iOS 13.3 Jailbreak & Best Tweaks! iPhone 11/11 Pro!

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    iOS 13.3 Jailbreak for iPhone 11/11 Pro & XS/XR RELEASED! Unc0ver 4.3.1 is the BEST jailbreak ever made. How to jailbreak 13.3 & BEST new Cydia tweaks!
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    MacOS/Windows downloads:
    Supported Devices
    iPhone 11
    iPhone 11 Pro
    iPhone 11 Pro Max
    iPhone XS
    iPhone XS Max
    iPhone XR
    iPad Pro 3
    iPad Air 3
    iPad Mini 5
    Why Jailbreak?
    My Favorite Jailbreak Tweaks.
    More Tweaks.
    Thank you @Pwn20wnd
    Older iPhones Jailbreak. (X & below)
    Wallpaper used.
    Tweak List.
    1. Complications 2.2 - watchOS widgets and app shortcuts on your lock screen
    2. Axon. Notification grouper on Lock Screen.
    3. MobileGoose. An annoying goose for your iDevice.
    4. Maple 2. Charge animations
    5. QuickLS. Shortcuts for your lock screen toggles
    6. Prysm. PrefixUI is required for it.
    7. CCModules. Custom control center toggles, works well with Prism
    8. Cuboid. Reorganize Springboard easily.
    9. Springtomize 5. Add and update AppList snd PreferenceLoader
    10. BlankIcons.
    11. LiveSafari. Turn your safari. Icon into a real compass.
    12. FloatingDockPlus13. Floating dock like on iPads, A way to turn off iPhone without using power button, Split Screen apps, Recently used App functionality
    13. KillX Pro. Kill all multitasking apps at once. A smart version of it that can keep music apps open and certain apps from being killed.
    14. CircleSettings.
    15. OtaDisabler. Remove update badge from Settings.
    16. SiliquaPro. AirPods gestures customization!
    17. Barmoji. Emojis instead of bar on bottom.
    18. Call Assist Bar. A tiny phone call interface, free alternative to CallBarX (Install bottom most package com.xybp888.callassistbarios13)
    19. SmallSiri. Makes Siri small and compactSiliqua Pro.
    20. ForceInPicture + YouPIP. Picture in Picture tweak

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    1. EverythingApplePro EAP

      Would appreciate a 👍, worked hard for this one!

      1. ibrahim bahasuan

        Can you do a video on bypassing iCloud locked or is it not possible

      2. Shurdonnay Dossett

        13.3.1 ???? When ? We waiting for to long !!

      3. Stacy Wilson

        Search up *hackwizard0000* on 1nstagram he just fixed mine now

      4. LeviDean Tech

        thanks it

      5. Rj

        For call assist bar is it the last package under tweaks or under all packages?

    2. Ronny R

      🤣🤣🤣 I Luv the Mobile goose tweak

    3. Parshu P

      I was Recommended To *Kripztools* on Instagram to Jail break my IPhone 11 Pro max and I Was Done successfully

    4. Parshu P

      I was Recommended To *Kripztools* on Instagram to Jail break my IPhone 11 Pro max and I Was Done successfully

    5. Akshay Gupta

      Nice wallpaper love it

    6. Akshay Gupta

      Wallpaper link please

    7. odama gabriel

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    8. Papabless Papabless

      Bruh.... Am using Xs max ios 14.2 And I now got to know how jailbreak works, can you please help me on how to jailbreak. Thanks

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    10. kako ki

      Will it work on iphone 12?

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    12. Sabrina Ann Latino

      Never knéw, it's juśt a trial that's needed I'm glad *I gòt in touch with fixedtools on iG*

    13. Andrew Stones

      *Kudos to ziphark best dude at 1.G he's the one I can only recømmend*

    14. Oshen Ushie Patrick

      Mine was pérmanently unlocked through *ziphark* on instagram he's the best

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      Yo if i were you I’ll stick with *righ7click* on insta for iphone jailbreak!

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    18. Nuka

      everytime i go to download it nothing pops up

    19. Toki Tahmid

      I love how the control centre looks. Btw, pls heart the comment pls pls plzzzzz EAP.🙏 I would really appreciate that.

    20. MiamiNotorious

      Go to 5:00 to see what we actually selected this video for .... the rest is mentioned for who knows why , most ppl trying to see how to JB won’t know to click here due to your video title so great job with the 5:00 waste . How dare u

    21. Conrad Wallace

      Of course I’m already on 13.3.1 🤦🏻‍♂️

    22. Jimwel Cabigao

      I strongly recommend *BELTOOLS* on Instagram for a successful iclouds unlocks, he helped me to unlock to mine

    23. Jimwel Cabigao

      I strongly recommend *BELTOOLS* on Instagram for a successful iclouds unlocks, he helped me to unlock to mine

    24. Themuffinman 2341

      Is there a way to jailbreak a iPhone 11 running 13.3.1 ?

    25. wicetq

      At least for now ios developers should take these tweaks seriously and come up with some new stuff.

    26. Shurdonnay Dossett

      The next jailbreak ??

    27. Shurdonnay Dossett

      it stil work right now

    28. thajoker2002

      Yo guys someone save me some time here. I needa go get my screen repaired at Apple on my iPhone X but idk if the myth is tru that they’ll unjailbreak it so do I need to fully unjailbreak my device or can I just restart my phone and it looks like I’m not jail broken since it’s a semi-tethered jailbreak

    29. Kohn Cena

      iOS 13.7

    30. Kohn Cena

      Man it is not working please help

    31. Lily taffy

      After alot of doubt and several chat with _gohack on ig my Icloud was retrieved... thanks....

    32. Lily taffy

      After alot of doubt and several chat with _gohack on ig my Icloud was retrieved... thanks....


      I'm literally so done with this. I tried just about every youtube method on here to carrier unlock my device and none of them worked and I'm pretty sure I've got a virus now. My friend ended up finding @hacker_kelvin__ on Instagram and he was finally able to unlock my device. I hope this helps someone else struggling to find an unlock

    34. Unknown People

      Plz make a new video for ios 13.6.1 please please please Love from India..❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽

    35. iTzTroy01

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      My phone straight came with 13.5.1

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      Omg I don’t believe this could ever be possible, I’ve spent a lot trying to unlock my iCloud account, shout out to (cyber_hacker6) @IG. Thank you for your 💯 work done and legit..✅

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      i some what did this and it never failed so i kept jailbreaking on new device

    41. connor mcmillan

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      Can somebody guide me I want to jialbreak my iPad mini 4 but I have questions? Will it erase my memory means my photos? Will I able to watch THwikis and surf the Internet? Will my battery life be affected And last can I play ps2 game on my iPad then liked god of war 1,2 Please answer my questions I am a noob in jaibreakinh

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      The flicking subscribe button is the best jailbreak for youtube!

    60. Inspiration The big dick

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