iPhone 12 Mini vs 12 Pro Max DROP Test! Size Matters

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    iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Drop Test! Does the 'Toughest glass in any smartphone'.. hold up in bigger or smaller sizes? Ceramic Shield FTW!
    Bonus iPhone 12 Pro Max bend test included!
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    iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro Drop Test: thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/nrKYa9CLmKaYmaE.html
    #iPhone12ProMax #iPhone12Mini #DropTest

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    1. MM Hossain

      I don't know why I watch these videos when I don't even drop my phone on bed😂

    2. Alex Tabara

      In case of a nuclear war, the only things surviving will be the roaches and the ceramic shield

    3. Лена Кожедуб


    4. Towabear

      In this test the Winner is the little guy 12 mini. The OLED panel looked so bad on the 12 Pro Max.

    5. Krish Mahajan

      12 pro max is good

    6. Josh

      You’re so mean! You damage a brand new iPhone and think it is so cool. It actually isn’t mate. Your not popular so stop!!

    7. Khalid Solanki

      Just stop breaking the phone

    8. Sowthish Nithin

      Don't broke the I phone just give it to me I don't have a I phone and I love buy an I phone but I don't have enough money 😏

    9. Exparxa


    10. L L

      Did I win?

    11. 13NoHeaRt14

      Hi! Can you please review the iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Sleeve with MagSafe - (PRODUCT)RED? IF you have it? Thanks! My hubby and I are big fans of yours!

    12. brandon jaigua

      Are u the rick rolling master,

    13. LUCIFER

      Till now not able to comment on your post

    14. Semih Şengün

      O masadaki telefonların toplam parasıyla Türkiye den ev araba alırsın reis 😂

    15. Andrew Lee

      does he get apple care

    16. Junaid Abdi

      What a waste of money it annoys me watching this

    17. Matthew

      watching this on my old iphone se😭

    18. Jelorie John Masabio

      i really need it for my online class and for my work as make up artist💕💕💕

    19. Jacob Costel Wied Hatting

      Put some gloves on dude

    20. GAURAV sharma

      Please give me 12 pro max sir please from india

      1. Jin H

        i will give you mine

    21. Gouri Krishna 19

      I really want this because my old phone is damaged and i can use it for photography

    22. joshua joshua

      Hi 😊😊😊

    23. joshua joshua

      Love it

    24. joshua joshua

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    25. Cleopatra TROPHY WIFE


    26. Soaib Patel

      Top iphone 12 pro max cases amzn.to/3nSGpB6

    27. Navinda Nallaperuma

      I really really like mobile photography and having the 12 pro max is my dream 💭 . I wish I had the hands holding it . I haven’t had any luck in winning giveaways till now but I hope this will be the one lucky giveaway that I’m looking forward with 😇❣️...........

    28. Sadat Azmain

      Followed liked nd commented :)

    29. Aiden Cobb

      Can I have the pro Max

    30. Poopagedon Guy

      Why doesn’t he just say stainless steel he says “surgical grade stainless steel” like a million times already u don’t have to be that technical and loyal to apple to use the exact same words that they say. And dual ion I mean why tho and ceramic shield like another 10 billion times

    31. Wajih Maroun

      I want a iPhone 12 mini

    32. Wajih Maroun

      I want one I am followed and subscribed

    33. Poopagedon Guy

      He literally believes everything apple says

      1. Poopagedon Guy

        @Black Cash ye

      2. Black Cash

        Sad aint it

    34. Poopagedon Guy

      Literally the only guy who thinks a small box is better. Really a weirdo. He doesn’t even realise its an excuse for apple to not include a changer and says its about global warming.

    35. Johnnie Fuller

      I really do need a new phone tho my xs max shattered front and back and I can’t afford to get a new one right now I would love you win bro thanks 💕🥰🥰 ig-__johnnie__fucker__

    36. Johnnie Fuller

      I live your videos so much

    37. Johnnie Fuller

      Oooooo I entered the giveaway I hope I win

    38. Pranav Arora

      Hey where is the M1 video 😏😏

    39. ヒデキアツシ

      Hic me want it 😖😖😖

    40. horacio gaytan

      You see yourself review the new HomePod Mini in the near future??

    41. Chris Donelij

      I don't have a money to buy a new iPhone but I got the money to repairthe iPhone mini Plz may I get the tested iPhone mini Plz

    42. Fred

      Wear a gloves for your next bend test pls...😣

    43. Anil Kaswan

      What is this he'll are you doing.😭😭

    44. LOLOL

      Plainrock reincarnation

    45. Faris Raza

      definitely not winning any phone this year too

    46. Hamdan Mehdi

      why he is not verified

    47. Sameer Arif

      Iphone 12 GIVEAWAY. IM READY😝

    48. Alex G.

      Hey EAP, do you have on any of your iPhone 12/Pro/Max a greenish tint? Because my 12PM has it, and because you have so many devices, I‘m curious.

