Dhanoa

      Sona kam karykarta phone drop test karne

    80. Manjitsingh Dhanoa

      Yashoda Bapu kam hoga movie karne karke phone drop test karne

    81. Manjitsingh Dhanoa

      Case no ksq Paya hua hai

    82. Victor Andres

      "Me drops an android from pocket level phone goes crazy and laggy Me drops an iphone from pocket level nothing phone works perfectly"

    83. Victor Andres

      "Him breaks a phone" Another one Another one Another one

    84. Debs

      Gear4 and tech 21 have good cases, dunno about 50 feet tho.

    85. John Arias

      When will you have a case for the iphone 12 pro max ?

    86. aidon gotardo

      We need this on iphone 12 pro max😍

    87. Nando

      When can we expect the iPhone 12 pro cases to be available??? :)

    88. Nando

      My brother, I think an elevator would be a great investment in that tower.

    89. CucumbersAnonymous

      I think how the phones land would impact the result quite a bit no? Maybe next time (if there is a next time) set the test up in such a way to control this aforementioned factor. I mean if you're going to spend 10k on a test you might as well make sure the only major variable in all of your samples is actually the you wanted to test.

    90. Sory Skelton

      iPhones 2G, 3GS, 4, 11 Pro max and 12 Pro. And they all work! iPhones: The first 3 y the last 2

    91. Emoni Washington

      I want Case Mate

    92. Lauri K

      The angle of the hit probably has equal effect as the actual case

    93. nandakishor ambadi

      Did someone buy rebel case . I am planning to buy

    94. Pretty Fancy

      Literally x died....looking to get an 11 and watching them get destroyed! Weird day

    95. Fire Music

      Unharmed Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro $50 Otterbox Commuter $41 Casetify Ultra Impact (kinda) $60

    96. Eavesdropper E

      cant wait for the 12 pro drop test

    97. Ceeah Sea

      I kinda wish you did Casely because Casely is getting very popular and I actually love the Casely cases. I literally have 3 phone cases from them (due to getting a new phone and I love the designs and actually affordable lol) (I recommend the bold designs tho, I just love the black against the pop of color and it has more upper lip) I just realized I’m commenting on this video posted almost a year ago 😂😂

    98. nishinoya’s bleach bottle

      lucky for me, i won’t be dropping my phone off 50ft towers :)

      1. I Like Birds


    99. Primo

      yung nag iipon ka para maka bili nang phone tas sila pinang drodroptest lang. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA yawaaaaaa

    100. Mike Sera

      For the Rebel case, you really should have left the camera rolling to somehow show you picking the phone up at the bottom. I realize your tower zigs and zags in the stairwells but why would I trust that you didn’t swap the phone during a jump cut?