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    First Foldable iPhone Leaks, iPhone Flip Concept, iPhone OS Naming Returns (Lots of iOS 14 Leaks), iPhone 12 Might Keep Same Notch, AirPower Mini, Apple Glasses 2023 & More Apple Leaks! iOS 14 Beta 1 drops in 3 days, too excited!
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    1. T.I.A The Idiots Assemble

      So yet again a step behind samsung

    2. Maria 123

      How can I come in the iPhone 12 giveaway

      1. Maria 123

        Il send you my address in Instagram or messages

    3. Shane Mcfarlane

      $2000 from Samsung not worth it because they say it’s glass but it’s not it’s plastic and then you can’t get dust or water near it so don’t waste your money immediately

    4. Evangelo

      I’m happy ... I can sell the house on the beach 🏖 for this iPhone 📱.... Anyway because of COVID there’s no way to go there....

    5. PiniPanini

      "Be well-behaved my son or iBreak it easily..."


      Apple already 2 made a folding device the iPad pro 2018 and 2020

    7. Abigail Velasquez


    8. Adil Belagchour


    9. Mr Bugster

      I got some news its 2020 and still no foldable

    10. Bhavesh Shirodkar

      Yes this is totally true👍🏻

    11. *


    12. AgentGlock19

      I hope apple make’s a foldable iPhone. Personally I want it to look just like the 2020 Motorola Razr 5G, but changed to iOS operating system and without the $1500 price tag 😭

    13. qnwd nrrnnr


    14. sylvanianlady

      When? How soon? I want it! If Samsung have it, when Apple do it, no question, it will be incredible!

    15. Minh Khuê Phạm


    16. The cookie boy Groves

      That’s not what it’s gonna look like 3 cameras iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro

    17. Marcel Niehus


    18. Stephen Junior

      Who else came back to see if he was correct.

    19. Gupt Raj

      Like god told Eve don’t touch Apple or u gonna pay for it.

    20. Satish Malaghan

      They already have 3 folding models *iPhone 6* *iPad pro 2018* *iPad pro 2020*

    21. Michael Piziak

      Android already has one of these flip phones on the market (Samsung).

    22. genral greevus

      You forgot about the folding iphone 6

    23. Mimi Mills

      I think i just felt in love

    24. xfledermaus

      0:53 What's wrong with it?

    25. Muhammad Junian Nurrahman

      Eventhough apple was late but apple is trying to improve the price of the folded phone better than their competitors

    26. Battlebond LP

      Yoooo. Epic berserk shirt you have there!!

    27. OHR_LHS _VAN

      Get the ipad 8


      The new iOS 14 GM 2 is smooth as the iOS 12

    29. Ahalya Abinash

      Probably in another 3 years lol

    30. Ahalya Abinash

      I don't think iPhone fold will be coming

    31. Gavin Burnes

      The ifold sounds sexy as fuck

    32. Machiavelli robles

      Please let me win...

    33. imran juwale

      Fake news about I phone

    34. Luna Meshberg


    35. Oleg Hubenya

      Pretty gay Philip

    36. maxamed Arbac 2020

      Some people don't have it

    37. wasif raja

      Hello bro please send me Gift iPhone please 😣

    38. Kresensia Eixas

      That's a lie l watched the trailer of the iPhone 12 so that's fake

    39. Alex Phiya

      Can help me my iphon 11 max pro idont no abut apple id

    40. motivation speaker

      2520636474592 .. please give me i phone I love you 💞 from somalia

    41. Muhyodiin Apdirazak


    42. Henrique Franco Cardozo


    43. Denis Kartavenko

      Why did Apple copy Samsung Galaxy fold its like are they stupid in the head they have nothing else to do comment if im right

    44. heaven's ipad


    45. tural

      Apple this is not the way

    46. I Film U Watch

      New IOS is new for Iphone but it's just a lot previous and not new on Android

    47. Shiloh Severino

      that's a lie iphone!!!

    48. Nathaniel Bosun

      Samsung copyed Apple now Apple has copying Samsung

    49. karen sfloo

      What is this

    50. karen sfloo


    51. Michael EL

      IT not real

    52. TechWithTyler

      Are we even sure it's going to be 12 this year? We had 11 last year, so I wouldn't be surprised if we get 11S instead of 12. Although we haven't seen an odd-numbered S since the 5S in 2013.

    53. Trinikid_Xar

      Wait samsung created the samsung fold wow copyied they should call it copied flod 12

      1. Trinikid_Xar


      2. Trinikid_Xar


    54. Aladdin Baroudi

      I prefer apple more then android!

    55. STAR official

      Lei 😂

    56. Endri Alija

      iPhone Z flip 😂 😂 😂

    57. Piper Wojtylo

      It looks like an iPhone 5

    58. Saim Mushtaq

      When is at 2029 there will be so special phones

    59. King Law

      He's a Apple rip of fan boy ? His caes are rubbish no body in UK would buy them only us jerks

    60. King Law

      Why do find this guy to be a clown ????

