iPhone 12 Prices Leak, iOS 13.5 & Touch ID on 12 Pro Max!?

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    Leaked iPhone 12 prices are actually impressive. iOS 13.5 beta 4 features, 12 Pro Max could have in-screen Touch ID! iOS 14 beta 1 release date & latest Apple leaks!
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      Hi bro is there giveaway is gone

    2. Cliford Michaud

      The only thing Im waiting on, is the touch ID.

    3. Mak Sabic

      I Would Love to Have An iPhone 12 Pro in a box

    4. Nandor

      Dude has more fuckin ads than a hour long episode of a sitcom on tv.

    5. Spyro Gaming

      can you do the leaks for the new ipad mini and the ipad air

    6. Spyro Gaming

      i just bought a iphone 11 pro max yesterday after i saved for 8 months just for them to bring out a new phone in 1 month

    7. Pijush Mondal

      U r correct everytime...!

    8. Qamar raza

      Please bro give me iphone se

    9. SKIBBY

      I get a new phone every 2 years, been a tradition for me for over a decade. I broke that streak by skipping the 11 because I absolutely hate Face ID and I was hoping for Touch ID on the 12. If the 12 doesn’t have Touch ID I’m upgrading my battery and getting a fourth year out of my X. Why bother upgrading? For a slightly better this or that? Removing Touch ID is the biggest mistake Apple has ever made with iPhone. I can’t unlock in under 45 seconds with a mask, in the dark, or while I’m driving. With Touch ID I could literally navigate my music library without looking at my phone while driving. I’m not holding my phone in front of my face while I drive. Ruins my music experience and the flow of the phone. Face ID is retarded and the worst thing apple has done.

    10. Panos Bre

      People say iPhone giveaway done why because i have an old phone and i want to get a new iphone Me:you guys have iPhone

    11. Hohhot56 Inner

      Lot of BLA BLA BLA but the camera which is one of the most important part nothing 😜

    12. Monarch

      Wow I love touch I'd

    13. Umar Qazi

      "iPhone 11 pro entry" "Done" "Why: Cause I have been using s6 for over 4 years now and really one a new phone badly plus never owned an apple product"

    14. Himanshu Khemani

      Can i win

    15. Chirag P

      I need one

    16. sat bautista


    17. Vishal Vishal

      changed display twice and paid phone price. never purchased iphone again from 6 years. apple loots in service

    18. David Thane

      The iMessage reaction interface. I see it in iMessage and my iPhone is on iOS 13.5.1

    19. Vicky Satpal

      5.4" will be another compact design phone by Apple.

    20. Vintagë Kiddø

      I’m really gonna upgrade from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 12 😳

    21. FlatBreadSub

      Hello everyone this is your Daily Dose Of Internet

    22. David Angelo Santos


    23. Sthefanny Enciso

      "iPhone 11 Pro Entry" "Done" Why: it's for my mom's birthday present.

    24. Gibin Blogger

      Hello sir I love i phone plus I have no money😢😢😢 please give a i phone plus please 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭

    25. Gibin Blogger

      Hey I love i phone plus I have no money😢😢😢 please give a i phone plus please 😢😢😢😢😢

    26. ching ching

      Sooo prettyyy

    27. juanluissanjose

      I'm getting 12 pro max I think

    28. Ehtasham Shafqat

      "iPhone 11 Pro Entry" "Done" Why: try my luck

    29. Tailwinds

      The quality of these phones are increasingly incredible

    30. Roberto Avalos Jr.


    31. Dash P61

      Yes! I want a iPhone

    32. Rafael Kharkongor

      Love all your videos bro, thanks for all the efforts for making videos for us, keep making more bro your the best. And can't wait for the iPhone 11 pro giveaway too really excited for that have Benn waiting since day one hope I win one 😊

