iPhone 12 Pro, AirPods 3 & iPhone 9 Event Leaks!

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    iPhone 9 event happening March 31st! Latest iPhone 12 Pro Leaks, AirPods Pro Lite = AirPods 3? & more Apple news!
    Last iPhone 12 Leaks.
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    1. Aeda75

      When is the 9 coming out you’ve been leaking a lot the iPhone 12 was wrong and you said the se2 was the 9

    2. Marechan28 Gaming

      I just picked up a set of AirPods Pro

    3. Alma Loppy

      its fake

      1. My Soundtracks

        Yeah only some of it happened, but this wasn’t confirmed in the first place. That’s why he said “leaks”.

    4. A A


    5. rizolli 2000

      I think every thing Apple pro is the best engineer in THwikis

    6. I am just a youtuber

      Bruh j already got iphone 13 iphone se 3 and airpods 4th gen

    7. Woods Daily

      Dude is way past the 3

    8. Ashok Kumar


    9. Valarie Vidal

      Who's here after Corona

    10. Benjamin D’Kadoch

      knock the notch off, pleaaaaase

    11. Abby Stephens

      The key would work on any car ? Wow I thought it would only work with an Apple car

    12. Abby Stephens

      I can’t believe they would release the 9 after the 10

    13. Kelvin Osei


    14. Johan Thomassen

      Samsung is better

    15. landon

      How do we not know that there is going to be an 11s

    16. Kim James

      Apple trash Samsung goes

    17. Anirudh Upadhyayula

      If they offer the iPhone 9/SE with a storage option of 256gb I'll take it. That is what my iPhone 8 currently has

    18. Captain Greed

      No improvement for siri

    19. Tøxic Beats.

      "An apple a day keeps the broke people away"

    20. ERIC & KYRA Traft-Johnson JOHANNS

      Peep video thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/sKiua9mibJKYiK0.html

    21. Christopher Lopez

      A apple please make a down bar to tell Jen to I need to weigh I I want the down bar to have a lot bass dad like the Apple HomePod

    22. lola smith


    23. koko johl

      I am sooo happy that there is a blueeeeeee

    24. Heejinsgf

      I want a phone that goes to 200% battery

    25. Thatpoisonmushroom YT

      Right as he mentioned cars a Toyota add popped up. *let that sink in*

    26. Nini Santiago

      Yet there still will be people who would get the 9 and get rid of their Iphone 11 pro max then do the same with the 9 n get the 12 just to be "ahead of the game"🤦🤦

    27. Isaiah Johnson

      Want those pods

    28. Paul Williams

      I think it should be called iPhone 9

    29. ColeGoCrazy

      Do u think it’ll be worth it or better than the 8?

    30. alex pinkston

      I need air pod pros and a new phone


      Samsung is everything to me

    32. _Xx_Bloody_xRawrr_Spawn_Xxx_ X

      I was going to get the iPhone 11 Pro but now I'll just wait and get the iPhone 12 Pro

    33. shayan khan

      s20 ultra giveaway pick me

    34. Seth Gastineau

      It should be iPhone 9 because it annoyed me when the skipped it

    35. Alejandro IR

      They should add Touch ID

    36. pablo yt


    37. saadrk

      They make cases that u can put ur AirPods in so if it gets stolen ur AirPods will get stolen to 😂and this mans just said that u can unlock ur Tesla with it so all 3 finna get stolen AirPods phone and Tesla 😂😂

    38. techsteveo

      Does anyone actually want a new iPad Pro or iPhone 9. Nothing exciting about this.

    39. Ahmed ahmed


    40. Muhammad Ibrahim

      That's help a lot bro

    41. Koko

      Is this really true

    42. Samantha Wallitsch

      Me: Watching from my 7+

    43. Miza Plays

      I feel like iPhones are turning into android


      Get rid of the notch!

    45. Max Esquenazi


    46. Nico Endelmann

      XE is my guess

    47. Yeo Rachael

      Is it just me or are iPhones getting uglier?

    48. CDG_Vibezz ꪜ

      I wanna see how the AirPods look

    49. Untried Carrots

      Should I get the Powerbeats or the new AirPods?

    50. Caiden McDonald

      Chicken Butt

    51. Jess Rigor


    52. Damien Forbutt


    53. LorsKat


    54. Cake Poof13

      If there's an airpods lite there would probably be an airpods max and airpods pro max. Another one: Is every iPhone getting 1 more camera like 2 in iPhone 10, 3in iPhone 11,and possibly 4 in iPhone 12,so if they released their iPhone 13 there would be 5 cameras and so on?

    55. yellow ribbon

      Plz s20 me

    56. Brendan just Sendin’

      hey i just followed you two instas with my insta account @brendan_the_spiciest_meatball and i subscribed to your channel ad your second channel. It would be really awesome if i could get the airpod pros. Right now i have to work to help pay for food and insurance and i cant afford them, i'm sure you'll never see this but i guess its worth a try.

