iOS 13.4 Beta 2! 50+ New Features/Changes

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    iOS 13.4 Beta 2 brings over 50 changes! Find My is getting ready for AirTags, iPhone 9 software changes, lots of Music tweaks & CarPlay adjustments.
    iOS 13.4 Beta 1 review.
    iPhone 9 & 12 Pro Leaks update.
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      Didn’t know half of these.

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      I am running iOS beta and right after you show all of these new features and fixes, I just go to the home screen and check out all of the new features, because I honestly don’t even notice them.

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      Beta 3 is out!

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      Plan still doesn't know about cycling. It's hard to believe!

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      Need for help with alarm in clock app. Most of the time Alarm is not ringing since ios 11. After snoozing, it will start ringing. I tried resetting the phone and removing the alarm, but didn’t solve the issue. I think it is a bug. Thanks,

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