iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 9 Plus Leaks! 3.1Ghz A14 & LiDAR!

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    New iPhone 9 Plus Confirmed! 3.1 Ghz A14, iPhone 12 Pro Leaks, New LiDAR camera sensor design & A14X iPad Pro Refresh this year!? + New Exclusive iOS 14 Feature Leaks.
    New iPad Pros Recap.
    What To Expect at WWDC!
    Last iPhone 12 Pro Leaks.

    Max Weinbach (iOS 14 Leaks Source).
    Jon Prosser (Leaks Source)
    AR7 Wallpapers used in scenes.

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    1. murshid ahmad

      Wallpaper shown at 0.01, from where i can download? Please reply.


      HOW much does iPhone 12 weigh

    3. Samim Sheikh


    4. Designs pk

      Superb brother love from india

    5. Joshua Fondrenn

      No do not cancel the iPhone 12 series we finally got the iPhone 9 that filled in the gap of with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 we do not need that problem to happen again with the iPhone 11 skip iPhone 12 and go to iPhone 13 and then after the backlash go back and make the iPhone 12 fixing yet again the same problem they already fixed

    6. fre fire boy delhi new delhi

      One iPhone gift me please

    7. Kevin

      Bruh there is no such thing as iPhone 9

    8. Gibin Blogger

      Your supper sir. I love i phone I have no money😢😢😢 please give a i phone please .

    9. TheEmeraldChannel

      Maybe they’ll put a ring around it just to make it look better? Just so it matches?

    10. karthik

      great work, keeping posting more content

    11. Jurre persijn

      Why does iphone 9 sound so cursed

    12. EXPBLUE

      I just want the notch. They can keep the rest.

    13. Itz_Sparkle_Kawaii

      Just to say here there’s not gonna be an iPhone 12 because there’s already a new iPhone they don’t make two different iPhones at the same time

    14. Ikram Iker

      got any updates on Iphone SE plus?

    15. NFiltr8Red

      Just let me use my iPad Pro as a phone, 48 hours of battery life, built in backside solar charging, 1 Terabyte of memory, Gopro worthy Camera. its not that hard.

    16. Legacysquid 062

      Did apple finally realize they skipped 9 so they are going back and making one

    17. Collin Anderson

      Is the CARIBBEAN excluded for the iPhone give away? #loveapple #loveiphone #neediphone

    18. Zibran Khan

      That cool

    19. YTpubg pro

      iPhone suck

    20. 팀재용

      그래도 가격이....비싸다.... Expensive

    21. jessyrivard

      What? The iPhone 8 and 8 plus don’t have express transit support? That doesn’t make any sense, my iPhone 7 supports, it why wouldn’t they?

    22. Rafa Borrachinha

      We need a 4.7 inch FULLSCREEN iPhone!!!

    23. existentialvoid

      Dear apple: get rid of the notch. Not gonna bother with getting a new phone till it’s gone - period.

    24. MENDEX253.

      "READ1", "KORO4", "S1NKOG".

    25. Lalooox :v

      I want to win the raffle I come from tecnachate

    26. Fashion Forward with Fatema. F3

      As on this day. Is it confirmed Se plus will be out?.

    27. Navigator 100 Group

      WHERE IS IT MADE.......?

    28. crispy water

      I personally think Apple should shift the camera square to a diamond position. Keeping the 3 cameras in a symmetrical triangle at the top, with the AR sensor at the bottom of the diamond.

    29. UWUz OWOz

      Faker then kardashians 🤔🤔

    30. AchillesTPS

      Omg these new phones look so beautiful!!!🤩🤩🤩 definitely gnna cop a Pro, I’m just sad to get rid of 3D Touch on my XS max :( Love the credit to Jon though! He deserves it lol

    31. Eduard Suskevic

      The best looking phone with decent specs is XS models. After that garbage, 3 lens, 4 lens. This is a phone not a photo camera.

