Fresh iPhone 12 Leaks! Crazy 2020 Features & iOS 13.3 Beta 1!

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    The 2020 iPhone 12 will be revolutionary! Smaller/no notch, 120Hz always on display, 5G, triple layer logic board & more rumors! Also iOS 13.3 beta 1 released, full review!
    My AirPods Pro Review.
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    Phone Rebel Cases.
    Ben Geskin Leaker: BenGeskin
    Wallpapers source: AR72014
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    1. Anonymous Wolf

      not even close 😂

    2. Zed

      lol same big notch

    3. Firdaus Zainal

      Shrink it

    4. Duanbert Gomez

      Fuck you 🖕🖕

      1. Ronin Nib

        No problem

      2. Matthew Jean-Gilles


      3. Ronin Nib


    5. Okay Google


    6. Magic Carft Fox

      Comments 4.2K

    7. Bunny Kook

      People: getting iphone 11 Everything apple pro: I have some 2022 apple product leaks

    8. Bunny Kook

      Me: gets XS day it comes out Everything apple pro: ok! We are done with the XS we are going into iPhone 11 Me: gets iPhone 11 day it comes out Everything apple pro: ok!! We are done with the iPhone 11 let’s go onto the 12!! Me: WTF MAN

    9. Bunny Kook

      Apple: this is the new iPhone 11 pr- Everything apple pro: TIME FOR A NEW PHONE

    10. Raj sugu


    11. Scott Bartram

      It’s all looking great for Apple now Apple are back again!!

    12. Voxo Diaz

      When will Apple Watch have FaceID?

    13. Shiny’s Nightcore Studio

      3:50 me before I eat mcdonalds 7:35 me after I eat mcdonalds

    14. A-1

      Fuck apple and here high price was phones they don't care about know one but to break you dumbasses that don't pay your bills but buy and apple phone. I'm Samsung any day all day they care look at all the phones they make there not 1100 dollars or more.

    15. teetehi

      Once they remove the notch it will go back into my upgrade cycle

    16. Bethany Traylor

      All works well. Pro tip, take the plastic screen protector from the factory off before trying to call or you and the person you're talking to will be frustrated. All works well, iOS transfer is great for mirroring devices. Camera was actually less clear than expected. Shots seem very grainy and not high quality when sending to other devices with higher resolution screens.

    17. Rajib Sharif Rafi


    18. Khoa Nguyen

      They better remove the fucking stupid notch or else they better not be bitching when their company goes bankrupt

    19. MultiverShaun

      2019: pro max 20000 pro max s lite + abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    20. Stold


    21. Auxiouss

      I personally want them to keep face id. I love face id I dont care if its slower than touch id I hate touch Id

    22. Zobaida Gulshan


    23. vHypnotic

      This iphone never came out you know why cause it’s weird

    24. TheLillee00723

      If apple allowed true multitasking to use all that power I’d switch back, but I love being able to watch THwikis and surf amazon at the same time

    25. ច័ន្ទ សុផាដាណេ

      If they use wireless charger u can’t no long playing game while charging. No I dun want that

    26. Francesco Gatta

      ArE YoU saYinG ThAt No oNe usEs MeMojiS???? I USE THEEMMMM

    27. Malak Abuhajar

      what so does this means the phone comes with AirPods!

    28. YEET

      🎛⬜️⬜️ ⬜️🍎⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️

    29. Austin se

      When it comes to apple the design leaks are kinda not useful because it's barely changed until 10yrs later

    30. Mackenzie Bircher

      Apple should make the new phone only wireless chargeable. This would get rid of another port for water to get into which would make it even more water- resistant.

    31. zagf xdg

      should i buy the 11 pro or should i wait for the 12? please suggest me somebody

    32. Ferricity AMV

      At first - people hate on the Apple rear camera look. But when I see one personally it gives status symbol aura. Fuckin apple bro

    33. Walid Hijaz

      I’m getting this phone can’t wait till September

    34. Bionic Gamer

      You know what they say: An apple a year makes your money disappear!🤣

      1. JJ _Waccy

        An apple a day keeps the poor away

    35. Chris Carroll

      If they put touch ID under the screen, have a Quad Camera on the back I think it would look better symmetrically. I don't like the placement with the iPhone 11 pro's cameras it's kills my OCD, and removes the notch all together and place the camera and face ID system in the top bezel to Co exist with touch ID. Then I would switch back to apple. And possibly make their software more interactive with their Interface through a iOS 14 update. Its really out of date and could use a refresh.

