I’m Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S20

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    Why I'm switching to team Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra! I'm looking forward to 120Hz, 6.9-in display, 108MP camera, 100x Space Zoom & everything else.
    (3x) S20 Ultra Giveaway Here: gleam.io/945XS/ultimate-s20-ultra-giveaway
    S20 Ultra vs 11 Pro Camera Test!
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    1. EverythingApplePro EAP

      It's always good to see the other side, let's see if Samsung can keep me invested this time. Last chance for the S20 Ultra giveaway here: gleam.io/945XS/ultimate-s20-ultra-giveaway

      1. Ms Naida Co21

        If Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra pro have a lasting battery 🔋 and big storage

      2. CLOUDZSMP

        You can switch to a samsung galaxy s20 note ultra

      3. Sherab Chukhortsang

        You use samsung switch to transfer data to move from ios or android

      4. ElClaptain

        Did you stay with it?

      5. James Herrera CCTX

        So are you still using the s20 ultra or did u go back to apple. And what do you think now.

    2. samsung 21126

      If apple copy's the z flip we will sue them for copyright

    3. KB Eightyseven

      When apple gets 120hz in September.........LOLZ

    4. Private account Private account

      The note 20 and ultra had an UNBEARABLE screen front but fragile back

    5. PJ Indangan

      You can Samsung Notes.

    6. Roman Smith

      Where is the review I haven't seen it and its been 8 mouths

    7. Davideo Jockey

      i ve used iphones.....they dont feel like a personal device you cant make it yours as much and all that emoji i message and time wasting crap.... lol im 28 and as an adult i dont use non of that never done never will

    8. K-CED

      He stopped and never did a video on the Note 20

    9. Tyler Reinertsen

      To bad for apple still at 60 refresh rate. Lol

    10. CG -EDUCA

      I know it's an Apple channel but I haven't seen you make a galaxy note 20 ultra video yet , why ? You usually make videos on some Samsung flag ship , since note 20 ultra is hot nowadays I thought you would make a video about it🤭

    11. I W

      120HZ iPhone display in September? HA, keep dreaming

    12. Tintin

      Will you do it wth note 20 ultra or fold 2

    13. Eugene Moore

      I’m changing to the S20 from the XS Max. Im sick of Apple pushing changes that I don’t like. It’t like their way or the highway. So I brought the Samsung watch, selling my apple watch and airpods. Going all the way, so like you I will be in learning mode for a but.

    14. Eagle Of Shadow

      Did anyone else notcie the cat walking at the back? (4:55)

    15. Austin Kakon

      Unfortunately iPhone 12 won't have 120Hz😭

      1. Josh 3204

        What do you expect? It’s Apple, they’re ALWAYS disappointing.

    16. Nick Bangor

      DONT BUY THIS PHONE! The S20 is by far the worst phone I've ever used, there is nothing worth buying with this phone. Moving over 80 files from phone to PC at a time takes over 20 minutes coming from the S20, so now I get to spend my time finding why a $1500 phone can't transfer files at 2% of the speed that a $14 jump drive could transfer the files. Thats not even getting into how the phone (ATT) constantly gets stuck on unresponsive 5g cell towers that require the phone networks to be manually turned off and on again before the phone is able to load an app (happens 20+ times a day). This phone is absolute trash, I haven't found a single actual owner that is happy they paid for an S20, only sponsored reviews .

      1. Josh 3204

        I’m curious, do you have the SD or the Exynos variant?

    17. Random Guy

      Will have you know, apple is the dark side outside US lol.

    18. Syed Arham

      According to me oneplus 8 pro is best.!

    19. nw45

      Soooo....no update?? It's been 5 months and I couldn't find it on tha channel lol unless I missed it! If so link please anyone :)

    20. Scott Griffin

      Dont need air drop, samsung has a feature that does the same thing its called "Nearby share"

    21. Tollymaster

      Calling iphone a fail but it keeps up with the samsung with only 4gb of ram. 120hz is nice but draint battery like a killer and you wont gett that much fps more than 1 minit by any smartphone gpu, as it getts hot it wil put framerate down to 40 or 50 hz. Becouse apple hates to put a funtion in their phones if it doesnt needed and you cant use it properly. Im a samsung user btw but if i had the money i would go for iphone👍👊

    22. Charlex Alexandre

      "Turning to the dark side" you mean to the *LIGHT* ?

    23. Pamelas Creations Skinner

      Well what ever happened ????????

    24. Cuh Leannn

      Did you stay with the s20?