    61. Mulder's Mayhem

      I'm not a fan of 4 camera lenses...symmetry is not your friend with this design. I think the asymmetry of the 3 lenses on the 11 pro is very appealing. Not enough is changing for me to care, I prefer my 11 pro until the next round comes, I think it is one of the best designs we've ever had and that it's gorgeous. It stands right up there with the classics of the past. I also think that the X and Xs were roughly designed and not so good, but were perfectly refined once they reached the 11/11 pro's design.

    62. Vibezz_ world

      nobody can know how they look?

    63. kksocool4.3 Lincoln

      Why are u coping Samsung

    64. Lee Gameing

      That is galaxies prominent like stop doing that that’s annoying

    65. Patrick de Haan

      Apple is trash

    66. BaconBladez

      huh why u bulli samsung bc u copy lol im not a samsung fan

    67. ZI0DD

      Iphold $5000

    68. Marilyn Brown

      Good video!!

    69. Cryptix

      iPhone users: SAMSUNG COPIED US!!! Samsung Users: Oh Really!? FlipPhones: Nah y’all copied us with those flip phones

    70. Thunderstormz_ 123

      What I’m just wondering is will there be fortnite

    71. Lee Moulton

      Shit bro fix ur hair

    72. iiFoogie

      The iPhone that folds will probably have a weak screen. Glass can’t fold but plastic can.

    73. Tyra Divino

      Whaaaat?? That can’t be possible. Impossible, I might’ve seen the Samsung galaxy Z flip, but to be honest it sounds weird for an Apple phone 🤔🤨 Its better if the screens always opened because foldable liquid glass can easily break

    74. 666 666

      I cantik believe that apple copy samsung fold and fold2

    75. Anonymous Plays

      I havent watch ur vids in a long time i just realized u had a haircut

    76. Hemendraj Ayanger


    77. roblox_ gamer

      Samsung is the best

    78. H Dorman


    79. trscsaeg

      I want an iphone with windex built in so i can clean any dirty window I encounter

    80. GoatTrix

      Apple users are gonna have a fit when this comes out

    81. Anixity

      No! Apple does not need a folding phone cause that’s gonna be so easy to break the insurance on that thing gone be 500k cause Apple out her expensive

    82. sania kamran

      They are copying samsung

    83. Rome_Anemone

      if apple makes a flip phone im done

    84. Dwayne Amatkarijo

      Can i have de iphone pleas i have no phone

    85. LilHeartBreak 999

      iPhone flip looks like a game boy color

    86. Tyson Young

      I want the iPhone

    87. Mason Carter

      the thing is samsung already has all of the things apple does and apple got them later and people still say they had it first

    88. E L •

      You apple people crack me up.... a foldable TABLET is the Future ...I remember when the samsung note came out,you apple people Freaked out and made it looked like a joke...Hell i still have my note 3...as it works like DAY 1...In fact i have it playing my classical music all day and night ...And when i sleep...Now i have the note 10 plus...Awesome phone..And no big secret ..you can get almost App for free..through mods... I think i have payed for 2 apps ...?? over the 10 years with android....Can watch all movies on there,and even stream to my tv now with DEX.. Im going to buy the Fold z 2 this year...It may not be perfect...But damn...it looks awesome when you unfold it ....into a big screen..And 2000 grand for that tech is freaking cheap...I thought you apple people were all the big spenders....I have Pro 11 for my 10 year old boys...Twins and i have samsung Tab 6 ...They use both Equally,but they Really love modding games,and getting them for free...And just having blast...Out side of being in a BOX....Which Apple puts you into ....The day Apple stops being so damn greedy with everything is a day i might consider an apple.. But as i age...43...I need a bigger phone..that would be a Tab fold phone...Sammy messed up on the first one...Always baby steps...Crawl before you walk...i know version 2 is not going be the one...im thinking ...Fold 3 is going to be the must have phone ...like the note 3 was...Just saying...

    89. Fake Vs Real

      I believe apple my make foldable iPhone in the year 3000 or 4000

    90. Rabbits

      August 17, 2754 “Introducing the NEW Iphone 11S Pro Max 11RX Generation 2 Pro S R with a ming boggling size of 69 Meters! This phone also comes with Airpods Pro Max Generation 16 S R + Pro! All of this is all for the starting price of a SMALL $353573573572562524466!”

    91. Mango Juice


    92. Mason U

      Apple fold come on man!

    93. Joseph Jackson

      They copied samsung

    94. tony mackelve

      i bet an android guy made this concept

    95. Hasnain Khan

      Can you give me an iphone?

    96. Inosuke Hashibira

      Samsung like IOS comment

    97. Barry

      They sont change anything! And you are just giving them 1000$ only so they can name the phone different

    98. Anja Rusic

      Apple fold is copy by Samsung...

    99. Sports Time BD

      6:55 sounds like satisfying

    100. Bryan James

      You know, apple would have more customers if they made actually tv's, appliances, a stylus for their phones, and more models. For example, Samsung has the a series phones, the s series, note series, z flip, and fold. The iPhone just has the xr which is just a budget x that they are clearly gonna keep on making until the budget 12 comes i Out and the 11 will replace it, the 11 pro, and 11 pro max. They need more models. Just sayin