Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max DROP Test!

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    $1,399 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs $1,099 iPhone 11 Pro Max Durability Drop Test. Gorilla Glass 6 vs 'Worlds Toughest Glass'.
    S20 Ultra vs 11 Pro Max Camera Test.
    S20 Ultra vs 11 Pro Max Speed Test.
    EXCLUSIVE iPhone 12 Leaks.
    S20 Ultra Giveaway (3x)
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    1. EverythingApplePro EAP

      Sorry for the really late upload & re-upload, have another video planned for later today. This video got corrupted on my S1H Tuesday and took a while to recover, sorry for the ending. Enjoy the carnage!

      1. Endy Soup

        Jerry rig everything’s famous quote “Glass is glass and glass brakes.”

      2. eni babs

        Please I have been trying to get one can you please give me than breaking it please.

      3. lheng castillo

        sir please give me

      4. Kiel Reyes

        EveryThingApplePro No Problem


      dont u want it pls give it to me😂💩 කක්කි💩

    3. Robert Wilson

      Why are you doing this test with screen protectors on? So your really only testing the screen protectors ability to help.

    4. ReconGamingYT

      Man 'glass is glass it will break'

    5. Khaila Salsabila

      11 pro max pretend to be strong until 7:23 oh dear

    6. ravi singh

      Stop braking you have to give money to them stop!!!’n

    7. Batuhan Çekiç

      2:47 (MERHABA) 😁🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    8. Hello Moto

      Or i phone11 pro max😊

    9. Hello Moto

      Hi Can you give me samsung galaxy s 20 gift😊

    10. ish the fish

      How much is the fixing cost for the s20fe 5G?

    11. 현한

      와 너무하네 감히 삼성을 던지다니 국봉이 있는데 자기들은 없음

    12. Sam okpuwara

      You guys are such haters. iPhones are better than Samsung. Common knowledge really. Even though my name is Sam 😂 I still prefer apple


      How much it cost to repair the back glass of samsung note 20 ultra?

    14. Bonnie Louk

      How to get them for my daddy

    15. Habib Mondol

      Nice video I am a poor student I have no phone for online classes This phone is my friend Bro please help me GOD BLESS YOU GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER please help me Brother please give me S20ultra phone Please help me GOD BLESS YOU

    16. pooper looper

      Apple biased

    17. Lecon Lance Widjaja

      10:39 Glass is Glass and Glass Breaks. Copied of Jerry.

    18. Sudhansu Sahu

      2:36 -> ohh that hurts 9:15 -> lets murder S20

    19. Sudhansu Sahu

      2:56 ASMR!

    20. Jaicya


    21. Fabianlewis6 Lewis

      Can I have the Samsung galaxy 20 please

    22. reviewfor thetube

      Durability isnt just about whats still pretty lol its about how much damage can it take and still work lol

    23. James B

      I came here after watching the iphone 12 drop test. OMG! I did not know that the S20 is so fragile. 10 ft for the iphone vs 3 ft for the S20

    24. MrScarlet000

      "it´s only a 100 dollars"

    25. Yi Hammond

      This is fake. I dont know how its in my recommendation... While just after finished watching note 20 ultra vs iphone 11 max pro drop test, iphone 11 max does break easily.. dude, your channel is huge, dont make fake content please.

    26. Jo Demyan

      Nice video hahahah watching on my s20 ultra right now the price tag on this thing was a big 🥺🥺🥺 but even since it made it to me in July or June I've had no issues with this phone other than a random hairline scratch pop up so am satisfied just gotta order some AKG buds

    27. George Franklin

      "Grass is Grass and it will break" - Jerry Zacks 2019.

    28. lvpelt

      I love how much he SUFFERS

    29. marieta Montanez

      Smartphone is great I like it

    30. Daffer Donk

      I see the new iPhone 12 really is tougher than the s20 pro not to hate on Samsung btw they make awesome stuff

    31. ArchGamer

      JerryRigEverything is so unique that many other channels copy his words, his phone bending stuff and other things. Good job Zack!!!

    32. shannon monchery

      See the iphone took a fall right onto the face from uptop and stopped working samsung on didnt if it did it would have stopped working prove me wrong

    33. Matt

      I like this comparison and real results. Some channel, post results, they add additional knocks on iphone 11 pro with hammer and shows the “other” phone minimal scratches.

    34. Harsh Singh

      9:30 Iphone back breaks. Everything apple pro: There we go finally.

    35. Harsh Singh

      7:30 Iphone screen finally breaks. Everything apple pro: okk, we're good.

    36. Felicia Scegiel

      idk why but i find this satisfying

    37. Stephen Langston

      I literally dropped my note 10+ from 45 ft up onto a piece of steel at the bottom of a crane and the phone still works perfectly couple of screen cracks and shattered the back. I don't know if that attests to the capability of the note 10+ its self or the otterbox defender pro. But either way it happened

    38. marwan deifalla

      iPhone 11 pro

    39. Rocky Cookie

      Where is the Galaxy note 20 ultra video?

    40. josh mwaniki

      I wish he blessed me with the iPhone 11 pro. I would have appreciated so much being the fact that the iPhone 11 pro is my dream phone.I hope this reaches you EverythingApplePro!

    41. Jimmy Grant

      Samsung: gorilla glass 6 JerryRigEverything: Glass is glass and glass breaks

    42. Nadia Dias

      It funny how I’ve seen a video with doing the same thing and the iPhone cracked instantly while the Samsung only had minor cracks

    43. Jacob Nunya

      Why would you want a phone covered in glass anyways? I would think having the phone covered in glass would make people less likely to buy it.

    44. Secret Gamer

      3:14 Iphone land s on the back and in slow mo lands on display but then he picked the iphone from the back??