    25. Like a Boss

      Don't understand the point to these reviews,your obviously ingrained in the Apple eco system as most Americans are I see reviewing something that you'll never swap to as it's out of your mindset pointless.

      1. Rene Happi

        Most American's aren't 'ingrained' in the apple eco system. Individuals exist here as well.

    26. Laura Rodriguez

      Im switch my Apple ecosystem(Iphone XS, AppleWatch and AirPods2) to the Note 10+, Buds+ and Samsung Active and Im in love😍🥰

    27. Little Cham

      He went back to apple just shows how crappy android is

      1. Mr Chicken

        Nice joke

    28. Ozukum 003

      I wonder how many phones you have 🤔🤔?

    29. MrMonster1963

      please change your name if you have decided to become a Samsung fanboy

      1. Tech131

        MrMonster1963 he can do whatever he wants its his channel

    30. Mari Lakay

      Why would you buy iphone if some material parts are from Samsung.

    31. Bernard lopez

      Yeah yeah you said that last year

      1. SFS hunter

        The video is 5 months ago he hasn't said anything about changing to a iphone or a different phone he probably got a note 20 until the iPhone 12 probably

    32. Ujjal Ari

      Good movie 👌👌👍

    33. Ray Vinagro

      Typical than you’ll switch to the iPhone 12 max 𝖯𝗋𝗈 In Two months wait for the video

    34. Nugget boy Mark

      The cat in the back lol like hello 👁👄👁

    35. Gera Maria

      Update video please

    36. Gefry Dwiputra

      Are you still using s20?


        of course the apple sheep is not

    37. NoName

      Galaxy Z Flip, you can cut the screen with finger Nails!!!!

    38. NoName

      You can see, the 108 mpx sensor is catching less light! So I don't like more and more Pixels, I would appreciate only 16 mpx and Large Sensor!

    39. NoName

      I hate taller Displays, so better wider! You could buy then the S20+ if the bigger one woulb be too wide, so 20:9 Ratio is bullshit!!! I like the S10+, really Big, but Note 10+ is best, because it is bigger!

    40. MaRs

      you should make another youtube channel and name it everythingsamsungpro

      1. SFS hunter

        A channel sadly has that name

    41. W H

      Everything Apple Pro but it is Samsung. wtf

    42. Riley Swatridge

      omg i only switched to galaxy s10 plus 2 months ago and i definetly think battery is better lol

    43. James Gerboc

      So where is the 2 week follow-up video to this one to share your experience? I was hoping for real world comparison for iPhone users who are getting tired of iPhone and Apple.

    44. Solar Cj

      Samsung is just to good i switched to and no regrets at all battery ok this phone is to good of course snapdragon

    45. Speedy

      Woah comparing Raid to FF? YIKES

    46. Hungry Gun Shepherd

      That is my dream phone 😑😥

    47. Waseem Ahmed

      He never did switch to it

    48. yalda's reactions

      You should change your channel name to Every thing Galaxy ultra 😉😂😂

    49. Armando Gomez

      Of course I missed a giveaways smh


      You must say im switcing to s20 ultra not s20

    51. Aserox

      New channel name should be EverythingSamsungPro

    52. 210. rayy

      hey guys everythingsamsungpro here 😬

    53. mikakami93

      I'll switch to Note 20 soon lmao

    54. aaleeksii

      Sooooo where is the follow up?

    55. Adex Smith

      1:35 I’m switching to Samsung s20 but still advertising games on iphone 11

    56. DarkCynical

      @EverythingApplePro Can we get an update video on your thoughts about using the device as your daily driver so far? Also, love your videos, been a fan for a while. Keep killing it

    57. hadi saad

      Bruh the sales are wack since they decided to give all the world except usa canada and korea the exynos 990 which was super shit

    58. Anirudhh Raghavan

      Someone get this man a OnePlus!

    59. Diamond Diamond

      He never even uploaded a part 2 to this video 😒

    60. Tushet0

      Back gesture on S9 plus... Pretty happy :)

    61. Michael


    62. Visophea

      When you said: I like the way that I can place apps anywhere I want on android phones! Apple was like: nah I have to done it someday You was like: yhoo! That's what I want. Apple was like: your day android⚔ And we are: iphone copies android!🌚

    63. Tony Fuck

      I bought Galaxy Note 10, use it a month and return it right away. I also bought Galaxy S20 and return it after 1 month. What is wrong? 1. Picture always oversaturated 2. As a musician, Sound quality is not that good 3. No 3.5 headphone jack 4. Expensive as heck I own Macbook Pro and iMac, so don't think am broke just buying a phone for call, text and send email. 5. Battery is not good. I still use my Motorolla with 5,000 mAh battery for 2 years. My next one will be another Motorolla with 5,000 mAh battery. Huge battery is important because nowadays we can not replace the battery anymore. Yes we can but it's gonna be costly about $100 just for battery. So $200 is good for me and I'll replace the phone every other year.

