iOS 13.1 Released! Final Review

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    Final & Ultimate iOS 13.1 Review. All new features, speed, hidden features & more before updating! This one is a must!
    Huge iPhone 11/11 Pro Giveaway! (Follow All Accounts)
    iPhone 11 Pro DROP Test
    iPhone 11 vs XS vs X SPEED Test

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    1. Asjath Shakir


    2. Sherry Grewal

      9:11 the case.. wtf thats xs max case on 11 pro max

    3. Kit

      Any one w/ an iPhone 7 who’s has gotten this update: was it worth it? I am quite hesitant because I rlly don’t want my battery to get fucking worse.

    4. ariff aqmar

      i wish i can win the giveaway

    5. Yen Therese Barroga

      I’m really hoping that I can win your giveaway cause I badly need a new phone rn, since my phone’s lcd is broken and the screen is cracked and it has a big dark spot at the upper right corner 😭 also I’m a graduating student so it’s really important to me😭 I can’t afford to buy a new one because I have lot if things to pay for like my projects, requirements and school fees so that I can graduate

    6. spaceyface

      Ha ha don’t have to deal with bugs . I got the 5 s

    7. Alex Black

      How come shortcuts done have that water thing

    8. Kiran

      Plz i need an iphone

    9. Tayyab Mehar

      Amazing update

    10. KIAN[]

      I just updated lol

    11. Moonella

      When you go from having apple to many years to deciding to get the Samsung Galaxy s10. Then you realize you made a bad decision and wish you had your iphone back..

    12. Engr irfan meo

      after update ios 13.1.2, my iphoneX become unstable. wifi auto disconnect, selection options not working well now.. should not have update it. :(

    13. Dinker Kaushal

      When you gonna try Apple logo light mod on iPhone 11 pro. Waiting

    14. Joshua Miller

      Good lord almighty those damn ads!

    15. essam Mohamed

      I got 11 enteris what should i do now

    16. Michael Currens

      Hey, I just wanted to mention that everyone has missed a new feature in iOS 13.1. I drive a 2016 Explorer. It has a Sync 2 entertainment system in it. It's not the new SYNC 3 with Apple Play/ Android play. Since I bought the car when I plug an Android phone into it, I could view messages, or have it read them out to me. When I plugged an Apple iPhone into it, it would say Messaging not supported. The other functions would work, phone calls, Siri, etc. Just this weekend, plugged my iPhone into the car (No update on the car's system) and it started announcing incoming text messages. So Apple has fixed a long standing problem that affects car entertainment systems.

    17. Andrew Acred

      You said you were going to make a all iPhone comparison after the 11 came out

    18. pyrex tv


    19. Hemam Prithiva

      Waiting waiting for giveaway results

    20. christian cuevas

      When will you announce the winners of iphone 11/11 pro?

      1. Pamela Vargas

        christian cuevas October 20 on Twitter

    21. Chris Action!

      Does a iphone 7 get the version?

      1. syxepop

        Chris Action!, if Apple has already patched properly iOS 13 (I've alerted in a previous comment last week that there it was recommended that you didn't updated to iOS 13 you should wait for Apple to patch every bug) your iP7 is covered by just updating the software. The minimum for any iOS 13 update is iP6s (like mine), 6s+ and the smaller SE.

    22. Evelyn Farfell

      How I wish I didn’t update to 13 hayss my ipad became slower.

      1. Alanotics

        Evelyn Farfell yeah, safari became slow

    23. thato matsobane

      My phone glitches after turning it off for a few hours and this is so annoying...I hope they fix it

    24. brndn hi

      I’m still on 12.4 on my XSMax , how can i update my phone ? I dont have the option to update

      1. syxepop

        Brandon Rivera, any iPX can be updated to iOS13 via the software update checker on your iP, but YOU SHOULDN'T YET until Apple debugs iOS13 if you don't want performance issues with the phone.

    25. Primetime Perry

      Can someone please help me by telling me how I can remove the ios 13.2 beta thing and download the regular public release!?

    26. Ashar

      Hey Filip hows it going?

    27. Red Seaker

      Can you connect your controller in this update

    28. Hemam Prithiva

      Waiting for giveaway results!! I have done collecting whoever I can. Tired.. 😓 I can’t get more than that.. waiting for the results eagerly..

