iPhone SE (2020) Unboxing & 50ft Drop Test!

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    The iPhone SE 2020 is here! Unboxing Apple's $399 budget iPhone, + 50 foot tower DROP TEST (feat. Phone Rebel case)
    Exclusive iPhone 12 Leaks!
    Phone Rebel Cases.
    iPhone 11 Pro 50ft Cases Drop Test
    (3x) iPhone SE Giveaway!
    Winners to be selected on April 30th
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    iPhone SE Giveaway (1x)
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    1. Randy Aparicio

      i wish the iPhone SE 2 was bigger 😔.

    2. Jay Hale

      Me watching this on the new iPhone 📱 se


      Where can I get that case

    4. 브롤정보채널BIC

      iPhone SE2 Gang where you at

    5. AYEE

      Where did you buy the phone protector??? I really stan that thingggggg

    6. Michael Vincent Bayna

      where i can buy the case? can i have a link?

    7. prince kai09

      5:25 the phone does a better cartwheel than me😂😂

    8. Cleo Smithhart

      That color white though it’s really nice

    9. Elliott Purser

      you do you afford this stuff

    10. Marie Catulong

      Why is it when he drops an Iphone on purpose at 50ft it survives? But when majority of us accidentally does it at only 2 feet or less it cracks? Let me dieeee 😂😂😂

    11. time waster James

      6:00 looks like the ground breaks

    12. Charlie Molesta

      that do be alot of iphones tho

    13. Detroit Willis-Ferguson

      i dont have one i really need a phone please

    14. J. Smith

      I have the black

    15. Suhail T

      I have SC👍👍

    16. Prince King

      Love the red 2nd black then white because how easily it could get dirty by colours like black brown and all sorts of other colours.

    17. Ronand Raveche

      Love my se 2020

    18. Indranil Sukla

      Do you feel any vibration on screen while playing music or using call on speaker phone in this device? Is it due to small screen size or I am having some hardware issue with my SE 2020?

    19. Chetna Sharma

      Which one would you choose???? 11pro or 12pro????


      Pls gift me iphone se plzzzzzz bro i really need it

    21. Ali Playz

      5:12 the video begins

    22. Muqsit #

      The people who bought iPhone SE 2020 are lucky because IPhone SE 2020 was the last iPhone with large box and charging brick and EarPods

    23. ayeee antonio

      I’m still using the original iPhone se

    24. Chayan Kela

      i would surely buy your cover whenever i visit the US but right now can't buy them due to the customs that I'll have to pay

    25. HW2800

      Just order my SE 2020! Found out the iPhone 12 Mini was not worth it for $300 more! 5G is years away too! Give the SE away that was dropped twice to someone! LOL!

    26. Binu Kurizingal

      Do this for 12 proo pleaseeee

    27. Args

      The floor was cracked 😂

    28. Eduardo Sosa

      0:00, 5:14 In 3, 2, 1. Oh my goodness.

    29. nisar !

      Can you send one for me 🙁?

    30. Hari Babu


    31. Raffy Zamora

      Wasting Iphones 😭😭😭 Give me some plzzz 🙏🙏

    32. SuHasini Madhurya Chennubhotla

      The iPhone SE is really cute in hand.

    33. Kortney B

      How are u not broke yet lol

    34. Kit Rocks

      This video should have just said hey everything Apple pro here buy my case the end cause that’s literally the video btw your case looks like shit

      1. mathieuvideosNL


    35. Muhammad Khairulamirin

      can u give me that iphone😞

    36. alex h

      Is it an ad

    37. SolidSonicTH

      I think you're talking up your case more than the phone's resilience.

    38. Techno Syke

      Oh man when you are dropping iPhone , call me I will stand below and catch the iPhone then I will run 🤣

    39. Gautam Devulapalli

      50 ft twice, not much damage, just bent. You don't want a case where your iPhone is gonna come out of it. That's how iPhones break stop talking so highly of your product when you bend an iPhone. A case is for protection, and bending my iPhone doesn't sound like protective.

    40. MÉMORISE __ الداكرة

      We need som giveaway in this chanel and thank you€€

    41. Val Kitchen

      The iPhone SE is a certified gymnist

    42. Happy Mac

      OnePlus drops: Back shatters Samsung Drops: Phone explodes Nokia drops: Floor breaks iPhone drops: Owner dies

    43. Fabian

      Why don’t you just put the iPhone SE 2 housing on your iPhone 8. Saves you all the cash. Similar cameras

    44. angus !

      “DONE” iPhone se entery Colour: irdc Reason: cos why tf not, I want a new phone man But ik you’ve already sent them away so oooof

    45. MyLuckySuperegg

      Why don’t they ever test the official Apple cases!!

    46. MyLuckySuperegg

      5:27 Back at it again at Krispy Kremes!

    47. MyLuckySuperegg

      EAP Is the name of the class for people who need to learn English in my school and I can’t stop thinking that lol!! 😂😂

    48. Colby Durant

      Please do a water test with this!

    49. chris hayden Otis

      Bro could you buy me a iphone se 2020 256gb red plz bro

    50. Pastel Marshmallows!

      Done iPhone SE Colour: White Reason: I'm on my 7 year old s4 mini and need a new phone

      1. ZeDeagleEye

        It already ended

      2. Victor Capote

        Done iPhone SE Color: Red Reason: I have an iPhone 7 Plus and it is just too big for me and I would to get something that is smaller, more advanced, and is my favorite color.

