iPhone 12 Specs & Design LEAKS! SE 2020 CONFIRMED!

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    Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Design has LEAKED! This is it folks, a HUGE LiDAR sensor & 2020 iPhone lineup specs revealed + iPhone SE 2020 CONFIRMED!
    Last iPhone 12 Pro Leaks.
    Phone Rebel Cases.
    Jon Prosser (Leaks Source)
    Max Weinbach (iOS 14 Leaks Source).
    AR7 Wallpapers used in scenes.
    iOS 14 concept screenshots
    AirPower Render Source : devamidesigns

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    1. Samim Sheikh


    2. elkedim youcef

      1:11 love this momment

    3. lolo corral

      Well yeah, that's what we expected

    4. Rah

      The lower ends better not be rounded, need box shape for all phones!

    5. Aaron

      What’s the lightest iPhone one can buy that’s still good

    6. Judah Balser

      See I’m the person who thinks that they won’t do the box flat edge design because it doesn’t look like Apple it looks cheaper and less comfortable so from the leaks I think it will keep the rounded edge for all the models

    7. Umar Qazi

      "iPhone 11 pro entry" "Done" "Why: Cause I have been using s6 for over 4 years now and really one a new phone badly plus never owned an apple product"

    8. ነቿየፕቿዪ卂几ㄖ几ㄚ爪ㄖㄩ丂

      Just want to know what the models will look like because i plan on upgrading this year

    9. Gibin Blogger

      HelloI love i phone plus I have no money😢 please give a i phone plus please 😢

    10. Gibin Blogger

      Hey I love i phone plus I have no money😢😢😢 please give a i phone plus please 😢😢😢😢😢

    11. Mark Evangelista

      Hope that i can buy those stuff ..😥 cant afford it.. i wish i have an apple phone😥

    12. Nick Papamatheakis

      *looks at beat headphones and slaps apple sticker on it me: MUAHAHAHA I defeat apple...

    13. Nick Papamatheakis

      *looks at the rest of the title me: :( oh well look it's my bad luck

    14. Nick Papamatheakis

      Title: IPhone 12 leaks In the middle of the video: sO LeTs TaLK aBoUt ThE 2020 IpHoNE sE

    15. Moritz

      Will the iPhone 12 and 12 pro be different in size? Like i know the screen difference but will the body of the 12 pro be bigger than the 11 pro?

    16. Alex Roque

      i waisted my life working for my first phone.

    17. karthik

      great work

    18. Brar Brar

      Me - What about price ?? Apple - Yess 😁 ...

    19. LadiesMan 217

      Bruh non pro designs not having the new redesign look? Wow that just show more greed and shouldn’t be called the iPhone 12 then. Lowkey pissed me off right there.

    20. Daniel Horne

      the reason why i don't participate in the giveaways is because ill never win anything anyways lol 1 out of 1M chances lol

    21. LELE

      They better not have the damn notch I swear to christ

    22. Kaden Mast

      i looovvee the flat design

    23. rob s

      se looks like all the old phones,,throw into blender ,"ha new phone''

    24. K

      I know very little about the cases. Do they make cases that are just barely thick enough to make the body flush with the camera bump? If so, please post link. Thank you!

    25. Nokia_ 1112_


    26. PeekGamingCx

      “Done” “iPhone SE entry” “Color: product red” “Why: i have a refurbished iPhone 5 that’s slowing down and the battery drains fast I would really appreciate it if I won the giveaway but I know I will never win:((“

    27. julius alina


    28. Miguel Ian

      "Done" "iPhone SE Entry" "Color Red" "Why: Because my dad will be having he's Birthday this coming April 30 and me and my brothers wanted to give him a gift so I hope I win this giveaway."

    29. Mak Anthony Rufino

      Done Iphone se I dont have a phone huhuhu

    30. Jaheed Smith

      Apple bring back the home button and you will regain sales.


      So 120hz display?

    32. Prueba Home

      IPhone SE giveaway

    33. Bichr Salhi

      I hope the new design will be implemented in all the iPhone 12 models. Enough with the soft edges design

    34. Taylor Swiftie

      When would it get released?

    35. Samuele Bellucci

      Will the 5.4” model have an oled display or it will be only on the Pro models?

    36. ChrisCarGuy -

      Here after the iPhone SE release. Crazy how he got almost everything right! The price, colors, shape, wow nice job!

    37. Gedeon Silvestre

      Ughhhh Iphone SE ❤️

    38. Zibran Khan


    39. JetsetJoey

      Apple should have used that space for a TELEPHOTO Lens instead of a LIDAR Sensor. I was loyal for a long time because of technological innovation, but for the last couple of years, JailBreaking has kept me loyal. I'm getting the Samsung Galaxy S20 & that's coming from someone who has bought iPhones exclusively since the iPhone 3... sometimes even two per year!

    40. Corne Van Gulik

      What resolution is the iphone 12 pro going to have? Still FHD or upgraded to 1440p?

    41. Ema

      HELP LOL should I buy the classic 11 or wait for the classic 12 ?

    42. Nael Masood


    43. Kendrick Morales

      usb type C ?

    44. Creepers 290

      The iPhone se 2020 is now here Btw it’s $599

    45. ThizIzNery

      Iphone will never stop until they cover the back cover all with cameras 😂

      1. ThizIzNery

        @Lady Ruiz just like i said hahahaha

      2. Lady Ruiz

        ThizIzNery yooo for real how many damn cameras they need 😂🤣

    46. Adomas Adomas

      Could this be the year we finally see some major changes to the home screen?....Probably not.” 😂

    47. Adomas Adomas

      Everything apple pro: its final design MKBHD: i have been using this for a year

    48. marksapollo

      iPhone 12 5.4” for me, it will replace my brick iPhone XR that’s way too heavy and whilst I like the bigger screen, I hate the overall size of the device.