    29. Edgar Pantoja

      Can you make a video on how to fix unable to check for software update error

    30. Ninio Agra

      13 is already feature packed 💯

    31. Nathan Murphy

      Have to say philippe, I’m very disappointed at the rate at which you’ve been uploading your videos. It is not befitting of a THwikisr characteristic of your calibre. Most upsetting indeed.

    32. Mimmi

      Your amazing 😍😍😍

    33. Quintin Janse van Rensburg

      Does anyone here also have issue on iPhoneX with calls dropping after like 5 seconds since updating to iOS13? The call stutters and then it drops, mostly when receiving a call. It is so annoying and cannot get any info on how to resolve it. Tried resetting network settings, etc etc. My colleague at work is experiencing the same issue as well with his iPhone X.

    34. Caterpie

      I waited for the ios 13 to be released but turns out it doesn’t support my 5s😢

      1. syxepop

        MemeHeaven, iP7 is supported in iOS13 and likely in iOS14 in September 2020, but my 6s (so far) is on its' last year of full support. And I also said iPod Touch 7 (iPT7), could be 6, but it is for sure the latest ('19 issued) and the ONLY iPOD supported on iOS13.

      2. Alanotics

        syxepop sad, am I right. Wait...did you say 7?

      3. syxepop

        YowEXB from THwikis, that was already told by quite a few sources for WEEKS (minimum now are 6s, 6s+, SE and iPT7). Those most probably won't get iOS14 as iP7 would become the minimum.

    35. Fendi Sondakh

      I wish my birthday Today will be the best birthday ever.🎂🎉🎂🎉Please give your love guys 🙏🙏🙏

    36. Silver Collection


    37. Ralph

      I’m now using an iPhone 11 pro. I find that when I’m swiping from one page to another, the swipe wasn’t smooth enough. Is there anyone experiencing the same problem?

    38. zette9

      Waiting for your review on 13.1.2 @EverythingApplePro

    39. shadique ali

      There is a bug on iOS 13.1.2 Old Edit photos is returned to Original quality

    40. ADDY BOSS


    41. leandro gonzalez

      didn’t fix anything, is even worse, won’t close the apps, when you open emails and you close the app and open it again it will go back to the last email you had opened ( even aft the email has been deleted) crashes and bugs left and right

    42. Laurie’s World

      hopefully i win

    43. Hello She

      Sleepy but needs to watch 👍

    44. Aryna Rybak

      ios 13 is awefull :( phone is discharging so fast

    45. rubal 17

      0:25 he looked the back of the device to check if he is holding ifhone x or ifhone 11 😂😂

      1. Lily

        lmao right ? xD😂 2 years and the only thing Apple is doing is changing the shape of the back cameras

    46. Aneko Foxx

      iOS 13 is overheating my phone and draining its battery life.

    47. Walkingzeak

      Anyone’s automation stop working 1 day after it’s created?

    48. Alannis Taylor

      Loving this update!

    49. Yasassvi Wijesekera

      IOS 13 is awesome

    50. Yasassvi Wijesekera

      What would be the next big feature from iphones

    51. Sonik Pradhan

      Still not fixes the bug where the time display disappears and reappears in iPhone 6s

    52. Ruben Colon

      When will the HomePod get an update to transfer music iPhone to HomePod by touch

    53. Daniel Placencia

      Hope i get an iPhone from the giveaway !! 😄

    54. TerraMaggify

      So happy to finally have a dark mode, now when will we be able to finally customize colors and backgrounds and such for iMessage

    55. NycCigarGuy29

      13.1.2 is out.....behind the curve...

      1. Stylo

        Stogieman29 my iPhone 11 can’t even install it

    56. Anna Hamdan

      THwikis smart invert still didn’t change like ios 12 did! Disappointing. And event I downloaded 13.2 still not working.

    57. Duckers

      I really love the throttling feature. My iphone 6 has it activated and as i jailbroke on ios 1 before updating to 12, i was 20 charges from 500. And it activated the underclock to let me use the phone from 100 down to 0 with no unexpected shutdowns. Also, do you know how much battery health it can drop to before it's almost critical? cause i know 500 charges is 80% health, but don't know when it's so low on health the system can't downclock anymore.

    58. Michal Nemcok

      The funny part is when he says "I love the attention to detail" yet Apple shipped these with a broken OS with plenty of bugs and their update 13.1 is still buggy, so yeah...great attention to detail :D

    59. syxepop


    60. Julius Marvin Sadian

      Very informative video mate

    61. bhaskar k


    62. Epic! Forest Destine

      Should do a video on 11&pro about the zoom on both phones. Also the video of zoom. And do some sound testing. And 🎤 testing. Haven’t seen anything like this on THwikis.

