iPhone 12 Notch, iOS 14 Widgets & AirPods X Leak! RIP Beats

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    First iPhone 12 Smaller Notch, iOS 14 widgets & more features leak, AirPods X confirmed replacing Beats lineup, iOS 13.4.1, iPhone SE 2020 & more WWDC products!
    Last iPhone 12 Pro Leaks.
    Phone Rebel Cases.

    Jon Prosser (Leaks Source)
    Max Weinbach (iOS 14 Leaks Source).
    AR7 Wallpapers used in scenes.
    iOS 14 Widgets Concept. (Thumbnail)
    iOS 14 Widgets Concept 2.
    ispazio & emanuele_esp
    iPad Main Menu Concept.
    iPhone 12 Mute Switch Concept & Scene.

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    1. Ahmad Rahimi

      U got 8.26M when I subscribe your channel it was 178K likes and I am still waiting for my luck never win something from your channel by the way old is gold

    2. Joshua Fondrenn

      How about the the meatball emoji when are we ever going to get it

    3. Rocket Science

      Don’t you think that this is a bit too much. I mean why would you put a LiDAR Scanner on an iPhone, what would you use that for? And the iPhone that has no notch will likely be for later years to come. AirPods X, why would Apple make this, I mean if there going to create a over-head headset why would they make it if like more people would actually buy the over-head headsets. Also, it doesn’t look like that Apple wouldn’t make a lot of change to the iPhone, it looks like that this year Apple is most likely to change the Mac instead.

    4. game on

      The iPhone se is the iPhone 9

    5. Umar Qazi

      "iPhone 11 pro entry" "Done" "Why: Cause I have been using s6 for over 4 years now and really one a new phone badly plus never owned an apple product"

    6. DeathEgg94

      We still can see a Power beats Pro 2?

    7. nottcchloe

      The rounded edges just look better then boxed edges

    8. Gibin Blogger

      HelloI love i phone plus I have no money😢😢😢 please give a i phone plus please 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭

    9. ching ching


    10. Mark Evangelista

      Hope that i can buy those stuff ..😥 cant afford it.. i wish i have an apple phone😥

    11. Ricardo F

      That would be a waste getting rid of beats after paying billions. But they have the money.

    12. Kith Shepard

      For a collab with D brand I'd love to see the clear-see-through-to-the-insides look on a case. Skins don't interest me but a case that looked like that would be awesome.

    13. Patrick Angelo Rafanan

      please choose me as one of your winner. I really admire you for reviewing apple products. Since I can't afford to buy one I hope this might help.❤❤❤❤❤ Love from the Philippines

    14. karthik

      good one

    15. MJ

      This should be called the leaks channel, since it’s what he does most.

    16. Shanna777

      😂😂😂 i just bought my 11 pro max. 😂😂😂 just waiting for an updated airpods pro

    17. Alex

      Iphone SE

    18. ifikhar kazmi

      Apple is always leading

    19. mybeautiful young

      iPhone (original) iPhones 10 (music pods) iPhone X (X) iPhone Original (wealthy) iPhone IOS (DONT) iPhone Galaxy S8 (moms phone) iPhone Pro 2.5 (glitched) iPhone Notche (old) iPhone Galaxy (common) iPhone 10 (common) iPhone X10 (godest) iPhone XT (legendary) iPhone Taser XTN (rare) iPhone 2.1 (old) iPhone 25 (gold) iPhone XNTVA (hacking codes)

    20. Nnnn

      looks good

    21. Marcel Murray

      Dude do fake air pods use find my air pods app?

      1. Marcel Murray

        Please reply

    22. Mohamad Azam

      i want Iphone SE

    23. Stephen Cahill

      Love ur content, ur the best in the game! Def need a new phone I’m still rocking the iPhone 6s

    24. BC

      everything apple leaks

    25. Simo

      this could be the year!