    49. marksapollo

      The only reason Apple would keep the rounded design for the lower end iPhone 12 will be to prevent it bending with ease and breaking.. like the iPad Pro does..

    50. Joe Shelly

      I just ordered my case can’t wait 😊

    51. Kent Bryan Parcon

      Bruuuhh. Better to buy Huawei Mate and P series.

    52. KingOfSeas

      that’s okay, i’ll stick with my iPhone 11 pro.

    53. We Hate Kanye West

      Gross notch

    54. Lee Francis

      If it’s made in China I won’t be buying it, unless Apple moves all their manufacturing and supply chains right out of China.

    55. Pulkit Chugh

      That "Intern" comment of yours was very absurd! Seems like you have no clue how things work in development!

    56. XCON

      Watching this on my Poco f1 😓

    57. parul massy

      Whats the price12 pro max i india

    58. Vincent5634

      Why apple not release a flip phone like samsung galaxy flip and fold ?

    59. Ricky Musca

      Wow. I’m so excited. I will give my iPh11pro to my wife and i will have iPh12 6.1 stainless steel. LOL.

    60. J Black

      Made in China ... forget about it!

    61. Car Guy125

      Wow i don’t Belevied it

    62. Carl G

      So a big iPhone 5 with a notch? Ok.

    63. Michal Hrdý

      are they serious with the boxy design? fucking really?

    64. Jhavanna

      I still have an Iphone 8 since 3 years, perfect condition, brand news i paid 60€. Why i should spend 1500€ on this one ? It's the same :-:

      1. abomousa 1

        better proccer which is the best in the world which is a bionic14 much much better battery and the best cameras on a smart phone ? there you go a plenty of good reasons why you should upgrade

    65. Rippinkitten18

      sales will probably be down, since many people are laid off and probably not go for any new phones.

    66. Steve Jobs

      Cool another way to waste a design , I’m done honestly I’m moving to Samsung if this is what it is

    67. ZnowuCośZepsułem

      I want SE 2 with IOS speed and responsebity and android OPEN to apps :)

    68. Jone ethan Madriaga

      Me: I wish apple release a budget phone My brother: bro you're wishing a impossible wish

      1. отпирайте

        Jone ethan Madriaga boom

    69. Mees Richters

      Still i think my iPhone 8 plus looks the best out of all iPhones

    70. David D

      You think the next iPhone 12 will have all necessary antennas for T-Mobile’s 5G network ?

    71. Noob Nation

      Watching this video on iPhone 5s

    72. Danish Daby

      If you just follow the leaks, you're just another sheep following the lead! iDiot!

    73. Kironmoy Murmur

      Hello I'm your biggest fan 😊😊

      1. Kironmoy Murmur

        I'm from India

    74. topangel101

      Looking uglier and uglier

    75. El Chido

      Lol, apple is moving to india, 😆😆😆😆

    76. JoshCourts

      I just gave my sister my XS Max, and got a Galaxy S20 Plus, depending on how the iPhone 12 turns out, i may come back.

    77. Luke Evans

      do you think all iPhones in 2020 will be USB-C and not lightning?

    78. Ferdinand Tambungui

      Finally the iPhone worth buying. Time for an upgrade. Love your reviews!!!

    79. Alex

      Will we need to take a loan out for this phone?

    80. Eraniel Delos Santos

      Come on apple!!! Remove the big notch

    81. Eraniel Delos Santos

      Do they still got that big notch, i really like to switch in apple but that notch keeps me from not doing it,

    82. Javier Cruz

      Who even cares about iPhones anymore?? Lol

    83. Jude Serranilla

      My trusted resource lives in PNW.

    84. Rams Hacks

      Since they haven’t released the iPhone se 2020 they need to remake it and make the bezels smaller and they need to make it Oled

    85. Edkens Alexandre

      USB TYPE-C?

    86. rachel whitakeer

      #breakingNews Apple best gear of 2020 #iphone12 and #LUMIYlightblade

    87. Syed Raza

      Due to outbreak price increased why dont you mske it 1000$ thats what you guys are professional at

    88. Paul Imisi

      The moment I see the notch, I’m not interested.

    89. Wilfe Jun Arinaza

      Hey can you give ang I phone xs max I've been watching your videos for a year now 😅

    90. Phoenix 11

      lidar 😡

    91. Paranoïak T2LG

      Is like iPhone 5

    92. •Elite Snøwy YT•

      Apple: yeah we got new Apple products see our latest video Also Apple: *disables comments*

      1. Subterranean Dawn

        •Snowy’s Tama World• It’s not really like they have a choice.

    93. iNSANEx PARM

      When this phone will realease

    94. RG

      I hope it supports 5G

    95. Jay Alt77

      What will you choose. The 6.1? Or the 6.7? I’m thinking 6.1. 6.7 is getting kinda big. I’m not sure yet though.

    96. Raaftar Ali

      In 2020 Notch like seriously

    97. Thinkagain6

      I can't wait for the new iphones to come out so i can get the 11 pro max for 500 lol

    98. f. vcia

      instead of focusing on bigger screen.they should focus on the 5g.or helping onthis coronavirus.

    99. Tyler Dowd

      LETS GOOOO iPhone 12 is gonna be sweet

    100. Gavo Vids

      What would be the price of the iPhone SE (2020) Plus? Cause I will buy that one.