iPhone 12 Pro Leaks! Navy Blue, Thinner, 6GB Ram & Huge A14 Gains

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    The iPhone 12 Pro is getting a new flagship color, thinner design, 6GB ram and huge 5nm A14 gains! 5G 2020 iPad Pros & more Apple news!
    Last iPhone 12 Leaks.
    Last AirPods Pro Giveaway!
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    Max Weinbach: MaxWinebach

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    1. Dharminder Bhatnagar

      you were absolutely right !!! now 12 is out !!

    2. zach Zubak

      All of this was right

    3. Sterling Alexander

      That blue is sexy I been tryna get blue but my 11 is coo right now

    4. Ash

      He was right

    5. عبدالله الشمري

      It's iphone 12 pro🤭

    6. Taha Khan

      Gr8 leaks bro u matched finally

    7. TundraPlays

      God DAYUM that navy blue iPhone look leng

    8. AIC

      Do you think they will launch rose gold again?

    9. Ani S

      The navy blue is fya

    10. Filip Grigorescu

      One day before first coronavirus case!

    11. cj simangan

      I can't wait to get my Samsung note 20 ultra

    12. Ethan Nguyen

      literally the iphone 12 pro max will be like your kitchen stove

    13. kiswh alkhyayalah

      اين العرب انا لا اراهم🤦🏼🤦🏼

    14. Jiu-Jitsu

      I really like the new blue color

    15. Krimson M •

      My dream phone😟

    16. Krimson M •

      My dream phone😟

    17. alex

      I’m so done with iPhones now, I’m gonna trade in my iPhone X for a Flip Phone

    18. Game Program

      Man, why do companies introduce a great new color only to kill it on the next model. Midnight green is awesome now you're gonna kill it. That literally makes me not want to get a 12, and even before I saw this I had a feeling they would get rid of the green and that's why I'm buying an iPhone 11 Pro Max and not waiting for the 12, because I want that green and knew they'd kill it off. But then they keep the ugly ass product(red) for almost every single product.

    19. BullyBlanco2SS

      Where did you get the blue housing?

    20. Keith Taylor

      I don’t like the boxy chassis. I like the chassis for iPhone 11 Pro

    21. Keith Taylor

      I want the navy blue so bad! So glad I waited and didn’t get iPhone 11 Pro

    22. Mohamad Azam

      i want Iphone SE 2020

    23. Truth N

      wait to see navy blue..my car color also navy blue lol

    24. Dev Patel

      Who watches this after the more updated leaks 😂

    25. MICH

      How will you use your phone when it's wireless charging and how do you charge it on the go? I call it dumb but APPLE fanboys will make it work because it's courage.

    26. Anam Ahmed

      "\_(*_*)_/" iphone 12 hu hu yaaaaaa

    27. bdosh Qhtani

      When will Hallon come out?

    28. Sam Forte

      yay navy blue

    29. thedreadedzero

      I just care about what colors the base model iPhone 12 will come in this year. I liked the Coral XR and the mint green 11.

    30. Muhammad Adnan

      Best fOn ever...

    31. Will James

      Apple...please get rid of the stupid notch!!!

    32. Ahmed ahmed


    33. asia simone

      I wonder what the price will be🤔

    34. Sierra Kenyon

      I just got the Pro Max omg

    35. VetNick

      Airpods Pro

    36. Carren D. Vlogs

      Can you give your iphone 12 to me as a gift?? I reaaaaaalllyy reaalllly love apple since grade school and I just can't afford it... :( I am really melting and dying when I saw this! OMG ....... :( :( :( so sad.. :(

    37. Clay Held


    38. Anna Darling

      What about Apple car play..if they’re going port less

    39. Abraham Nevarez

      Keep going dude I hope u happy

    40. Abraham Nevarez

      Keep going man

    41. Muhammad Usama Wajid

      Waiting for this

    42. Aerodynamic

      I just don’t feel like the removing all ports will help anything. How will that work with Apple car play?

    43. Event Horizon TM

      This could be the next iPhone thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/paSjmJ6uprvXnIM.html

    44. KV B

      That blue color is sick!

    45. Rw1212


    46. Moh Darwish

      pls 🙏🏽

    47. Ricardo Segovia

      I think I will be getting the iPhone 9, the other's are getting too big, and I don't take that many pictures.

    48. Zeptofit

      releasing new phone every year is dumb idea.

    49. gaurav sharma

      Some earthquake tremors felt in my bank account already !

