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    New iPhone SE 2 is FINALLY HERE! Here's every new feature. Apple A13 chip, 12MP camera, Product RED, Touch ID & $399 Price! Amazing.
    The BEST iPhone SE 2020 case!
    Apple Watch Series 6 Leaks.
    Latest iPhone 12 Leaks.

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    1. Vivaan Ghia

      This is cool

    2. ArmsOfExile

      When your to broke but you want an iphone Iphone SE single edition

    3. KennyIsaBop

      So is it good to buy?

    4. Tom Sain

      I am using iPhone se 2 feel great hope next year will have bigger size 🧙🏻‍♂️

    5. Ben DikeZ


    6. silvia Ribeiro

      A natureza é maravilhosa

    7. jaweed wozir

      GooooooooooD Job

    8. Celyna Maghoney

      1:02 what is it?

    9. kamlesh lokwani

      0:53 What's wrong with it?

    10. silvia Ribeiro

      Good video!!

    11. Angelica De leon

      Hahae so good

    12. Donald Divicay

      Good video!!

    13. Make It Colourful

      plzz give me an iphone se2020😐😐

    14. Make It Colourful

      plzz give me an iphone se2020😐😐

    15. Make It Colourful

      plzz give me an iphone se2020😐😐

    16. Make It Colourful

      plzz give me an iphone se2020😐😐

    17. Make It Colourful

      plzz give me an iphone se2020😐😐

    18. Make It Colourful

      plzz give me an iphone se2020😐😐

    19. Make It Colourful

      plzz give me an iphone se2020😐😐

    20. Make It Colourful

      plzz give me an iphone se2020😐😐

    21. Make It Colourful

      plzz give me an iphone se2020😐😐

    22. Make It Colourful

      ,plzz give me an iphone se2020😐😐

    23. j v

      I wanna watch this video all day

    24. jaweed wozir

      Hahae so good

    25. * Cronusiedd *

      I test my iPhone se in water and yes 100% water resistents

    26. Vlad Dascalescu

      Lol, overpriced junk. They sold the previous SE, with little improvements, here and there... 720p display, only 3gb RAM and 64gb storage, gtfo. With that money, you buy a previous generation flagship from Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Sony, Oppo etc., with AMOLED display, in display fingerprint, 3-4 times higher RAM, much bigger battery, cameras etc.

    27. G.W Review and others

      My old phone is a 6s and now I have this phone

    28. Nathaniel Arribe

      Me while watching: still hoping to get a chance to have that phone or hope all have iPhone se2020 lol ahaha lovelots from Philippines ♥♥♥

    29. Evin LT

      I still have the OG SE and I really want to upgrade but I can’t afford Any new iPhone😔

    30. trefileur

      Any idea why it was SOOO difficult to find the right screen protector for the new iPhone SE 2020?? If somebody else was as frustrated as me, I finally found this one WITHOUT halo effect amzn.to/307GNBN ... it is a cheap amazon brand... But it works... FINALLY

    31. EarthBoi Productions

      ...but TRUE fans know it's actually the iPhone 9

    32. sat bautista

      :(((( super love this!!!!!

    33. Karma

      1st gen iPhone SE user, just got this not disappointed.

    34. Greg Fox

      Who’s watching this on their brand new iPhone SE I am

    35. Arsenic

      3:02 IP67*

    36. RoadCarReviews

      Anyone watching on a black SE?

    37. Gibin Blogger

      Hello sir I love i phone plus I have no money😢😢😢 please give a i phone plus please 😢

    38. Dash P61

      Yes! I want a iPhone

    39. Adelbert Bulatao

      Give me one pls. I phone 11 max pro pls.

    40. Mark Evangelista

      Hope i can buy an apple phone😥

    41. Jamming with Jaylee

      I had the old se who is getting the new se

    42. Tech To Tech

      Now I can Buy

    43. Waqar Ali

      why write product with red plz explain anyone?

    44. mike delarosa

      "Iphone SE Entry" "Done" Any color Why: I never had an iphone ever since because i can't afford it this iphone is the most expensive phone in our country and I am wishing to have this phone someday.