    32. Nelson Ng

      Why keep showing no notch design which is fake

    33. Thomas Builder

      do u know the confirmed date of release?

    34. Liam Walters

      No lie you are the only THwikisr I trust about new iPhones and stuff

    35. Janet Robles

      I want a square design ... what i mean is the edges are like not rounded

    36. Morgane Smith

      I have the xs max rn and i will not upgrade until they take the notch off

    37. Shah Faisal Khan

      Can i have the wallpaper which shows in the starting?

    38. Renato Stefanoaica

      The wallpaper from 0:01 where I can find it?!

    39. Emil S

      iPhone 12 : I want 4 cameras , I will buy it if it has 4 and is symmetrical!

    40. Nikhil Chawla

      Love the iPhone 12 edges back to iPhone 4 design

    41. Qumar Zaman

      The 5G technology in the iPhone 12 is concerning me bruh, I hope the conspiracy theories are false or worst case scenario is I get baked. 🥵

    42. FD B I N H O

      Eu só queria um iphone desse ):

    43. dzhkaeffi

      will it have type-c or lightning, and should i buy 11 or wait for fall

    44. King Jeremy

      I want iPhone 9 to have all the iPhone 11 colors

    45. Max Lee

      3.1 gigahertz is 100 MHz away from my PC’s cpu base clock, 300 MHz away from my cpu top clock speed 3.4 GHz lol

    46. Gurpreet Singh


    47. Dre4m ChanZ

      iPaper Plus S SE X V E Pro Max Ultra HDR X Now starting at $49915

    48. Jaspreet singh


    49. P W

      Just give me a thicc 4.5 Inch SE2 with kickass wide-angle camera, (E-Paper Display) and long-lasting battery, PLS! My use cases: Communication-hub (Web-Messengers, only reply on phone in edge-cases & Hotspot ), Bike GPS (Just show direction), Podcast player, Camera. For all that I would not even need a color display :P

    50. love ravanes

      Hello po

    51. Key Bucks

      thanks for update🤗

    52. Святослав Якобчук

      There is a glitch from 2:39 to 2:45

    53. TeCh QuEEn116

      After all of this corona 5g mess I'm sticking to older phones only im not upgrading 😂I'm fine with my iphone 7 nd Samsung s9

    54. Rich Money Geng

      And 12pro

    55. Rich Money Geng

      How many cameras does SE2 plus get

    56. Chinchorrero

      iPhone 12 cheers from Vancouver

    57. PaPa R1C3

      The echo my God

    58. TanMar Brim

      Bored AF In Quarantine Watching Random THwikis Videos #Day19OfQuarantine

    59. Barlos Hernanadez

      Should I wait until the iPhone 12 comes out and get the latest (best version) or just get the 11 pro??? Coming from a person with an 8 plus

    60. Rhakesh G

      pls tell me apple is reducing the notch and putting a 120hz display, if thats the case imma sell my s20 and get this no problem.

    61. Karalynn Hartfield

      When can I get the iPhone 9+ I want it immediately

    62. pam oakes

      I hope they still come out with the iPhone 12. 🙏🏻 Most people are on a monthly program so the update isn’t going to make much or any difference in their monthly finances. It’s one thing many look forward to. We’re living in such a crazy world now, it would be nice to still have this to look forward to. Already killed vacations for many. Please Apple don’t take away the iPhone 12. Don’t really care about 5G because that network isn’t ready for prime time.

    63. Diwan Singh

      Any new airpod leakes?

    64. Jayson James Guerta

      still watching on my Iphone SE.. my only issue is my battery life its just 76% but I love holding this phone.. I hope next gen iphone will ressemble the SE

    65. plasmars

      I hope there isn’t a notch 😅

    66. Franzi Schreiner

      well not everyone needs a laptop for stuf that requires wifi 6 (think students or non professionals) and they want a laptop that won't break the bank

    67. Labib Bhuiyan

      Do you any idea about the launching price?