    64. Hisham winsome


    65. Lava Yuki

      i had an iPhone XR which was stolen out of my hand, so now I'm forced to use an old Sony Xperia XZ3 I had as a backup travel phone. I find Android is ok but harder to use. At least it was a cheap phone so don't have to worry about it as much

    66. Rajib Nath

      Wtf r u man? Channel name says everythingapplepro & u r posting samsung videos like wtf is that man ???? For getting views ??? Seriously ??? Shit 😠

    67. Vincent Foronda

      2014: EverythingApplepro 2020: EverythingSamsungpro

    68. avraham cohen saban

      Why Apple is so good

    69. S. fashion_beauty

      Did anyone notice the cat?

    70. serbian 913

      Android is always better

    71. DanCarlN1

      He is getting puffer

    72. Walter

      so, what's your thoughts now?

    73. Valdas Netavo

      He comparing s20 ultra with trash? Dosent make any sense... Galaxy s4 have more features than iphone 11...

    74. preet

      When ur final review is coming?

    75. SANGIN 64

      You don't like 1 kind of phone u are only making videos of switching to phones only to fill ur youtube channel

    76. Alex Wang

      Have been watching your video for years. LOL you are the reason that I switch to iPhone. Now, Samsung???!!!

    77. Asp:er_person

      But the walled garden of Apple is prettier.

    78. Aaron


    79. Jared Mars

      Ummm.... u could use quick share. Its like the same thing as airdrop but for android.

    80. Jared Mars

      You should use the swipe up for buttons feature instead of the buttons on the bottom.

    81. Josh lk

      Where's the follow up btw?

    82. Lord N

      if apple will not include charger and earpods in the iphone 12 box i will switch to samsung too :D

      1. Chiefs Kingdom

        Are they really not going to include it?

    83. Alex Thieu

      I just got S20 Ultra from a XS Max and I’m digging the S20 Ultra!

    84. Im DhruboStation

      Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra is nothing but full of gimmicky features

      1. Josh 3204


      2. Mr Chicken

        true but the S20+ is perfect

    85. Sunder jala777

      so now every thing samsung ultra😂😂😂😂

    86. jabbaquest117

      Where's the follow up review??

    87. Emmanuel Ezenwere

      Shhhhhhhhh... Embrace Samsung & Android iOS. At this point Samsung is leading the iPhone in hardware and on par on the video shooting side. Meanwhile Android + One UI 2 >> iOS ( by a decade).

    88. SK 88

      The Z flip cops hate because its using s10 specs with a price point of a s20 ultra.. ill stick with my standard S20 thanks.

    89. Novak R

      Still waiting on the Galaxy S20 rebel cases 😪

    90. Ryan Lennox-Bradley

      As an Android user, Apple is the dark side. I will switch to mac within the next year or so because of final cut pro x.

    91. lophophorus

      Where is the 2 weeks review?

    92. Chris V

      Correction: you were in the dark side....and now coming to the light

      1. Alowaxy


      2. Joshua Skates

        @alx I agree and I don’t even have an android. I recently realised how much of a scam Apple is....I have an I phone 11 so I probably can’t switch to Samsung for a few years lmao rip

      3. Kashawn Coke

        @Slyden x yeah maybe that's your fault and not the phones

      4. LoCoz4 5

        @Anmol Raj nah

      5. Anmol Raj


    93. Edmond Loo

      I just bought the S20 Ultra with it's Samsung rugged black case. It's worth buying. The battery can last me for a whole day. It's useful for my work.....

    94. nicolas Boukas

      How long did you use the S20 ultra, honestly,

    95. Galaxy9dk


    96. Ye-ROC Hawkins

      Have you switched back yet lol? I just did the exact opposite, and iPhone is superior in almost every way.

    97. earlene mason

      Galaxy all the way

    98. youandi06

      Just bought my S20 ultra today. It is $2,300 in Canada here. Definitely the most expensive phone I've ever owned. And I'm going to baby the shit out of it. I have owned every series of galaxy up to the S20.

    99. Sean Barnes


    100. therealestmc85

      I am still rocking the 10 XS Max and it’s still as fast as ever. I plan on keeping it for a year or two.