    33. Wimukthi Perera


    34. M.E .E.M.S

      Till now still using, 6s Still thankful and grateful.! 😇

    35. ching ching


    36. Ajeer Mohammed

      Wow that's gonna real hope 😍😍


      Can it upload videos to youtube in background for 1099$? NO ? 😒😒🥺🥺🥺

    38. the WORST editor

      In the future Iphone 11 pro Iphone 100: I have 300 cameras

    39. Mohammad Ammar Haider

      “iPhone 11 Pro Entry” “Done” “Color: Gold” “Instagram ID: mohammad_ammar_haider” “Why: i want to give this to my mother because she is using an old phone for the past 5 years if i win tell me on instagram ID:mohammad_ammar_haider”

    40. Abel Belleta

      Nice renders

    41. Michael M

      Can’t wait to get my hands on the 12 pro

    42. McGrady Lu

      There’s been a worst storage bug since ios13.4.1. iphone storage, ‘other’, it takes up so much space! I see someone’s ‘other’ takes up to 158G. Many of them have 20, 40, or 60G ‘other’. I didn’t notice that since I saw my 32G iphone se’s other (1st generation) takes up to 11G! That’s ridiculous! Because my another 32G iphone se only has 3.8G ‘other’! I don’t think it’s some caches. And I notice that when I delete (not uninstall) some app (not every app), the ‘other’ size grows up! What’s worse, I find that when I reinstall some app and open it, I find it has been logged in! So I think the data hasn’t been deleted when I deleted the app! Pay attention here, I say delete, not uninstall! According to what apple says, delete is removing all the app data from your phone! So that’s why the ‘other’ can take up so much space! It didn’t happen in ios10,11,12. I think it’s a bug!

    43. Josh Brice

      Great renders

    44. Esa Allah

      WWDC 2020 will literally happen on your birthday which is on June 22 🥳

    45. Lehlogonolo Maanaso

      the leaks are promising! great video

    46. Tony Chu

      iPhone 11 Pro entry Done Why I have an iPhone 6 it's really slow and draining

    47. Mark Evangelista

      Hope i have an apple gadget😢

    48. E. Camilo

      ARM is pronounced "arm", not "A", "R", "M". :-)

    49. Emani Gonzales

      Soo the iPhone 8 and the upcoming 12 will have the same size?!?? Because... I’m on a iPhone 8 and I need a bigger screen

    50. jxae

      My iPhone can scan my face while I have a mask on,and it works

    51. Jason Amuah


    52. Oliver Summers

      “iPhone 11 pro entry” “Done” Why: got an iPhone 6 that is cracked and would like a new one.

    53. Jm & Mj Peña

      iphone entry is done.... please I do really need a phone because my iphone 5s has cracks and bleeds on its LCD.....and because of this things I can't comply things 😭😭😭😭

    54. Vishwa Vijayan

      “iPhone 11 Pro entry” “Done” Reason-need to replace my $70 android

    55. Dominic Bayne

      “Done” “iPhone 11 Pro entry” Why: I’ve been going through a tough time financially, and I would love a new phone!

    56. ole mueller

      im hyped

    57. Suraj

      Love it

    58. Suraj


    59. Adnan Ali

      This is the iPhone 12 Everyone: rushing to the comments

    60. faZe kid

      Sow cool and epic

    61. faZe kid

      Hello I'm a big fan i never hades a iphone

    62. Ben 876

      I'm interested in sell PPE. I would like to advertise on your channel. Are you interested?

    63. Cameron Young

      So if the 5.4 inch size was wrong what is the actual size? 5.3? 4.7?

    64. Mohammad Ammar Haider

      “iPhone 11 Pro Entry” “Done” “Color: Gold” “Instagram ID: mohammad_ammar_haider” “Why: i want to give my mother this phone because her brithday is coming and she is using an old phone for the past 5 years”

    65. Rahul Dwivedi

      I love your work man you give all the leaks and news before launch! You are awesome man! Lovr you from India😀

    66. Crystal this

      “iPhone 11 pro entry” “Done (subscribed long time ago)”. Why:because I want to give my mom a better phone. Probably not going to win 🤞🤞

    67. TheEmeraldChannel

      Touch ID sucks! Team Face ID!!!

