iOS 14 Beta 3! 70+ New Features/Changes

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    iOS 14 Beta 3 Released! New animations, major Music changes, new retro Music icon, new clock widget, widgets overhaul & over 70 features & changes!
    iOS 14 Beta 2 Review.
    Latest iPhone 12 Leaks.
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    1. Sahil Bawa

      @9:17 mmhmmhmmm

    2. Kim Clouser

      How do you get the dev update

    3. leo dasal

      anyone having trouble with their magic keyboard for ipad pro 2020 11 inch on this update?

    4. Anixx

      Anyone know the wallpapers he has

    5. Jake Washburn

      Zoom display is always been like a thing because whenever I get a new iPhone I feel like the icons are very tiny until I go to settings and fix that

    6. Jake Washburn

      I have not update to iOS 14 simply because I have heard bad things like battery life isn’t the greatest and yes I know you got an older phone your max capacity is going to deteriorate and battery overtime is just got a die faster but I have seen videos of people saying the battery life is fine even on your phones and then it suddenly went to crap after updating to iOS 14 and also it’s still pretty buggy even on the GM but everyone loves the new features which I can’t wait to experience them but Apple has to fix the state ability before I am willing to update to a newer iOS specially since I’m on an iPhone 8

    7. DV Plays

      And how you get the iOS 14 app

    8. DV Plays

      It did not come out how you get it

    9. Szymon Brylewski

      All thanks to jpc_hacker on Instagram he help me update my iOS in a chip rate and he is involved in all kind of Jobs and he can also get your 12pro chip on his site

    10. Jessica Moxey

      but can i unlock my phone with a mask on....

    11. Summer Major

      i would love to see apple music have the suggested music play once a playlist or song has finished, similar to spotify. thats the main difference for me and partially why i want to switch back to spotify.

    12. Ice Gaming

      The music should have never changed in iOS 8.4!

    13. wasif raja

      Hello brother please send me Gift iPhone please 😣😣😣

    14. Shaista Rashid

      I wish I could get call recording in iPhones. Thats all I want from Apple

    15. selina

      the music icon is more of a coral red not magenta lol,, magenta is a mix between pink and purple 👄

    16. KHS TECHNO

      Sir can u make a veido on this product sir plz sir because ur channel is so good and I what to know this product sir link this is my request sir can u make a veido one this sir plz reply sir

    17. leon romano

      Anyone here can suggest me how to reset ads identifier in iOS14?

    18. podakira

      please, what is you screensaver app on your computer??? it's juste awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Blind Eyes

      14 public beta 4 installed but the clock widget timing does not show exact between system time.

    20. Glass Jar

      My weather widget has yet to work. It just doesn’t load

    21. NitroSheep67

      How to download?

    22. Jackson Taylor

      Where is my case... it stopped being tracked

    23. Matthew Cooke

      In the new betas what is with the huge gap between the dock and the bottom row of Home Screen apps?

    24. EƦ O F F I C I A L

      A great mobile🔥

    25. Jayden Stowe

      I love your voice!

    26. KriticqlHit

      Where can i download the beta3

    27. ef pl

      11:40 It took so long for Apple to support an open source video codec like VP9 . The policy makers in Apple are really adamant For Nothing 👾 It’s certainly a good news that if they started to support it.

    28. Roatty

      After upgrading to beta 3 I can t use a live wallpaper on my iPhone 7

    29. Kemario Stewart

      Where’s the link

      1. AppleBoss

        Kemario Stewart Here’s the link you’re looking for

    30. 0350ZDE

      When will Apple add an actual equalizer Instead of the pre set eq’s they’ve had since the beginning????

    31. Nathan Bergeron

      I just installed iOS 14. How do I get the public beta 3? I have a iPhone 6s Plus

    32. Martin King

      Anyone else’s phone overheating and experiencing quick battery loss?

    33. Reese Quinlan

      Anyone on currently on beta 2 having bluetooth connectivity issues with certain devices??

    34. Debrup Mallick

      Wish apple brings homescreen and phone customization apps like KWGT and KLWP for it iOS devices, specially on the iphone. Android's are fully customizable, hope the same happens for iOS devices soon.

    35. AP3X_SAITY _

      How to back to 13.0 ?

    36. Ruslan Nabiev

      Your videos man. The quality and power is unrivaled. Good job. I don't watch any other videos for iOS changes and updates.

    37. Surya Kumari

      #55 the sun sits on the right side....😂😂

    38. Elijah Kennedy-Gibbens

      "It doesn't work, but it's new" what Steve Jobs should have said when Safari didn't load at the Keynote.

    39. valyaalexis

      I still haven’t updated mine to IOS 13 yet 😆🤷🏼‍♀️

    40. Remy

      there’s one thing you missed. in 13 and beta 2, when you had a timer on, it would show under the time in notification center. in beta 3, that’s been removed

    41. Kari Melby

      When will ios 14 be released ?

    42. Norman Sorto

      WAIY I THINK I FOUND SOMETHING YOU DIDNT FINDDD go to the magnifier not zoom for accessibility shortcuts it has new features I just found out I’m running iOS 14.3 beta so idk of it has it on 14.2

    43. Fathan Abqory 18

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    44. Fathan Abqory 18

      hi sir .....😁😁I hope to get a used iPhone gift from you !!! no problem, I'm very happy because I want to try to feel using the iPhone this is my WA number if you respond 081244676667😂😂😇😇😇🙏

    45. Fathan Abqory 18

      hi sir .....😁😁I hope to get a used iPhone gift from you !!! no problem, I'm very happy because I want to try to feel using the iPhone this is my WA number if you respond 081244676667😂😂😇😇😇🙏

    46. AEW0416

      Have they fixed the text editing feature yet? Since the last update, it’s a nightmare trying to correct anything. I don’t know about anyone else but I can never get the curser where I want it, it jumps all over the place and when words are misspelled, it no longer gives suggestions. I can’t even highlight the word.