    51. It’s summer

      The iPhone XR colors are identical


      I reallly want one but dont leme win cause theres ppl out there tht needs ot

    53. I&E Known

      drop without case. its seems to be adv of these case . case is look nice .

    54. Jeremiah Mann

      If we are all being real who is actually going to drop their phone from 50 FEET on accident

      1. Jeremiah Mann

        Luxonus their shoe is gone i bet it was their favorite pair😂

      2. human.zip.

        My friend dropped their shoe in a lake on a field trip 5 years ago so anything is possible

      3. v0lcxnic

        @Jeremiah Mann i get ur point

      4. Jeremiah Mann

        Decent Content yea i know that but im speaking like when would that ever happen to you ik its a test

      5. v0lcxnic

        It’s a test

    55. Mohau Mokorosi

      I like the product red on the se

    56. N1GhtMaRe

      Man looked to see if he had the white and he didn’t so he went to go buy one

    57. supermarioennerd

      📺📅🎛📷⏰⚙️who remembers this in the iPhone 2g you can like if you want I’m not a begger I’m just asking if anyone remembers this

    58. Aditya Sharma

      he should try doing it without the case

    59. The Yo bro

      I totally wish he was my older brother.

    60. Kevin Bui

      Give me one !!

    61. Hunter and Mati’s weird a** sh*t

      Everyone is asking for you to give them a phone. Lmao. I just wanna know where you got that case. Could you pls tell me???

    62. Detroit Willis-Ferguson

      my old phone brook and i dont have one anymore and i cant affored one and i really need and want one

    63. Abdullahi

      Don't kill my iphone SE!😢

    64. osazemen bello

      ugh when u want to enter a giveaway but your so late,that was on my dads birthday btw XD april 30th wow

    65. SpiritualPick

      1:46 wdym? I am in the US and got a SIM tool with my iPhone SE.

    66. Nut

      Why am I so broke that I can’t even buy a $399 phone?

    67. Daenk Oim

      i want have ipSE2020😍 wonderful

    68. Mark Sr

      I ᖴᗴᗴᒪ ᔕO ᗷᗩᗪ ᗯᕼᗴᑎ ᑌ ᗪᖇOᑭᗴᗪ ᗩ ᑎᗴᗯ IᑭᕼOᑎᗴ, ᕼᗴᑎ ᑌ ᗷᑌY IT ᑎOT ᗴᐯᗴᑎ ᗩᑎ 1 TᕼᖇOᗯ IT ᗩᗯᗩY(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

    69. donny blanchette

      I want a case for my 11 and se 2020

    70. life with nayla

      I'm definitely getting the white one😆

    71. Upon the Hour

      Hahae so good

    72. [08] Binay kr Singh

      Entry done

    73. Pubg Gaming Model Car making Kyle Bartlett

      Dude you should have dropped it without the case to see the actual drop damage

    74. Andre Morales

      I ordered my phone off of Apple‘s website and I got a Sim remover with my phone in the box

    75. Andre Morales

      Watching this on my new iPhone SE 2020 that I got yesterday

    76. bbthegreat_

      Question: what are you’re thoughts on Android?

    77. Dj Dixon

      I have the red iphone SE

    78. Saim Mushtaq

      Have you ever herd a channel named zollotech if you didn’t try I like it ok

    79. ahaha.

      Who else is watching this on their new RED IPhone SE

    80. 周耀文

      Is okay

    81. Eli clark Owl

      Next, pls do se plus!🙏

    82. vishal Singh

      wanna buy drop tested cases I would recommend you go for #UAG

    83. Muhammad Riyan

      Can you give me one broken working phone

    84. Georgia Simpson

      But who’s gonna actually drop their phone from 50ft...

    85. yomadatik animation tv

      i wish i had one :( or atleast a phone :( but am grateful for what i have at the end :)

    86. Dane Hart

      The iphones only break when we accidentally drop it..

    87. srusrur jrsdrrsfx

      You are doing great inspirational celebrity 😏

    88. Gavtree31


    89. alan tittus

      Feeling heart broken when I saw the video. Why did you doing like this! Please don't do this anymore. If u have a tendency to do a drop test, give to me I will take care 😭😭😭

    90. YB- Editz

      iPhone 11 : who are you ? iPhone SE : I’m you but with home button

    91. Lydia and Edwin

      Iam getting the white one

    92. Sunflowerxlyy Roblox

      I am watching this on my iPhone se and I am in pain rn watching this

    93. AMAL LAL K K


    94. Sergio utb

      Im waiting for ur phone rebel series for note 20 ultra man pls bring them quick

    95. gaming Kid

      Dat battery life though

    96. Thommop

      lol the tower isnt 50ft, its 25. The time it took for the iphone to hit the ground was around 1.23 seconds, you can literally search up a calculator for cliff jumpers, and it will show that the tower is only 25ft. Then again I might be wrong

    97. ycaioo h

      O cara compra iPhone pra destruir, e eu e tanta gente só querendo 1

    98. Wayne Venom

      I think I got the one that was bent and lifted screen hm?

    99. Elicia F Harrison

      I love your videos I want one iPhone SE

    100. AJAX B.

      Wait this ant gizmo.....😯