    68. Kwabena Appiah

      Hello, this is my iPhone 11 pro entry 🤞@EverythingApplePro @tesluxinnovations @phonerebel

    69. Mihir Chemburkar


    70. Hj Jvb

      iPhone 11 pro entry done

    71. ilaria fabbrica

      I need it!

    72. Alejandro Medina

      "Iphone 11 Pro Entry" "Done" Haven't been able to buy since 6s.

    73. LeTsGetiN

      Love you Make me a winner

    74. Mahbub Ali

      "iPhone 11 Pro Entry" "Done" Why: I've never owned an iPhone before and would like to replace my aging Android.

    75. Floris J

      I hope I win

    76. Ramansh Wadhwa

      Hey what's the status of shipping of covers

    77. Makayla Gossett

      iPhone 11 Pro entry Why:I have an iPhone 7 and I’ve never won a give away

    78. Makayla Gossett

      I love your videos ❤️❤️😭

    79. NeilHuanyanXu

      Let’s goooo!!! iPhone giveaway!!!

    80. Kyaw Zin Htet

      "iphone 11 pro entry" "done" Why: Because my current redmi note 4x is not so good as i use over more than 2 years and plus my pocket money isnt enough to afford a new one...also i never won a giveaway in a million year so i give it a try..but i m not putting much hope since getting something free is not that easy in real life.thank you

    81. Luis

      “iPhone 11 Pro entry” “Done” Why : I have an iPhone 8 plus my speakers don't work so I have to use headphones and my battery is about 75%

    82. Devante Carpenter

      Please pick me for the iPhone 11 Pro Giveaway

    83. Miguel Milian

      Anybody else having that issue when the notifications delay and come around 5 or 10 minutes later?

    84. Spencer Mowrer

      I don’t really understand the fascination with Touch ID, I think Face ID easier faster and more responsive.

    85. JESH BRE

      “iPhone 11 Pro Entry” “Done” Why: Because people will stop laughing at my Huawei

    86. Sheikha Zoe

      11 pro entry 😥 I really need a phone

    87. Hendry Mushi

      IPhone 11 pro give away entry Done

    88. Marko Fistrić

      "iPhone 11 pro entry" "Done" Why: because I have Samsung s9+ and I have decided to switch finally to iPhone ASAP

    89. Mohammad Ammar Haider

      “iPhone 11 Pro Entry” “Done” “Color: Gold” “Instagram ID: mohammad_ammar_haider” “Why: i want to give my mother this phone because her brithday is coming if i win tell me on instagram ID: mohammad_ammar_haider”

    90. Mohammad Ammar Haider

      “iPhone 11 Pro Entry” “Done” “Color: Gold” “Instagram ID: mohammad_ammar_haider” “Why: i want to give my mother this phone because her brithday is coming if i win tell me on instagram ID: mohammad_ammar_haider”

    91. Jae Chang

      “iPhone 11 entry”

    92. Jwalit Bharwani

      I cant wait for these!! iPhone 11 pro giveaway entry!! 👏🏼🔥

    93. Gulluman Gaming

      “iPhone 11 Pro Entry” “Done” Why?: My current android, a Moto G5 Plus (it even sounds painful) is outdated for about a year now. Even when I enter in the correct password it doesn’t unlock.

    94. Pedrito Carbajal

      Phone Entry Color any Why because I currently stuck with a iPhone 6

    95. thulio

      Dose of News!

    96. youssef wassef

      great leaks

    97. J Harper Stewart

      iPhone 11 Pro entry Done Any color Why: cause I’d love to have a pro, who wouldn’t?!

    98. YeetNdelete

      thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/f8qIZs-noMvEpmY.html for behind the scenes

      1. YeetNdelete


    99. Mahmoud Mustafa

      i wanna win the 11 pro max cause I'm using iPhone 5 as may daily drive since 2012 💔

    100. Meherunnesa Eva

      The cases are super cool!