    49. Omar Zowila

      The iPhone SRD (Security Research Device) is the RAREST iPhone because it was sold for a few people and it is the iPhone that Apple would NEVER sell because they only made it for hackers

    50. CrazyGamer 2414

      Hey EAP, I like watching your case drop tests which made me confident in my case, but I want to know what would be the best durable cases for the iPads

    51. Maxes Boy

      I want to buy both this phone

    52. Sultan Ali

      I need iPhone min

    53. Dillon

      I wanna see a 12 mini vs 12 drop test. Send me a link if you (whomever reads this comment) saw one.

    54. Nic Ward

      I want the iPhone minnew

    55. Faizan Ali

      But why to destroy the best colour 😕

    56. Gil

      Been watching for a while now, started watching some old videos of you. I miss the old days, things were just simple. I still remember when you got scammed off an iPhone on eBay 😅, I got hooked watching you and some old channel called techRex i think. Many years ago

    57. LUCIFER

      I can’t comment on your post Instagram not allow me to comment on your post

    58. 小五

      The all iPhone 12 series I love it!!! It look so gorgeous and beautiful , and the case also is beautiful , but my favorite iPhone is iPhone 12 pro max gold or pacific blue colour , I wish I can get it the iPhone 12 pro max!!!!!

    59. Rahim oran 31


    60. an indian

      For give away comment here or insta....I can't understand where put comment..... at least give me the broken one inthe video.....fedup of my current phone it's lagging

    61. Gurvir Jatt

      Please give me I phone 12 pro max because I can't afford apple mobile

    62. DEVIL aayan

      I had never win an any phone and never used iphones.😣😣

    63. DEVIL aayan

      I want to win an iPhone. Please select my name.😚

    64. Jacob More

      When are you going to make the video where you test how much it takes to scratch the screen like with knifes and you other stuff?

    65. By Farzin

      can i have a aifone 12 pro or 12

    66. Mohammed Nemr

      عجبني الآيفون ١٢ برو 🇪🇬

    67. Humtsöe Vibe

      Big fan of yours sir , that’s my dream iPhone I wish I could have it 🥲

    68. Kshitij Srivastava

      if u don't want it plss give meee instead of dropping it from height

    69. harshith konda

      Cant just wait to own this phone. if you give me in give away😄

    70. REHAN ALAM

      Why do you do this, instead you can gift 🎁 me

    71. Mandha Varunvs

      12 Pro Max drop test winner

    72. Flipping Apple

      Hey I do not need a new phone if you pls just give me some old phone that can still update that whould be awesome

    73. xavier gutowski

      Can you send me a phone

    74. Yashwanth Kalidindi

      definitely weaker than 12pro and just 12

    75. Alan Antonio

      Dude, camom... In Brazil this is one eye...

    76. Nathaniel Tutor

      whyyyyyy nooooo the pro max

    77. Paul Ian Del Rosario

      12 mini is better 12 pro max: 😭😭😭

    78. John

      I’m watching this with my precious 12 pro max

    79. yeetice

      when he has more of the expensive one than the cheaper one

    80. Nathan Van De Voorde

      I don't have an iPhone, been subbed for a long time just to keep updated on things, and I noticed that since the iphone 7, especially the X, I started liking the iphones... Now I'm having a look considering to save up for an Iphone 11, it's expensive tho which is the only thing holding me back to make the switch from Android to IOS.

    81. D- Sean

      I noticed that you haven't did any Samsung comparisons/ reviews since you switched to the s8. 🤔 I guess your apple fans finally got to you by calling you "Everything Samsung pro" or maybe it's the sponsors 👎. Cause you haven't said anything about the s20 fe, z fold 2 or more ultra

    82. Viraaj Meha

      Look behind him my dream thanks for all the likes

    83. Viraaj Meha

      The question is though who would drop the phone on purporse

      1. Danyaal

        This guy thats showing us the durability of the phone

    84. Herisia Jennings

      Can I get one of the phones please😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    85. Daniel coc

      Damn, you destroying phones. Give me one instead😩😅😅♨️

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    87. Jr Garcia

      Iphones are like Subaru, overated overpriced

    88. Shugri Dualle


    89. Abubakar Mohamed


    90. Sailio

      I’d pick up a case but I have the iPhone 12 pro max but there is no option.

    91. WolfPup_15

      Large iPhone 12 pro is my next phone

    92. Mr. assaultor


    93. Joshua Wells

      This is impressive but I dare you to drop it from a coffee table on a carpet 😬😂

    94. Dylan scott

      Can you test can you change you iPhone 12 with you Apple TV by the usb c Port on the back

    95. H S

      Where are the drop test with y’all’s fancy cases?

    96. OP GAMERS

      Watching in my 12pro max😂😂


      9:10 May be this guy has too much money to breaak 📱 iphones!!!


      Thank you for doing this so the rest of us didn’t have to 😂

    99. James

      i really need a new phone

    100. Amit .Mishra

      I want