iOS 14 Beta 4! What's New Review

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    iOS 14 Beta 4 Released! New animations, major Music changes, new retro Music icon, new clock widget, widgets overhaul & over 70 features & changes!
    iOS 14 Beta 3 Review.
    Latest iPhone 12 Leaks.
    Phone Rebel Cases

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    1. Jayden Stowe

      Your voice is so nice

    2. Elwood Bation

      All i want to know is what the brand of your case

      1. Elwood Bation

        Pls reply

    3. Demetri Menaitreau


    4. roy pain

      Wallpaper please

    5. Kalay Ojeda


    6. Memetownz

      FUN FACT : the only part you can lick of your reflection, is your tongue

    7. Ice Gaming

      Good video!!!

    8. Muhammad Riyan

      Can you give me one of the iPhone 😔

    9. thomas

      Praise apple on the 3D Touch reversal, one feature I’m not looking forward to losing in the future.

    10. wasif raja

      Hello brother i am waiting for your reply please send me Gift iPhone please 😣😣😣

    11. sHaRkZz

      Watching on my s10 plus WHQ+

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    13. Bianca Da Drummer

      my clock doesn’t look like that 😔

    14. Arjun Jawa

      Apple employees are probably watching this video to see what other changes need to be made

    15. Giovanni Silver

      Does the rewind button in Safari works for you when you long press on it in iOS 14?

    16. HumbleCowboy92

      How do you make the clock icon bigger like that? Is that an iOS 14 feature?

    17. Warbler36

      I’m glad they fixed the smart stack weather icon displaying Cupertino instead of your local weather.

    18. Vengeful Toaster

      Apple be clearly stealing from android. Damn

    19. Talal Amer

      Ohh man!this is completely revolutionary


      If you will answer my question than I will ask otherwise I like your work

    21. ze clan

      It it just me or do other people not have the hand washing thing on beta 4

    22. Alyssa Esquia

      the real question: should i download the beta??

    23. KShed

      I noticed a new feature no one seems to be talking about. in control center they have added "NFC tap reader" , curious why no one has mentioned it yet.

    24. Omar Mendoza

      This beta sucks it keeps shutting down my apps

    25. Paul Moore

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    26. Paul Moore

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    27. Byahe with Paa

      Nothing much new, can I please have subscribers to my channel? Thank you guys god bless 🙏


    29. Blue Ninja

      Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing these issues the first one being sometimes when you go into messages it’ll freeze then in like 10 seconds it’ll crash and then you can open the app, and the second one being sometimes when I set my phone down with the screen on and pick it back up the screen will lock itself

    30. Blue Ninja

      Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing these issues the first one being sometimes when you go into messages it’ll freeze then in like 10 seconds it’ll crash and then you can open the app, and the second one being sometimes when I set my phone down with the screen on and pick it back up the screen will lock itself

    31. Mr Ram

      I’m currently on beta 4 and my “I’s” in iMessages doesn’t auto capitalize but only in iMessages. In everywhere yes like here it will I I I I I I I I. I’m using iPhoneX

    32. Shriram Lalawat

      Pop pop pop

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    35. Les Hampton

      Will my Apple Watch work again

    36. Mahdi Tavasoli

      I’ve got a lot of bugs on this update. Camera app doesn’t work properly and I can’t record videos on Instagram and Snapchat. Can’t open call of duty mobile. And can’t copy or paste on chrom and google app. And a few more. (iPhone 11 Pro Max)

      1. Mahdi Tavasoli

        tc I have problems connecting my AirPods too

      2. tc

        This beta has been the worst by far. My AirPods won’t stop disconnecting and will randomly start playing music out loud, my camera doesn’t work when my AirPods are connected, the keyboard is always sized incorrectly/doesn’t pop up, I get frequent app crashes and hangs, overheating, general slowdowns, and the microphone doesn’t work when recording videos in Snapchat/Instagram just to name a few. Apple really dropped the ball on this beta. Can’t wait for the next beta to hopefully fix some of these issues.

    37. KHS TECHNO

      Sir can u make a veido on this product sir plz sir because ur channel is so good and I what to know this product sir link this is my request sir can u make a veido one this sir plz reply sir

    38. Aditya Randhawa

      I think its a good idea to hold on to the 11 pro max

    39. Virtuss Leaks

      Pls dont update in your main iPhone i did and tried to downgrade cuz of glitches and lost all data. Wait until 14th of September for the full version with no problems.I known almost everyone watching this video is exited and want to update but don’t especially in your main iPhone.

    40. Ajinkya Shisode

      The brightness issue is a serious problem. 😤 I am not sure why is this happening but in the low light the brightness goes to almost 0. 🔅 And comes back when exposed to more light. 🔆

    41. Dennis Bett

      Anyone know how I can go back to Beta 2? Getting really tired of these current bugs

    42. Aduke


    43. Jacob Berenson

      waiting for sorting playlists to be allowed

    44. Cleo The Cat

      Wow surprised he didn’t notice when ur typing in ur passcode to unlock ur phone the number circles are closer together.

    45. pimp slipback

      these update keeps making my instagram crash , wtf!

    46. Alain

      There also is a new „please charge“ screen when the device has no juce.

    47. Jay ochoa

      I downloaded it and I can’t even use my phone sucks like it’s pretty buggy still anyone have the same issue?

    48. Drew Fournier

      What’s the background on his phone?

    49. RaZa Maz

      How do you make those AMAZING phone cases?