    45. mike delarosa

      "Iphone SE Entry" "Done" Any color Why: I never had an iphone ever since because i can't afford it this iphone is the most expensive phone in our country and I am wishing to have this phone someday.

      1. Yasin I.

        mike delarosa you’re a bit too late

    46. Sam JWZ


    47. Patrick Angelo Rafanan

      please choose me as one of your winner. I really admire you for reviewing apple products. Since I can't afford to buy one I hope this might help.❤❤❤❤❤ Love from the Philippines

    48. Krish R Nair


    49. Zinzo Nathi

      "Iphone 11 pro entry" "Done "I would love to get this new Iphone as I want to be a content creator it's my dream and I want to have a good phone camera."

    50. karthik

      "iphone 11 pro entry" "done" I’m a student and I can’t afford an iPhone

    51. Jatin Dhiman

      iphone 11 pro entryiphone 11 pro entry

    52. UNKNOWN


    53. max prado

      I would personally like to see a more honest review from this channel. The phone is just old hardware with a new chip. But I would say I’m surprised it’s cheaper than the new Apple wheels. Lol

    54. SVU Cars

      Think it’s better than the iPhone X? This phone has been nothing but issues lmao

    55. ifikhar kazmi

      Only bazzels are the thing that is disgusting other wise 👍🏻

    56. Hector Connor

      They shouldn’t have given me that stimulus check

    57. P Jay

      its rediculous what Apple is charging for a little more storage, given how little big and fast SD cards cost today...

    58. John Aden Harvey

      "Done" "iPhone SE Red" Why: I have tennis practice in NYC and my phone is boot and unreliable. Leaving me without communication or a way to get home since I use an app to take the Metro North. So... yeah it sucks, and a new phone would really help. Especially since my mom can't afford one. Btw I don't have social media, I'm 14, so I guess this is my only entry.

    59. Pikaar Yt aka Mar2026

      "Done" "IPhone SE" "Color Black" "Why": my mom phone doesn't work that well bc she has an IPhone 6s

    60. Ag3nt0fCha0s

      IPhone 2nd edition as Linus had it.

    61. Mohamad Azam

      i want Iphone SE

    62. Jerome Lonto

      Its my birthday on May 3rd! It would be nice to be picked and will make my year happu. Hoping I would get to win the iPhone SE giveaway. Never in my life I able to have an iPhone since it cost much for my parents to bought it for me. I settled at my old huawei tablet which is not that convinient and it would be a big help for my study since I will now go to my college. I hope you consider me huhu. Thanks a lot Filip and phonerebel for the opportunity and more power to you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    63. Stephen Cahill

      Love ur content, ur the best in the game! Def need a new phone I’m still rocking the iPhone 6s

    64. Fayzan Khan


    65. Y u so Bubu

      Aww apple didn’t send u a review unit so sad. Such a shame.

    66. Lewis Ochieng

      done” “iPhone SE entry” “Color: any” “Why: I am from Kenya, and I can't afford a smartphone. ill be very happy if I am the lucky winner. thank you

    67. Ice Gaming

      I have been waiting for years for this

    68. Su Deji

      “Done” “iPhone SE Entry” “Color: White” “Why: I still have the regular 6. I’m like six generations behind.”

      1. Ag3nt0fCha0s

        So... how secure is your phone?

    69. Graden Lemasters

      "Done" "IPhone SE entry" "Color: any" Why: I have an old 6s and battery lasts 1hour and is hard to use with school

      1. P Jay

        replace the battery, its cheap, easy and fast to do yourself! even Apple is offering battery cgange for a very low rate. 6s is still good enough

    70. Altaaf Ismail

      Done iPhone SE PLEASE. Any colour.

    71. mini m

      I love it

    72. Funny Valentine

      "Done" "iPhone SE entry" "Colour: any" "Why: because i still use galaxy a7 and it REALLY lags"

      1. Ag3nt0fCha0s

        I still use an A5 and will likely not get this because it is not the old iPhone 5 body.