    68. Shamil Aslam

      Just me that’s still got an iPhone 6💀

    69. Matthew odayar

      Is it true

    70. Sỹ Lê

      So you think Apple going to drop the Face ID? I don't see any place for putting the sensors, or this leak is not really realistic?

    71. JORGE PINO


    72. Y Pavan

      Totally fake

    73. Aaron Liggins

      I miss my iPhone XS I'm using a Samsung S8 plus with a cracked screen which will cost 300 to fix I prefer IOS over android anyday 👍

    74. ツBubblez

      I’m gettin this for my birthday

    75. ツK_V_G

      Now it looks like a complete stove.

    76. Erjohn Villanueva

      Im philipino sir need iphone sir please

    77. Erjohn Villanueva

      need iphone sir please

    78. Christian Hummell

      darn now I might have to wait longer than september. my phone is the iphone 8 and it is not working very well

    79. Samir Pokharel

      I just want better apple watch comparator with Android I will never go back to iphone

    80. Jay__1213

      Will the 9 plus be upgradeable from the 11 pro max?

    81. lwls

      Ight imma start saving from now so I can ahead of the trend of once 😪🖐🏽I’m still on iPhone 8+

      1. Vanessa Russo

        lwls 8+ is great! Nice camera and beautiful display. Its only like 2 years old. I would go for 12 or 13

    82. abderrahman Ziane

      apple will never change the front of the phone

    83. Raees Duryaab

      Why don't you do giveaways instead of breakin' them

    84. Russell Voeller

      Hey bro this for thanks for the video man

    85. Joshua Anzarut

      1. Are the iPhone 12 switching the LCD instead of OLED? 2. Will the 12 be fully screen or with a notch?

      1. Batman

        iPhone 12 will be OLED across the board, and it will still have the notch.

    86. Bimmer Racer


    87. Andy Nguyen Playz

      Whyyy Apple

    88. TheNoobGamer

      Flex in 2019: supercars, mansions, money, etc Flex in 2020: toilet paper

    89. MikeVlogsYT

      You said the big Lidar scanner is actually 2 sensors? Maybe they’ll split them into 2 separate smaller ones to fit around the triple camera setup?

    90. skooly nugenator

      People complain about the notch but honestly that camera hole of Samsung bugs me more. Notch really doesn’t bother me but it will be awesome when Apple has a full screen edge to edge phone...maybe some day on both sides so whatever way you pick it up it is oriented the same.

    91. Suggar_ Daddyy

      Idc how much it costs i passed my exams so my mum buys me the iphone i want 🤩 And i have a service phone plan that says if i give them my phone back after one year i only have to pay half the price and get the new one. Ps I dont want to be a dick by flexing im just so happy

    92. bkliin

      I just switched from iphone 7 to 11 Pro Max and I am totally fine with it 😅 This will be my last phone.. until it works properly I mean. My iPhone 7 is still fine as well

    93. Alex Fleurimond

      Are they recycling old iPhones to make these refreshes

      1. Batman


    94. Haru Hara

      Guys I have a Question: Will the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max only have two rear cameras on the back?

      1. Batman

        iPhone 12 (5.4" and 6.1") will have only two rear cameras: Wide and Ultrawide. iPhone 12 Pro (6.1" and 6.7") will have all three rear cameras: Telephoto, Wide, and Ultrawide. They will also include the LIDAR scanner.

    95. Minijdplayz

      :0 iPhone 12 MINI like my name mini :0 Wow iPhone u make a iPhone 12 mini thank u

    96. Junie L.

      IPhone 12 is my dream phone! 📱

    97. Supersteps

      Is it worth getting the X for $400 in amazon or will it be outdated from support ?

    98. REMIX Song

      Give me iphone

    99. Sheena Bulkia

      I won’t buy until that notch is gone.

    100. King Jupiter

      I just want colors really