Major iPhone 12 & iPhone 13 Leaks! iOS 13.5.1, 13.5.5 Beta 1 & iOS 14!

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    Huge iPhone 12, iPhone 13 & iOS 14 Leaks! iOS 13.5.1 & iOS 13.5.5 beta 1 updates released. iPhone 13 to have 64MP, 'reverse zoom', MagSafe, no notch & more Apple leaks.
    Exclusive Apple Glasses Leaks!
    Last iPhone 12 Spec Leaks
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    Macotakara iPhone 12 CADs Video
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    1. Carl Averion

      iphone 13 mini iphone 13 iphone 13 pro iphone 13 max iphone 13 pro max

    2. zero dai

      "iPhone 12 base model will have a fast charger in the box" 😅😅😔

    3. Hrithik Sharma

      Who's watching this after the launch of iphone 12 series, to check the credibility? 😂

    4. ashleigh wagner

      el chapo

    5. Scotty B

      It’s so sad that Apple now follows the market with their iPhone technology. I wish they became the market leader again.

    6. Tariqul Islam

      IPhone 12 pro may i know the finale release seat..?

    7. Henry obaka

      When you know Samsung has done a lot of the things apple is going to do😎😎

    8. Heet Patel


    9. Heet Patel


    10. Rukiya Khan

      Plz bro give me iPhone idont have any money to buy iPhone but i love iPhone company plz bro

    11. Space puyo boi

      4 cameras

    12. Joshua Fondrenn

      No !!!!! Just no!!! Don’t ever ever get rid of the iPhone 📲 number naming system its a great way to keep track of every Single iPhone all the way back to the very first one ☝️ iPhone 1 you can call it iPhone , iPhone plus or iPhone pro , iPhone pro max with the numbers but to get rid of the whole number system I think it would be a giant slap 👋 in the face to Steve Jobs and die hard number fans like me it would be a gigantic mistake

    13. احمد العيد

      مرحبا انا سوري لا اجد عملا ابحث عن عمل لكي اعيش هل يوجد احد يمكنه المساعد

    14. FaZe Gamer

      kids: Aaple Adults: android, Samsung, Huawei , Google 💪

    15. FaZe Gamer

      I'm glad samsung is now destroying apple, they are just overpriced like the iPhone 11 was pretty much the same as the xr, same screen, pretty much the same camera but 2x the camera and the only big difference was the A13 chip.

    16. Shahriar MD SADEK


    17. EverythingTECPro


      1. EverythingTECPro


    18. IBeLame࿐ ϟ

      Iphone 7 : goodbye headphone jack Iphone 20 : goodbye flashlight

    19. xXAnni3LuvsYhuXx

      I thought the 12 would come with no charger

    20. Али плй друг кар при


    21. Bangtan 2013

      I don’t need no iPhone with like four cameras I like my iPhone 8 :)))))))

    22. Yen Julia

      I’m scared to do this but I want to try it😭

    23. dani gunners

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    24. Modern Meme

      Me: comes here to look at comments iPhone entry comments: allow us to introduce ourselves

    25. Paoby Obounou

      Apple is full of 💔💔

    26. Brianna Rengifo

      " iPhone 11 Pro entry” " Done” Why: I really want this iPhone for school because my iPad isn’t working well😭 I start online classes soon. Thx

      1. Xxaesthetic_vibesxX


    27. قسام الجميلي


    28. 林歆恩

      10:12 a series if you watch this video with apple product Siri will came up

    29. X78P

      in the future, we're gone look back at this and be like: dang, this stuff don' look anything like the actual phone...

    30. VoidOfLife

      13.6 is here

    31. Science Experiments

      iPhone 13 could get released next year with iOS 15. Right now, it has iOS 14 beta, but iPhone 12 will also be released in September this year. I hope this whole thing goes well . . .

    32. Te'Shauna Alexander


    33. ZD GAMING

      “iPhone 11 pro entry” “done” why “ I would give to my grandpa because he still has the iPhone 8 and he is the best grandpa ever

    34. asianonnoodles

      Viagra 11 entry Why: pp is too soft

    35. April Blue

      iPhone 11 pro entry "Done" Why: I'm always made fun of because of having a Samsung. I want to know what it's like to have an iPhone

      1. asianonnoodles


    36. Salamander Sal

      iPhone 21 will be a camera with a built it screen

    37. kei

      is this legit?

    38. Watahahe Yuuho

      Will the xr price drop when the iphone 12 comes out?

    39. Anorkhil

      so what your saying is , skip 12 wait for 13

    40. Cosmin Trica

      Man, nothing about apple WWDC? Are you ok? something happened? Where are you? I'm scared.

    41. Charlie Pinkney

      What’s good

    42. jordan baller

      Nothing about the new iPhones interest me. Seems like they’re really starting to run out of ideas. I had galaxy phones for a while but I got tired of android and I got an iPhone 8 because it was cheap, didn’t have the notch, had Touch ID and I hate the sliding bar home button. If there was an iPhone that was full screen, Touch ID imbedded in the screen and an option to have a virtual home button instead of the slide bar, I would be interested.

    43. Brittany Daniels

      Lol I love my Apple 🍎 products that of which I can afford 😂😂but I am not kidding by the time the iPhone 16 comes out anyone who has trypophobia might not be able to use iPhones any longer 🥺🥺. Clearly I hope that isn’t true and they don’t add more cameras because I have suffered from that for years and years!