    73. rob s

      good time to buy a phone--- until we go into bad recession

    74. Lewis Ochieng

      done” “iPhone SE entry” “Color: any” “Why: I am from Kenya, and I can't afford a smartphone. ill be very happy if I am the lucky winner.

    75. zbmxbz

      "Done" "Iphone SE 2020 entry" "Colour - preferably red but would accept any " "Reason - I rlly need a new phone but me and my parents can't afford one. I also need a good and reliable phone for medical reasons because i always need to easily be able to contact ppl if something goes wrong or just for my safety. At the moments i have a rlly slow and unreliable phone that has already got me in some bad situations when i havent been able to use my phone because it just stops working."

    76. Mukhtar Khan

      "Done” "iPhone SE Entry” "Color : White” "Why? Will be an upgrade from my current device”

    77. Iva Kozova

      iPhone SE giveaway. Me: Yes I'm in

    78. Fernando Cardenas

      How are you not disappointed with this? You’re just brainwashed with Apple.

    79. Bo Star

      This should have been your review thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/obeLqtp_sbzUk2o.html

    80. Anivesh Sinha

      Sheeples are so dump

      1. Anivesh Sinha

        Yolo Player well sensitive too apparently😂😂

      2. Yolo Player

        Anivesh Sinha I didn’t know I was secretly a garbage dump

    81. Nokia_ 1112_


    82. PeekGamingCx

      “Done” “iPhone SE entry” “Color: product red” “Why: i have a refurbished iPhone 5 that is slowing down no the battery is draining fast. I would really appreciate it if I won the giveaway but I know I will never win :((“

    83. Wan Aqil

      "Done” “Iphone SE entry” “COLOR:Any colour” Why : my phone is dying here still using outdated iphone cant afford new ip

    84. pranay sethiya

      “ Done ” “ IPhone SE entry “ “ any color “ Why : want to gift it to my mother

    85. Bianca Herboso

      Done the reason I want this phone is that I want to gift this phone to my friend who is struggling right now. her fave color is black btw I don't have Instagram

    86. Marco Lollio

      I can't wait

    87. mohamed zulkifl

      Iphone se entry” “Done” “Black” “Iphone 7 to se”

    88. Satyanarayana

      "Budget iPhone" no one thinks Apple will do this.

    89. clase

      "Done" "I Phone Se Entry" "Color: Any" Why: Good phone and would be an upgrade for my huawei p8 lite

    90. Max Van Heusden

      DONE iphone SE 2020 entry color: I like all the colors :-) but if I have to choose red edition why because my iphone 6 screen is completely broken..

    91. Stephen Inoc

      *DONE* *iPhone SE 2020 Entry* *PRODUCT RED* Why? it would be great to have a birthday present like this! Red? Because the money goes directly go COVID 19

    92. manav shah

      Iphone Se 2 is all i want to win😍

    93. Sofea Lauren

      "Done" "iPhone SE" Color:Red Why: I need iPhone SE because a couple months ago something bad happened to me which my iphone 6 fell into a toilet until now im using my dad's phone ASUS and its really hard for me bc the phone turn off by itself often and freakin slow so I really need it :(

      1. Masita 013

        Aww I'm sorry :(

    94. Devante Carpenter

      Please pick me for the iPhone SE giveaway

    95. Elliot Williams

      So Beautiful the iPhone SE

    96. Jay Cee

      Im clumsy and have little hands so this phone is perfect for me.

    97. Jade Del Rosario

      "Done" "iPhone Se Entry" "Color: Any" "Why: Winning this will be my first ever iPhone and will greatly help me for contacting my parents since I am far away from them."

    98. Naun Jance

      I have the iPhone 5C I want to win iPhone SE 2 Give away

    99. Say What

      “Done” “iPhone SE, Red” Why: love to upgrade my slow, broke screen, degraded battery 6s+

    100. Miguel Ian

      "Done" "iPhone SE Entry" "Color Red" "Why: Because my dad will be having he's Birthday this coming April 30 and me and my brothers wanted to give him a gift so I hope I win this giveaway."