    26. Funny Valentine

      "Done" "iPhone SE entry" "Colour: any" "Why: because i still use galaxy a7 and it REALLY lags"

    27. Isai Vidot

      Tbh not fam of AirPods pro due to they keep coming out of my ear I try all little fittings and still they need to make them better or at least another style that doesn’t come out of ear so easy I work doing landscape and they don’t work for me just want it to say that

    28. whereuatdawg

      "Done" "iPhone SE entry" "Color: Black" "Why: well tbh i got the 11 pro max currently and if i would get the SE i would sell it and get some homeless people down my street some quality food

    29. Nokia_ 1112_


    30. PeekGamingCx

      “Done” “iPhone SE entry” “Color: product red” “Why: i have a refurbished iPhone 5 and the battery drains fast I would really appreciate it if I won the giveaway but I know I will never win :((

    31. izzu muhd

      i want win iphone se 2020 giveaway please ,,,

    32. Tristan Erispe

      This is crazy😱

    33. Miguel Ian

      "Done" "iPhone SE Entry" "Color Red" "Why: Because my dad will be having he's Birthday this coming April 30 and me and my brothers wanted to give him a gift so I hope I win this giveaway."

    34. Yogi Surya Pratama

      Pop UP Front camera?

    35. Jay Algo

      its just been my dream phone. i really never have iphone my entire life. my phone now is vivo y53🙁 can i get one? from philippines bro. any colors any iphone🙁

    36. Jose Garcia

      What phones you guys got I got a iPhone X is that good ?

    37. Ew Get the fuck out of here

      People joke about phones adding so many cameras but I honestly think Apple will keep 3 at most 4 for awhile but there is already all the cameras u need

    38. Pablo Sanchez

      Hey @EVERYTHINGAPPLEPRO I was just very interested in buying the AirPods pro but I was also wondering if I should just wait for the new ones that might come out or just go ahead and buy the AirPods pro instead? I’d be very honored if you could give me your thoughts

    39. Erik Baker

      Spending quarantime watching your videos haha...thanks for the update

    40. Olga Thorsteinsdottir

      But will there be wireless charging for AirPods on the back of the phone?

    41. Prueba Home

      IPhone SE giveaway

    42. Arvinder Sehgal

      What is the brand of your cap ?

    43. Ayoub Brinssi

      Very excited 🥺🔥🔥

    44. Shivay Ramrathy

      Looks dope

    45. Chris Hammontree

      I wont buy the iphone until the cut out is gone

    46. deegan1241

      I hope this is the year

    47. Tanvir

      Corona phone 12

    48. xD3bod

      The Earpiece will be alittle above what you showed, it will be like the Samsung phones and the other ones

    49. Logical Indian

      I would like to see boxy design.

    50. Kelechi Awaraka

      They’re dumb if they phase out the beats name and logo. Only reason people prefer beats is for how good their over ear headphones look, if the mess up the design a whole lot less people will use them.

    51. Andrei Alionte

      and always on display...?

    52. Clara Solomon

      The first end product

    53. justice Onyenkwere

      I will be very happy any day apple will add a pauses feature when recording a video

    54. Anthony's Vlogs

      Me Buys a Iphone 11 Pro max Iphone 12: Nah.....

    55. Nadeem khan

      Nice phone bro

    56. EJ Nikko Japones

      hello I am from the Philippines, so I joined here to give away because I wish I was selected in fact I have been using this iPhone 4s for 4 years so I think some parts of it may not be ok so I hope that I'm one of the selections for Education. Thank You From Philippines 

    57. Matt Rowe

      The virus isn't going away anytime soon. What we see now is the "new norm". So figure it out apple lmao. Delaying to December is gonna make the company hurt..... Just being realistic here. Anyone?

    58. Matt Rowe

      I freakin love Apple I really do, it's just really frustrating to know that the innovation of apple is now gone after steve jobs. The marketing bull shit that apple does now really hurts apple. And by the way, it's really annoying that Apple can't just take away the notch... I'm tired of looking at it! especially when I'm watching videos!! Come on Apple don't let the marketing take away the fire potential from you guys.

    59. SuddenLy81

      for 13.4.1

    60. Côme De Montesq

      When would it be released?

    61. D M

      The vertical mute switch has furthermore been cancelled. So how did you "know?"

    62. Eraniel Delos Santos

      Could you tell us the price and specification bro?