    47. Miguel Antonio Valencia

      Hey man! Is anyone having an issue with GPS accuracy with iPhone 11 Pro Max or ios 13.6 in particular? Mine is walking everywhere even im sitting inside my room.

    48. vgiaxoxo

      are there new backgrounds?

    49. TEKNOLOG


    50. Jorge Martinez

      Anyone else not have the trackpad mode on the keyboard anymore?

    51. Nafis Sazeed

      EverythingApplePro: So Apple has dropped the icons lower in iOS 14... Apple: WAIT... we didn’t mean to do it...

    52. Jonathan Arenas

      Hope you feel better about your finger ✌🏼❤️

    53. glocky2

      After updating to iOS 14.3 Public Beta iPhone Froze on the Apple logo. Tried Force restart several times and still the same On PC opened iTunes and was not able to Update. Selected Restore and 13.6 was installed.

    54. Rajesh Patel

      Where and how to get/Dow load the wallpaper?

    55. Fade Edits

      Im still on beta2 and can play 4k60 on my iphone 11

    56. Walid Soueidy

      Thanks for the video, do you recommend downloading this version and using it on my main phone? or should I wait? thanks

    57. Oumfy Memes


    58. KingMatthew Up

      Any more ram i didint think so

    59. Chin Opai

      I want the old icon back I was fine with that tbh

    60. Josh L

      Anyone else struggling with the new calendar date picker and time picker? I just find it so cumbersome and slow. Not to mention it's using 12hour time when my phone is one 24 hour time.

    61. Gökhan

      bro can you tell something about wallpapers? humours are true or still classical wallpapers? i read something before it. like we can do blur on home page or we can set colors which we like. is this true or what?

    62. Jax1130gamer -FN And More

      How do u add the chrome quick actions

    63. danthaman47

      Why the red Apple Music it looks terrible

    64. Commenter

      _well the X button has shrunken by 1 pixel_ ..... Love how detailed these videos are!

    65. Santiago Figueredo

      S20 is better

    66. Shrish Hukkeri

      Apple 🔥🔥🔥💕💕👍👍😎😎

    67. Omoney Bam

      This iOS beta is cool but it’s very broken

    68. NAOL NAOL

      Is iphone 📱 6s plus available for ios14

    69. baby sam

      im preeetty sure magenta is purple-pink, not straight up red

    70. Marinho Robles

      Idk if I’m the only one but, is anyone else having issues with Face ID?

    71. Rambo 05

      0:16 What is that iOS 14 widget? Not that I need it but is looks cool.

    72. Yogik P

      Minta Hp ram 4 dong Plis om

    73. The Great Ernest

      Who else is missing Live Photos in Wall Paper settings in iOS 14 Beta 3??🤷

    74. EKotta 凍った

      There is no wether widget in ipados 14 beta 3, sad

    75. Kevin Rizabal

      Anybody has the link of the wallpaper? Please.

    76. Be Tu

      old apple music logo? badd

    77. Aiden Smith

      Am I the only one who doesn’t like the new Apple Music icon 🤷‍♀️

      1. NitroSheep67

        It looks same as iOS 8

      2. Blake Warford

        Maybe it's because it's not actually new. I'm not a fan of it either, but it's literally the same icon from iOS 7 and 8... Step back in my opinion. Edit: He mentioned it right after I posted this, awkward haha

    78. Kyle Chase

      Definitely hoping we get a Spotify widget.

    79. Tommy Wiseau

      What we did not want. But what we needed.

    80. Tommy Wiseau

      PETITION FOR APPLE TO MAKE A NEW FEATURE IN THE MUSIC APP. The new feature would be. Finding people who have the most similar tastes and playlists and etc. then you can add and share each other’s playlists.

    81. Amarjeet singh Saini

      Slowly slowly Differences between Android and iOS is getting minimum ... So far only in android we have lot of flexibility iOS also working on it .

    82. Travis McGowan

      11:40 Is this feature carried over to Safari on MacOS Big Sur?

    83. A

      I think the back tap is the coolest thing they put on the iOS 14 I love it just a little too sensitive and so glitchy but I cool idea

    84. Shahmeer Imran

      Is it okey to download beta version?

    85. Thug Life Records

      looks like android with the clock widget. They should add that clock widget for lock screen as well.

    86. Blake Hafley

      I Dow loaded the beta and my phone is constantly crashing

    87. Logan Bronstein

      does anyone know if the new snapchat update is compatable with ios 14 betas and if not when it will be?

    88. jason beedle

      Finally 4K playback on THwikis for iPhone

    89. lukmac123

      Can someone tell me how to get beta version of ios 14?

    90. Rijan Neupane

      Iphone 12 leaks

    91. Rijan Neupane

      Iphone 12 leaks

    92. James Loughrey

      it’s not magenta. like not at all.

    93. Khan Bui

      The clock widget on iPad shows wrong time. Has anyone have that problem?

    94. Noah Geck

      anyone else having issues with connecting airpods on beta 3? mine won’t connect

    95. Thomas LEHMANN

      Am I the only one who hates the new setting for the alarm ? Where’s the old scroll one

    96. Oscar Stubbs

      how do i change the picture on the photos widget?

    97. Kennt Gamad

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    98. Sajid Hossain

      fan form Bangladesh boss please gift me i phone please 😭😭😭😭

    99. varmintslayer_ 22

      I looked but it says my phone is up to date, it don’t show up on my phone that I can download it

    100. Pranay Rayana

      iOS 13.6. Notifications not working while using on wifi. Anyone facing the same issue with ios 13.6??? Please help me..