    45. Mk Player1245

      I feel ya buddy I dropped my S20 ultra and it stopped working

    46. Twayne Nguyễn

      What did we learn? Use protection, guys.

    47. Muhammedh Usama

      oh man im starving for phone mean while ur breaking those tht hurts :(

    48. BASS 4 YOU

      Bro i think Apple is drunk samsung note 20 is the world most powerful mobile

    49. SlimjimTheTallboyGaming

      The exact reason cases exist

    50. Haunt King

      those phones could have been my !!!

    51. Alan nicholas

      My dream is dring a iphone max❤️

    52. Alan nicholas

      U give one mobile to me

    53. Alan nicholas

      Brother you are dropping moblies and money makeing I am no money and no good mobile 😭

    54. AayushSharma •

      Should I go for Iphone 101 Or Galaxy 1001 ? Suggestions will be appreciated

    55. Angel Almendral

      LOL iphone with the strongest glass..yeah right hahaha - but not working hahaha

    56. Sercan Öğütmen

      00:25 what a case! Please link for sale


      this is cheat in all the others samsung wins you support apple

      1. REHAN SHAMS

        i am sorry i didnt see the last

    58. Challum Jay Manceras

      How to get one of that ? 😒🤭🤤😔

    59. swaynie2000

      Unfair test the s20 screen would fatigue more than the apples because the apple had a proper glass protector and not a thin film like the s20.

    60. Riversidechat

      The iPhone didn’t crack fast but when it did it completely broke...the android still worked. Idk about you but I’d rather have a broken android that works. This guy is kinda bias lmao

    61. DmanGameBoy `

      Actually, Jerry said "glass is glass, and glass breaks"

    62. Linet K

      If I was to choose between the two, I'm going with the s20. My whole LIFE is on my phone, I don't wanna drop my phone by accident then be stuck somewhere with nowhere to go

    63. Raymond Marks

      lost all credibility for me 3:12-3:16 bias bastard.. used different I phones. insta report of a video dude swapped out phones lol lol

    64. Sadeq Habibi

      Still, iPhone is the best

    65. AnaS Elmi


    66. SongsPlusMoreTonk Yeah

      It hurts me when he drops them

    67. ivin joseph


    68. lheng castillo

      iphone 11 pro max give away po sa akin

    69. lheng castillo


    70. Claudio Tactical GHOST

      Deu pra ver qe trapaceou ao largar o s20 iltra mas o resultado foi pior no iphone 11 pro max kkkk.

    71. Claudio Tactical GHOST

      iphone 11 pro max dead s20 ultra wins! kkkkkkkkk

    72. Kaleab Tadesee

      give me iphone 11

    73. Kaleab Tadesee

      how much money is s20

    74. BigSkylar

      This test sucks you started with a glass screen protector on the iPhone and the free plastic one on S20.... Real test both with no screen protectors.. which THwikisr PhoneBuff did this and iPhone 11 pro max died on the first drop....well the back screen cracked right away

    75. Putra Ifwan

      I want iphone 11 pro max

    76. Cale British

      Kid: Mom where's my apple? Mom: I put in the Samsung fridge..

    77. DKGhettoSange

      *“Glass is glass and it breaks”*

    78. nino geankarlo antonio

      S20 ultra is more durable than iphone

    79. Colin Anderson

      So disappointed in the Samsung

    80. hdoesYT

      I seen a different drop test on iPhone 11 pro max, this looks fake

    81. uboq

      8:11 he was like the apples screen died, the samsung is alive and works well but apples glass is better

    82. uboq

      7:32 he was like: "oh no uhhhh should we cut and put a new iphone? No? But? We are apple lovers... not the first time apple lost? Ok ill not cut"

    83. Unnati Patel

      I hate s20 ultra... I have S20 ultra and it fell down from my hand and it broken...

    84. João Matos

      When we will have a iPhone 11 Pro vs note 20 ultra and note 20 drop test ?

    85. Sherri D

      Well I got 11 pro max stuck with it Love to have the ultra I should Waited I paid cash for it sigh 😔

    86. biggy sue

      Try The note 20 ultra gorilla victus vs iphone 11 pro

    87. H Herbst

      S20 ultra winner?

    88. Turbo House

      This guy still wanna side for the iphone even though it doesn't work🤦‍♂️😂

    89. Haseeb Hussain

      Id rather the glass breaks than the internals such as digitizer and shit, glass is cheaper to replace, digitizer you may aswell buy a new phone

    90. sohail razvi

      No iPhone drop was accurate

    91. Muhammad Ali

      Brother give us a iPhone please or will also like subscribe to your vodeo

    92. Gamer Natz

      If you look clearly in the replay 3:06 samsung S20 hits the floor while the screen is facing the ground Also if you look at iphone 11 at 3:15 you can clearly see that iphone hits the ground from the side and the screen is not facing the ground.

    93. Devils Play

      Please make drop test of ROG 3

    94. HenatiLover69

      So many unfair advantages for the iPhone 11 pro Max and the Samsung still won....

    95. Tabbers

      Waiting for the new Gorilla Glass BS. Supposed to be waaay better

    96. Saim Mushtaq

      And when you were at the ground iPhone 11 Pro Take- ed a time ok

    97. Saim Mushtaq

      And iPhone 11 Pro is going out good ok

    98. Saim Mushtaq

      Galaxy s20 ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max They Both have 3 cameras

    99. Soua

      I have a smart battery case for my pro max, can u do a drop test with the battery case to see how durable the case is. Or can u tell me with the case being a battery, and has a little weigh to, if I drop my phone, will the case break or crack? TIA...

    100. J. E.