    44. Brittany Daniels

      Do you know anyway possible to put a note 📝 on the screen like you do with galaxy note and galaxys20 and many more android devices. I have downloaded so many but it is more like a sticky note or a reminder kinda thing. Any app you know of that could give us iOS user’s that option? Thank you 😊

    45. Moritz 1058

      "iPhone 11 Pro entry" “Done” Why: I want to give a new phone to my mom

      1. asianonnoodles

        Sure lmao

    46. Bhargav Negandhi

      How and where does he announce the winners for the giveaway?

    47. Sebastian Munera

      Apple got sued

    48. Mr burrbab

      “iPhone 11 Pro give entry” “Done” Why: I’ve just broken my iPhone 4s that I’ve had since new and need a phone😳

    49. thejuul bro

      “iPhone 11 Pro entry” “Done” Why: I really need a phone right now

    50. Gerald Bombita

      iphone 11 entry Done Because i love apple

    51. Sami Khalidi

      Iphone 11pro entry done

      1. Sami Khalidi

        Insta is @samiukkhalidi

    52. Karanvir Gill

      Nice video

    53. • Angely •

      "iPhone 11 Pro Entry." "Done." Why: I Have No phone

    54. 김종철

      안녕 한세요

    55. Shubham Syal

      Apple- The more you expect, the more you disappoint

    56. Monarch

      Owo iPhone 13 amazing phone future stick phone

    57. 엔준이어 enjunier

      Please add Korean subtitles.

      1. 엔준이어 enjunier

        이거 올리자

    58. Michael Appleseed

      Please don’t wear a cap again

    59. Solar Cj

      Fucking subscribed man idk why I wasn’t before and I liked of course thanks

    60. 청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF

      we want to get the iphone with brand new we are so much wanting to get new all the time its part of south korea for changing the new phones

    61. Yigit Gt

      I get angry when I watch my phone will get old

      1. Solar Cj

        Bro exactly but I think I will be getting the 12 pro

    62. Bradley TenshiXVII

      Iphone 11 pro entry!

    63. RFS Real Flight Simulator RxAir

      “iPhone entry” “Done” U are the best I need a phone for online classes and it’s my birthday coming and it would be a great gift

    64. Sukraman Ghimire



      Thank you EAP

    66. Leo bubble

      i hate the sqaure sides the round feels better :(

    67. footballworld123

      last time you made a video about the iphone 11 and it was true so this time i belive you

    68. tom my

      great video contents, great information and fun to watch, hope you will become more successful bro

    69. Haarb

      MiniLED from Apple before everyone else? Lol...wont happen. They would have to jump to 2000 per phone at least to make it "profitable" considering how expensive miniLED matrix still is.

    70. Vedant Tiwari

      iPhone 12: The same as the last one

    71. derreck isorena

      iPhone 11 entry. I just really need a new a phone and i hope i’ll get the luck to win it 😢❤️

    72. Jack Luck

      "IPhone 11 pro entry" "Done" Why: I'm gay and society doesn't accept me.

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    73. Lochlainn

      I’ll finally be able to afford an xr!

    74. 21greatjoshua

      "I phone 11 pro entry" "Done" Why: because i cant afford it and i dreamed of having it ..

    75. Darkness Depends

      By the time the iPhone 20 comes out I’ll probably still have an iPhone 7

    76. M.L 1234

      Lmao! So basically the 13 which will be released 15 months from now has android capabilities, that were introduced to android last year lol!

    77. Hoem sat

      Now i user Iphone XS max versions 12.2 now update iPhone 12, iPhone 13 & iOS 14 Leaks! iOS 13.5.1 & iOS 13.5.5 beta 1

    78. Joshua T

      "iPhone 11 Pro entry" "Done" why: my phone is spoilt and i dont have the money to change it

    79. Elson Santos

      "iPhone 11 Pro Entry" "Done" I WILL LOSE MY MIND IF I WIN A IPHONE 11 PRO🤯, This need to come here, Angola, África, things here are so expensive, its gonna be my 1st iPhone 🙆🏿‍♂️ and i will ordering some Crystral Case😍🙌🏿.

      1. Life with Mason

        Nobody cares

    80. Aly Shaaban

      Me me me

    81. Ash Naik

      Who won the giveaways? Did I miss the announcement?🤔

    82. Zane Oneiros

      Can anyone tell me how he creates these mockup videos? I want to learn how!

    83. ladyrose358

      Have you heard about Iphone 20 Super Max Pro?🤣Ohh! it's so lovely. I can't wait.

    84. Ousmane Sow

      “iPhone 11 Pro entry” “Done” Why: I love this phone

    85. Molly Khemani


    86. Himanshu Khemani

      Gift me that

    87. Nara Jung

      "iPhone 11 Pro entry" "Done" Why: who wouldn't want one

    88. Nathan Annis

      Would love a new phone. Been needing one for a while. A LONG WHILE!

    89. Pablo Ign Toubes

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    90. Anne Fatma Dimalawang

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    91. Anne Fatma Dimalawang

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    92. Anne Fatma Dimalawang

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      “Iphone 11 pro entry” “Done” Why- because i am always loyal to apple products and this channel 😇

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    95. Flavio D’Andrea

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    96. Cactus David

      Hope I win!

    97. Mursal Rasooly

      Iphone 11 pro Entry

    98. Samuel Brown

      Also, sorry to everyone that is annoyed at iphone 11 pro entries :/ i feel your pain

    99. Samuel Brown

      But would be cool if i did :)

    100. Samuel Brown

      Probably wont