    63. Creative Channel

      My XR cant even face ID ARGHHHHH

    64. christeder

      Battery 🔋improvement is really good. Even if you have older phone, you can have more battery life. Very solid now for iPhone X, 84% capacity

    65. Selective Panther

      Now figure out how to crash it plz

    66. Jose Leon

      Show us how to jailbreak it plz

    67. Dylan Richards

      Bro hook me up with the giveaway I gotta toaster for a phone

    68. Jal4zacharia

      I have iPhone 7, since the update nothing works. Apps keep crashing, setting menus won’t pop up

    69. 乂cution

      @everythingapplepro Just FYI, in the control center, the icon on the top right corner on the music widget, you can simply just press on that icon that displays what devices are connected, there’s no need to hard press on it first. By pressing on the icon once, it’ll redirect you to the display of what devices are connected

    70. FunnyT

      I want a iPhone 11

    71. Melissa AfroBlackChunLi

      no new emojis?

    72. Me war Gamer

      if i want to get a new iPhone do comment and sub and hit the bell and like I did all that you can iPhone any iPhone I like all iPhone and I need a new iPhone I don't have a iPhone.

    73. Me war Gamer

      hi :D

    74. Giovanny Torrijos

      Anyone else having problems with the messages attachments

    75. Spirit Readz

      I hate this update

    76. Slackerz Sincity

      Absolutely garbage, none of these matter or to my use. Like really changing garbage 🗑

    77. Abdullahi sanni

      Cool video #iPhone11

    78. Neil Boardman

      Who writes the code for IOS, have Apple brought Microsoft Technicians out of retirement from the early 1980s and employed them...………….

    79. Pradip Khatiwoda

      I subscribe and turned the notification bell on !!!! Love your Channel❤️❤️❤️.

    80. Brandon Payne

      They need to make updates available with cellular. I’ve been trying to update my glitchy beta for a while. I have WiFi at home but it refuses to work with my phone and unlimited data. Boy I can’t wait to update

    81. Alan Murrie

      Whatever they have done in the Home app, they’ve cocked up something. The app crashed the morning after installing 13.1 - the old ‘Loading Accessories and Scenes’ screen that won’t go away. The only way to fix it is to choose the option to reset the Home app settings, thus losing all your accessories, scenes and automations and set it all up again. This has now happened to me 3 times in a few days, and Apple Support seem to be unaware of what’s causing it.

    82. R Snr

      You gotta get an iPhone 11 pro case lol

    83. Grape Tree

      How do you even find all this stuff within days? This would've taken me 2 months to find all this lmao

    84. Cole Dimich

      Does the NFC automation feature only work on the XS and above? I've tried looking for it on a X and a 7plus and the NFC option doesn't show up

    85. Eiren Whelan

      Can you do a video on everybody’s suggestions for iOS? Would be good to get word to apple small changes that they could add. Eg, wish list for App Store

    86. Shadab Ali

      Giveaway for ipad pro

    87. Simulation Gamer

      I instantly installed the update, it’s so far amazing.

    88. Pradip Khatiwoda

      Man I love this channel❤️❤️❤️ I just did the give away entries and hopefully I win 🤞🏽

    89. karan15987

      Using on my 7+, yes it is laggy and has quite a few bugs, also have followed all the accounts for the giveaway 🤟

    90. DH One

      iOS 13.1.1 is released

    91. ilomilo peaches

      My phone is running iOS 12.4.1 atm so when will it update?

    92. ilomilo peaches

      Will my iPhone 8 upload this

    93. ilomilo peaches

      When will my iPhone 8 update this

    94. Omar Brown

      I wish you would talk about real issues. Like apple making it very difficult to manage your storage so you have to buy storage from them.

    95. Lance De Guzman

      my iPhone 8 Plus is being so slow and weird

    96. Revathy Ram


    97. Praveen Kumar Barnawal

      IOS 13 Is really best 👍👍👍👍

    98. Manon

      I want the new Iphone because I still have a stupid Nokia

    99. dev chandra Chaudhary

      ios 13.1.1 is making iphone 6s hot.

    100. Rui Xin Zhao

      iOS 13.1 still full of bugs. Updated it and cool but still bugs that appear quite often.