    57. Jay K

      Oh no the S20 came out with 108 mega pixel now iPhone has a 64mp ready to release down the road. It's going to be interesting how apple is trying to catch up to Samsung when they have a shortage going on with workers due to the coronavirus.

    58. Ps4nba

      After 5 years 60 cameras

    59. Sisterforever 101

      I’m I the only one who thinks the iPhone 12 looks bad 🥴 just me ok

    60. I'm A Salad

      what we want : *iphone 12* apple : *iphone 11 pro max lite* EDIT:THANK FOR ONE LIKE! :D

    61. s -

      We didn’t even get to enjoy the iPhone 11 yet..

    62. TTVM4 IllusionsYT

      I want airpods pro

    63. Cmac 13

      Been Watching since 80k

    64. Luz Echavarria

      airpods pro pls

    65. Linda Gladson

      Hi I'm a fan can I have one iphone 12 my adres 2429 czech republic za tvrzí hostivice my name is Daniel Gladson

    66. Trippie Bluee

      April 1st is April fools not April 4th

    67. Kaleb Perez

      Tf, the iPhone 12 is pretty much the exact same thing as iPhone 11 just uglier, and then they are making another new airpod, what a waste of money.

    68. Frank P V

      Will the new iphone come with coronavirus??

    69. Big Man Sal

      Wow I don’t believe that

    70. Jesus is coming! John 3:16

      apple: iphone 6, 7, 8, X, 11, 9, 12-

    71. CalTronic1

      So I got get the AirPods 2 then they release pros and now more, pros lite????? Kinda annoying

    72. Ish W

      I aint buying actul airpods i got £21 ones of amazon that are just as good !!

    73. Jess Sarro

      To me. Se2 sounds like a Samsung galaxy phone because all apple phones are iPhones but then ur just gonna have one phone that is different

    74. Aaron Journey

      I have a google pixel 3a. Thinking about buying a renewed iphone x on amazon for 400. Thoughts?

    75. Grayson Parker

      Did everything for the AirPod pros

    76. Darf der Kevin Spielen kommen

      2007: Wow, this phone has a Camera 2020: Wow, this Camera has a phone

      1. Never walk alone Liverpool

        Say something new which I don't know

      2. Never walk alone Liverpool

        This is well worn

      3. Anna

        Darf der Kevin Spielen kommen dead joke

    77. Riley Taylor

      When the iPhone 9 could come out on your birthday😁🤦‍♀️

    78. Gail Mcphoy

      You should have a facebook page so you can expand your content.

      1. Gail Mcphoy

        I would like to take part in the giveaway but I use my mother's account

    79. VetNick

      Airpods Pro

    80. Noah Neck

      Me watching this with my one dollar

    81. Sly Slytherin


    82. Tenzin Pema

      I need give away plz

    83. gillian owens

      Should update the Airpods for waterproof

    84. gillian owens

      i used ipad for college 1st time so much better it is classics

    85. Cara Chen

      question: I have an iPhone 6+ that I wanted to replace with the iPhone 12 when it comes out, but my screen recently just started glitching to the point where it only works properly half the time. Should I continue to wait until September or October to get a new phone or should I replace it now? I literally can't call on my phone b/c it won't open the app and I'm planning to see concerts & travel this year so I will most likely need a phone that works & has more storage... but I want the newer iPhone 12 too

      1. Joe

        Based on what we have seen in these “leaks”, the design will just be similar of the iphone 11s, except a more square design. i would go for an iphone 11 as the difference in performance may not be as noticeable from 11 to 12, maybe an extra hour or so on battery

    86. Isai Juarez

      When the AirPods thing annocening?

    87. Bubble Dum

      does this guy think april 4th is april fools

    88. Abigail Bridwell

      So cool I love it

    89. Caleb Porter

      It’s not AirPods 3 it’s AirPods 4 version so this is most likely fake

    90. Bilal Raza


    91. Reymark Aquino

      I want iphone. But i can't afford it because it is expensive. 😔😔😔

    92. Mahendra Reddy Kondasani

      Nice products


      apple: we are launching a fast charger of 10w. apple fans:wooow😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    94. CoconutCookiexo

      Tbh the cameras are getting a bit extra...

    95. ItzDylan ヅ

      Each apple year our money disappears.

    96. 王迪欧

      ads too much

    97. Yufan Zhang

      is there any news about Homepod 2?

    98. Tran’s Hardware

      I just ordered an 11 pro max today, should i return?

    99. 変態少女ᇌ

      Me still using my Iphone SE- Oh damn Iphone SE2!!

    100. The Trevor Shultz Company

      You should work at apple headquarters