iOS 13.3 Released! Final Review

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    iOS 13.3 released! Final iOS 13.3 review with all the new features.
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    1. Cole Wood

      I really wish I stayed on iOS 13.3 so I could have jailbroken without checkra1n lol

    2. Rw1212


    3. Oderfour Tv

      Amazing and wonderful product of Apple, I love it

    4. Asjath Shakir


    5. Md Mehedi Hossen

    6. Rowan K5906

      just wondering if any one can conform if or if not the iphone 6s plus is still getting updates or if its no longer getting them thx

    7. Just Damian

      Still haven’t updated to any iOS 13 update lol Edit: I have iPhone SE, 12.4.1 I have heard mostly bad news regarding the recent iOS 13 update(s) so here I am. Watching. Waiting. Not sure if I should update or not. *sips tea*

    8. Thomas Lindsay

      How is battery lifeb

    9. JP Channel

      My phone is iphone xs in ios 12.2 is it good to update in ios 13.3? Please answer🥺

    10. Dank Duck

      Where do EAP get these photos with iOS version on them like in the thumbnail

    11. \_bmxlover_ /

      Please make a video of iphone x features for iphone 6s on ios 13.3! I would love to have this

    12. Kristhian Mdr

      I have a problem with this update when I try to Bluetooth my boseone ear it takes years to pair them :( and it's no a problem with my heahdphones cause I connect it with others and it works and it's faster, less than 5 seconds ,😭😭😭

    13. Paul Day

      Ever since I’ve updated to the newest iOS 13.3, I haven’t been able to backup to iTunes. I get an error message “ reading from or writing to” on any Apple MacBook or Mac I try.

    14. damien ramirez

      Still waiting on Apple to fix the motion blur on dark mode

    15. babixoxoxoxo idk

      your russian too !

    16. Voltick

      My Airpods are acting weird ever since i updated

    17. Joshua T

      Hey got this brick bug when watching a video on reddit and was playing over Bluetooth with sound. I pulled down CC and force touched the media player and switched devices from Bluetooth to iPhone and as it was still switching I quickly tapped out and then tried tapping out of CC but my whole screen froze with a non working CC and I couldn’t get out of it and it was hard to even hard restart my phone I have to try it 4 times and it finally hard restarted and my phone got super super hot.

    18. Rogueherelol

      So noone gonna talk about how he fluently uses both hands with barely any trouble?

    19. Azhar Ali

      Does anyone have performance and battery problems on 13.3?

    20. Oisín Ginty

      You’re left handed like me! 👍🏻

    21. Helloidk01

      I'm my opinion I hate this update my phone dies so quick and I loose wifi

    22. Suggar_ Daddyy

      Can you do jailbreaks with ios 13.3

    23. Alex

      Can you make a new jailbreak tutorial?

    24. Dim Dim M

      les 50 face cache de apple @t

    25. Jordan Mulligan

      It’s crashing all my apps this new iOS 😒

    26. This Is The Way.

      Accidentally installed it this morning don’t really know how when I had autodl tab off. 13.3 actually works no battery issue

    27. CorruptedDivinity

      I just came here to warn everyone that after upgrading my ios to 13.3 on my iphone 11 max pro, my battery health capacity fell from 99 to 97 in a week. Terrible battery drain!!! ⛔️⛔️⛔️

    28. Julia Merritt

      I wish the screen recording would show the numbers because I have restrictions and that's how i would find out the password.

    29. LGsus


    30. Lucas

      2:55 my HTC ONE M9 is still being updated so I suggest you do your research. And why such hate on Android, as a person who has used an Android for 2 years I can safely say it's a very good experience. And yes I do have an iPhone, I got the 8 Plus.

    31. Shriniketh Sreevatsan

      When I try to lock my iPhone se it asks me to drag to switch off but when I click on cancel it asks me to input my passcode again, is this happening to anybody else or just me?

    32. Jeremy Tyler

      AirPods Pro Jeremy Tyler

    33. Eric giitwa


    34. Reda

      Hey bro i just figured a new feature, open keyboard-> go to emojis and go to the bottom ones and slide left and right between them 🤗 for example: slide between the ball and the flag

    35. imback 20

      Please make a video on 13.3 is draining the 11pro max battery 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    36. What's up C

      I’m still on 11.3.1 God I need to update

    37. Unknown Traveler

      Σιγά ρε ΜΑΛΑΚΑ μεγάλες αλλαγές εκανες πάλι

    38. XlifesXtoughX

      19 to 20 k wtf

    39. Ark Lor

      I have question regarding battery health. I am using iphone xs for 14 months already. Before i updated to iosb13.3 battery health was 96%. After the update the health dropped 93% :/ Is this normal?

    40. Master Bluspark

      shouldn't the latest version device be on the right not left?

    41. Mark Deguzman

      Why did they disable invert colors being incompatible with night shift. Not every website has reader view and I like the dark background and yellow tint at night.

    42. David K

      Is there any jailbreak out that I can trust?

    43. Olivia Hernandez

      I Love you so much💕

    44. A Hussain

      nice video

    45. darkwolf2066

      Am I the only one who’s like “Eh an iPhone XR with a few new things” *sees 11 pro* 🤤

    46. Ankit Vishwakarma

      Awesome Updates.... Thanks

    47. lisa

      i have the iphone 6 and its not going any farther than 12.4.4

    48. CEO of Compilations


    49. Tanveer Virk

      My iphone 11 pro battery health went form 100 to 96 in 2 months Why is that happening ??