    50. Dakota Leadbeater

      Can’t wait for a navy blue, but it should be added to the current lineup instead of replacing the midnight green.


      may i know the exact name and brand of the black sweater/jacket you're wearing? please.

    52. Sean Tavares

      AirPodPro pls!!

    53. katy gaga

      Can I get a iPhone 😭??

    54. Patricia Rivas

      I thought my Apple pro max 11 was the bomb and of course I have to get the 12.

    55. Theo Bruh



      Not going to lie I’m not a iPhone junkie but your vids and presentation are amazing love it keep it up u got a new sub

    57. Ebola Jr

      I got the Xs I skipped the 11 pro will be getting iPhone 12

    58. J A

      Too many phones . I’m confused

    59. Ashton Bosah

      Where did the square housing come from

    60. Varinder Sindwal

      Did u see get lost u dreamer

    61. LukasMe

      Have the Iphone 6. This year i will upgrade to probably Iphone XR/XS or so. I would love to have a iphone 11 or better, but of course its too expensive.

    62. Fabio Speranza

      Hahahahahaha amazing

    63. Hardik Agrawal

      Are there any leaks on the new airpods or shall I get the pro ones?

    64. Asjath Shakir

      Excellent great

    65. Pranav

      lmfao imagine believing that they will remove all ports, i will come back to this comment in 2021 to prove you all wrong

    66. Donatas Nilakshan


    67. Arthur Peter

      I need to win d s20 ultra pleaseeeee

    68. MJ

      iPhones are like the Ferrari of phones and Sami is the Mercedes Benz or the Mclaren

    69. Moh Darwish


    70. Md Mehedi Hossen

    71. Isa Del rosario

      I love your voice ita crystal clear

    72. gustavo c.a

      Who won the AirPods pro?

    73. Blaise Dahl

      Will the thinner girth sacrifice battery life?

    74. Garett W

      Why do y’all keep saying these are leaks. No....they are not. You can’t even get invited to an Apple conference. You get invited to samsungs

    75. W Cook

      Bruh apple got a bunch of u guys under their thumbs. You don't need to upgrade annually if u can't afford it

    76. Glizz9

      It’s gonna feel like an android with the square frame Keep the curves

    77. issaKorean

      So the iphone has 6gb of ram while all of the s20s has 12gb...

    78. Pavan Krishna

      Since I have never won any of your giveaways and I am a subscriber from 90k can I bypass and can you send me an iPhone or a watch or airpods ? Thanks in advance Lol

      1. Pavan Krishna

        I feel wierd asking this way

    79. FantasTECH with Muhammad Haris Mir


    80. Ghandi

      Still reppin the 7 😂 Broke gang

    81. Paul in Ireland

      Usb type C... No notch... Expandable storage.... 5000 mah battery .... 90 htz 4k super amoled display with gorilla glass 6 ..... And I will think about purchasing.

    82. Nico las

      we would all have to get new power banks that can wireless charge haha

    83. Didar Farage

      youtube just unsubbed you without me doing anything lol

    84. Qumar Zaman

      Apple are good in ripping off customers with the same design used for at least 2 to 3 years, ☹️ and the 5G model coming out in Sep 2020, where as Samsung’s s10 is already available in 5G.

    85. A A


    86. Brandon K

      I need those AirPods Pros. I hope I win

    87. 76 76

      They used to be the game changers, the best in segment. And that is why people used to buy i phones. Now its just the brand value and lazy upgrades

    88. 76 76

      I was going to buy 11 but was dissapointed. the things im looking forward to this year are: ▪︎C-type ▪︎No-notch ▪︎A proper design

    89. owen daboss

      I want square housing

    90. Andre Cancelinha

      I’ve stuck with the 8 plus bc I’ve seen no real changes in the past couple of years that made me really want a new iPhone. Hoping that iPhone 4/5 design comes back and no notch then maybe I’ll get the new one.

    91. Saleh Zubair

      We love you guys amazing videos ❤️❤️🤍

    92. Amine Miller

      Great video

    93. rlyhoodie

      AirPods pro pls

    94. Tyler Dowd

      I hate how massive they're making these phones

    95. Tirth Detroja

      Nice job

    96. Kevin Barrios

      Rip kobe

    97. SWAX

      Where do I get these sick wallpapers on the iPads?

    98. Christopher Finn

      Are you talking about Ming Cheese Everything Cr💩pple Kuo?

    99. Raj sugu

      I love it apple products

    100. Shadab74