    63. maatouk86

      I hope Apple would fix the hotspot bug in their new ios14. Since i updated my phone to ios13 and hotspot keeps disconnecting :/

    64. Branon Santos

      Ugh why he so hot 😫😫 talking all that apple lingo

    65. Adithya Sunkara

      Pro mode for Iphone camera pleaaase 😭😭😭😭...Samsung has done excellent job on that thing

    66. Gravy 1

      When is Apple going to have it where you can do 2 things at once on the same screen on there phones

    67. KungFuBeast

      How much will it cost?

    68. Eva Skywalker

      World: we are going into an economic depression, everything is closing and people are isolated in their homes Apple launch: perfect, can’t find a better time than this one

    69. RDX Sinister

      Should I just get the 11 pro max?

    70. KOBE 24

      Phones can't get any better than the 11 pro or the galaxy s20. Ima keep my 11 pro for the next 2 years. Idc, it's a perfect phone for me. Im not gonna buy a 1800 dollar phone for a phone that has a finger sensor lmao.

    71. Tiago Horta

      Hope this is the way they go!

    72. Luis M Garcia

      Less notch that’s better than keeping it the way it has been for years

    73. Collin Anderson

      Is the CARIBBEAN excluded for the iPhone give away? #loveapple #loveiphone #neediphone

    74. Bazooka

      White color is blinding in this video!

    75. Gedeon Silvestre

      Ughhhh Iphone SE ❤️

    76. Zibran Khan

      Innovation never stop

    77. Anandhu Anilkumar


    78. Fatheen Rahman

      Hoping to buy an iPhone SE eventhough no money to buy Die hard fan of EAP and a sad samsung user ( no money to buy an iPhone ) from Sri Lanka

    79. Jeremiah Hatley

      Love your vids the way you talk about the phones watches and any tech u make it fun and interesting

    80. Whatever Chris

      Heyyyy, it would be awesoommeee to win one of the Iphone SE 2020's that you are giving awayyy!!! @everthingapplepro #phonerebel

    81. Yami L.

      Filip u keep getting cuter 😘😘

    82. Cornelius Cody

      1:54 helping you out the pronunciation is “in-DIC-i-tive”

    83. JetsetJoey

      Apple should have used that space for a TELEPHOTO Lens instead of a LIDAR Sensor. I was loyal for a long time because of technological innovation, but for the last couple of years, JailBreaking has kept me loyal. I'm getting the Samsung Galaxy S20 & that's coming from someone who has bought iPhones exclusively since the iPhone 3... sometimes even two per year!

    84. Adrian Melendez

      Is it just me or is anyone wondering if they will ever bring back a newer version of Touch ID ? Like an in-screen Touch ID or something ??

    85. RBK r

      I do not understand why apple is dragging every year not launching iPhone without notch....its already implemented in iPad Pro same can be done in iPhone...I feel the biggest drawback in the present iPhone design is the notch. i hope this year most of them may not wish to upgrade the phone just for the boxy design and updated processor. Apple need to come up with more changes in design as well features every time not just upgrading the processors, screen glass etc.,

    86. ZachOrSomething

      no they gonna make an 11s, and an 11s pro

    87. mikeklamecki

      OK, I'm done with you. Way too many ads.

    88. Bobi BG

      *actually the iphone se gen2 just got released*

    89. Arabindhu Madhu


    90. Hannah R.

      Man I just upgraded from a 7 to an 11 pro in March and now I’m wishing I waited a year fml lmao. Got an iWatch 5 too and the 6 looking like you could use it in the shower too 😭

    91. J J

      Just release the dang phone. So annoying 🙄

    92. Ric Arthurton

      Would like an update on your R8 : )

    93. saliah

      1. I’ve never been more disappointed in apple’s design skills 2. the iPhone SE is a copy and paste version of the iphone 8 & 11 ☠️

    94. Myka

      Are they gonna add a 4th camera ?

    95. Jeffrey Hernandez

      Just make the AirPods X black

    96. Jon Doe

      I love the beats power-pros I’ve had these for year now.

    97. Freestyle Nath

      Out of curiosity what will be the base storage for iphones 🤨

    98. Alison McGregor

      i don’t mind the notch honestly, i’d be sad to see it go

    99. chanelle

      apple is just combing new and old phones

    100. ian m

      its pronounced "indick-ahtive" not "inidicaytive" (spelled phonetically)