    50. Eric Rosario

      Good video

    51. Junior

      Are they going to fix the PS4 controllers

    52. nvilletti

      Does anyone know how to disable haptic feedback without disabling the 3D Touch? I have the iPhone XS and I love using 3D and the haptic feedback feature is pissing me off. Cause when I try to 3D Touch on something, the haptic feedback bugs everything

      1. Edy

        nvilletti I tried, no luck. You can only disable 3d touch, which I obviously don’t want. What a shame.

    53. shashikanth gunda

      Cool update

    54. Updesh Yadav

      not that major updates

    55. Deepak

      I’m so glad that they brought back the save as new clip option.

    56. Billy Joe Benitez

      Battery issues!

    57. Devyn Reeves

      How can I get the wallpaper of it 13.3

    58. Chris Hernandezez

      I'm watching this on my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge

    59. _MTM

      I updated my iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 13.2.3 and it’s stuck in boot loop. If I update the iPhone to this update will it rectify the problem and I don’t lose anything on my phone?

    60. Justin Petricca

      Do an Iphone 11 giveaway please

    61. 60 Ping_ lamo

      Give me a phone😁😁

    62. Leo Aguirre

      Man, why haven’t you uploaded Jailbreaking iOS 13 related videos? I miss your Top tweak videos and recommendations.

    63. Hal ou Heisenberg ?

      Hey, i’m french and i know your looking for new phones to unbox, i know it’s not the best phone but if you’re interested i have an iPhone 5C blue 8giga never activated My grandpa bought it 5 years ago and wanted to give it to me 😊

    64. T. С.

      I ordered a cheap MacPro - 20k usd ? As long at there are idiots to buy this shit ,there will be companied who make billions.

    65. Moshe Alon

      How else watching this on an 11 pro max?😉

    66. Anwar Wilhelm

      I hope i win in my live one thing from apple

    67. Ramon

      Can u do a giveaway I have the iphone 5 all my friends have the X and 11 can u please do a giveaway so I may have a chance

    68. Jonathan Alexander

      my 6S Plus lag so bad

    69. Lucas Downen

      "6 years of support on an iPhone." Yeah but they slowing it down each time they release an update to make you buy the new phone.

    70. Danny!

      I have a question, how to jailbreak iOS 13

    71. Cherise

      What’s your thoughts on the cute phone cases that is women love??

    72. Shahbaz Safdar

      Sir please help me...if u solve my problem so I'll be very thankful to you

    73. Gracyn Levi

      Ok, is any other small mobile creator having this problem where your iPad will not read your sd cards even if you switch cards!? I’m having this problem and can’t post. Plz help 😩

    74. Anthony Pellitteri

      When is you case coming out once it comes out I am getting it keep on grinding

    75. Chris Famia

      Despite using my phone the same (same apps etc) as 12.4.1 the battery drain is real. And it IS unacceptable since ios13 was promised to deliver better/optimized battery...

    76. Zishaan

      Just updated to 13.3 I’ve lost service.. error under mobile data

    77. Ryuzaky95 Light

      Duuude, drop that hairstyle ASAP !!! You start to look like that Onision guy.

    78. Andrew Benson

      Is split screen out yet

    79. Vgod6ix

      Have any of you human beings been getting a “Lighting cable has liquid please allow to dry” message?

      1. skylyn karonis

        Vgod6ix you just need to let your phone sit for a while, it pops up so that it doesn’t mess with your battery if you try to charge it and there’s liquid in your port.

    80. Shikhar Gupta

      When gonna give away happen?

    81. Manuel Cadena

      I’ve been loving voice control

    82. Noémi Gönczöl

      Hello,i have a video idea: flip phone and iphone drop test and after freezing ice test or something like this can you do it please?

    83. umakant mishra


    84. Danz

      Hey broo please make giveaway iphone 11 pro max


      Mr. Macbook pro is for 2,399$

    86. Sahidy Escobar

      Are they making any Apple devices that are not iPhones

    87. Bondi 420

      why is everyone getting their knickers in a twist over "low spec Mac Pro for $19-20k"? It *IS* low-spec, and *only* 19-20k because the highest-spec version runs about $60k with monitor and stand!

    88. Bondi 420

      Can we have a new 50 ft tower drop test for the new cases for iPhone 11/Pro please!

    89. Kevin117

      hows the battery life on a 11 pro w/ the update? mine used to go literally 30 hrs+ on a full charge. when i udated to ios 13.2.3, it only last 24 hrs max.

    90. Frankamentise

      iOS 13.3 = Frame Drop/Stutter City Horrible. Using iPhone XS Max 512gb

    91. Burles Yeager

      There is no reason why an “at-home” PC souls cost more than $1,000. $20K? That computer better tell future super bowl winners. I need that money back plus some.

    92. Lakhwinder Purba

      Do a galaxy watch video

    93. Frankie Frezza

      If you press the recents button in your message tray it hides the memoji stickers, it was like that before the update.

    94. Faizan Sukhera

      Why isn’t Apple taking any action for the battery drain issue on the new IPhone 11 series! I got my IPhone 11 Pro 3 weeks back but there is a battery drain issue in it! Wasn’t expecting that from 11 Pro!

    95. Nemo

      How’s 13.3 on iphone 11 guys? Any results?

    96. J Mo

      I feel like my phone is acting up now with this update. 😢

    97. A Man Online

      You should show us your entire Apple product inventory (like so he sees this)

    98. LuckyThe1st


    99. Alex Beck

      I want those Airpod pros, please

    100. Art Shama

      I can’t play PUBG on pro with 2 fingers no 3D Touch I hate it