    50. Adrian Mendoza

      Does anyone know how to go back to iOS 13

    51. Ameerrr

      I can’t open certain apps with iOS 14 beta 4

    52. podakira

      please, what is you screensaver app on your computer??? it's juste awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    53. Smart Peach

      I am so excited that we finally have features that Android users have been using in the last 3 years. 😂😳🥺🤪😩

    54. Avinaash Muniandy

      why Music App isn't allowing me to buy the plans at all? 😪

    55. Russell Jennings

      Right side of that case comes down further then the other side. Looks like. Rap

    56. Random Checked

      Invest In stock market instead of buying these kind of expensive stuffs 🙄

    57. Dávid Fodor

      For anyone tired of ads use an adblock on PC or use THwikis Vanced, no more ads

    58. Fernando Soberanes

      Such excited about the new iPhone 12 but can anybody help me please? Should I buy the iPhone 11 and the Apple watch, or... Should I wait to iPhone 12 and just buy the phone ?

      1. N O C T U A

        nah def get the 11 and the watch lol

      2. Fernando Soberanes

        Because if I bought the new iPhone I have to buy the charger and earphones 🤔

    59. Roger E Smith Jr

      Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday Wednesday or far we can get a new software updates some people complain about all software stove bugs virus is not working to get a new software last week with a new software this week or next week iOS 14 beta 5

    60. Chin Opai

      Why can’t they just disable haptic one devices that have 3D Touch? 😑 do I really have to wait for iOS 25 for that?

    61. Marwan Al Aassar

      hey philip, its been a few days since ive used the latest beta, just wondering if you or anyone's applications are also crashing or not opening

    62. Christina Swiger

      Does iOS have always on display?

      1. Christina Swiger

        Zach ok thank you! I wasn’t sure if they added that in this year or not!

      2. AppleBoss

        No it doesn’t

    63. Lil Azzy

      2:25 that says 88 degrees:--:

    64. Mazai82

      Is it just me, or is this lates beta the most unstable and buggy of all the betas so far?

    65. D Fox

      Ios 13.6 there's a bug that if you are using a VPN active without using it on wifi and you make a facetime call, the iPhone will switch automatically to cellular data without you knowing, even though you have deactivated wifi assistance.

    66. Faint

      I need that wallpaper so much

    67. Lin Shen

      1:51 My lock icon on beta 3 never looked that strange...

    68. Lettuce

      Battery life better be fixed

    69. Ryan Moore

      iPhone and watch both on beta, I want to downgrade iPhone. Anyone know if it’ll still pair with my apple watch which has to remain on beta?

    70. 劉承勳

      apple fix the Hotspot ?

    71. Xander Terpstra

      Discription says beta 3🥴

    72. ItzBlockyTv Network

      For some reason I wasn’t subscribed to you -.-

    73. KOMAR ART

      Anyone else having a problem where their airpods just dont work microphone wise? When i reset them and connected them to my iPad (which is on iOS 13) there the microphone works, but on iPhone beta 4 mic just doesnt work, i click to record a voice memo and nothing happens, and when i take a call the other person doesnt hear me, i have to turn the volume to speakerphone and then back to airpods and then it starts working, anyone else having this issue?

    74. Anton Murphy-Cartiglia

      i feel like this update is eating my battery lol

    75. Leon Crayon

      I have downloaded iOS 14 on beta 3 how do we get beta 4?

    76. lull adrian

      this shi sss it took away 4k

    77. M. 007

      Not really seeing "big" changes

    78. Ankush Deshmukh

      WTF! Give us a major update dude. Its just changing of icons.🥱

    79. Connor Stirling-Repia Howard

      Should definitely link your wallpapers

    80. OLAPOSH TV

      Something is wrong with Hearing devices on ios14 beta4

    81. Rafael Rodriguez

      My xr is heating up a bit and battery drain super fast since last update

    82. Ghøst

      I know this is late, but the camera is broken. My camera has been flashing on and off like it's trying to focus but failing to so it's like restarting the camera. It's repeatedly doing this and I already reported it to apple so if you are considering downloading this update I wouldn't

      1. Ghøst

        Disregard this, literally right as I wrote this my camera started working... What are the chances!


      What happen to your right hand buddy.

    84. Airborne

      Ok so on some real shit... should I stick to beta version 3 and wait for version 5 to come out?

    85. Leafized

      My phone is doing the dim thing too.

    86. Nicholas Caminero

      Idk if it’s my phone or the update but now I can’t even hear people when I call them, and my camera be buggy

    87. Dr Finesse fitness

      I see he be listening to pop smoke ok ok👌🏾😎

    88. beast0885

      Unc0ver on iOS 14b4? At 5:44, when he swipes to page 2. Just a holdover or are y’all working on something over there?

    89. Hugh Sousa

      Yes I noticed the sun was smaller

    90. jay ely

      How do you get the big clock on the sping board, is it a jailbreak tweak?

    91. Max

      Hey can you please share with us a link to the wallpapers you use? Thanks!

    92. adam k

      Bruh my camera app dont even work anymore

    93. Hans Dampf

      I dont like what the apple music team is doing. Apple music is still very buggy and the removal of the text is confuseing. They should remove the bug‘s before they implement new features 😅

    94. Belgium Made

      Link to the wallpaper in thumbnail please!

    95. CRASS2047

      It’s horrible.

    96. Lourd Derick Gaerlan

      Whenever I open my Notes, the keyboard pop-up, I dont really know how to hide it

    97. Eric Rosario

      Great video filip hope your doing good

    98. Pieter Steenssens

      3D touch back is super nice

    99. Russell Sattari

      @EverythingApplePro When are you adressing, that those widgets are just large icons??? They have ZERO interactivity.

    100. FrancyStyle

      When will Pokémon go become availableee