    36. Nicholas Jainath

      yoo bro u gotta sort out these ads every 2 minutes its doing my head in...

    37. Alexis Imagine

      The iPhone 11 just came out?!

    38. Sir_BusinessNinjaYT

      ummm, well i can see the glasses happening , i doubt it will be very popular because not everyone is going to want to wear glasses.

    39. josh lloyd

      3:30 can’t get rid of the notches my guy that’s where the call speaker is

    40. Be The FUTURE

      2020 : portless phone 2069 : phone less phone

    41. Shahar Rozenbloom

      Ginius Designer

    42. Zang Gaming

      So, if apple doesn’t have a charging hole. Then will they release AirPods right from the box?

    43. Rupert Pupkin

      Hello. Sorry if this is off topic, but I have a brand new IPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB. Problem is, the phone keypad sound won’t shut off. Even after going to “Sounds and Haptics” and turning the sound off for the keypad. Does anyone know how to correct this or how to notify Apple of the issue ? So, even though I have display brightness turned all the way up, my screen automatically dims to 50% all the time ! I tried texting Apple support to no avail. They are clueless and it’s a waste of time talking to them. Am I expecting to much for a Phone that costs as much as a car die payment ? 🤔

    44. Spindash Studios

      What the iPhone XII looks like (I like using romenumerals) 🎛⬜️⬜️ ⬜️🍎⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️ What the iPhone XII will look like: 🎛🎛🎛 🎛🍎🎛 🎛🎛🎛 🎛🎛🎛

    45. Ash T Iron

      We need better slow motion from Apple please 👍🤔🤒🤒🤒🤒

    46. Jagger

      Sounds cool, get a OnePlus 7t pro lol

      1. Jagger

        *Pro version also

    47. Valiant N

      Aww I want the USB c not only wireless charging unless if it comes with the wireless charger

    48. Dakota Billingsley

      I love your Channal I’m going to buy the case

    49. Faisal Chowdhury


    50. NagoL67 - Krunker

      Gezz Apple, I love the new stuff you’re bringing but, cant you make it more obvious you’re money hungry

    51. LIRR 39 The G5s

      Now I’m an Apple user but there is literally no difference 😂😂

    52. Bryan Christian Dianco

      honestly, all of your leaks are faulty. lmfao accept the fact that apple will have the same design until idk.

    53. AbbyHatcherSuperMarioSonic&trueandbatrleby AUTTP

      Make Every iPhone Compression 2020! Please

    54. UncreativelyDani

      Wait soooo I should wait for the iPhone 12 now haha 😂

    55. Box Herold

      why do all these tech review guys in youtube say A. R. M. it’s just pronounced arm

    56. Mzwandile Harmans

      I don’t mind the notch, all I care about is that Face ID

    57. riv

      *switches to android*

    58. Lawi Vlog

      The best iPhone in 2019 11 Pro max I hope I win.. to your giveaway I really like iPhone

    59. Drew Himmelberger

      Apple be like: We have triple cameras, we need triple stack

    60. 1k Frxxmann

      This why I fucks with apple heavy

    61. Timmy Stitch

      Who else miss Brandon tang

    62. ItsMeJoshyT

      Could Apple not bring sleep tracking to older Apple Watch models? I have the Series 5 and I don’t see why not? 🤔

    63. Frans Immelman

      2:26 what is that in his left window walking😱

      1. Dion _________

        Would you be surprised to know that windows let you see through them and that maybe the moving thing was a person walking outside😭

    64. Ferry Sezen

      The iPhone 2020 will not change externally, just the hardware and 6 camera lenses. According to rumors, no changes to the design until 2022. Price is more expensive. The iPhone breaks the upper limit for the model with 64 GB starting from 1650 $.

    65. Varsha Aravind

      When is it coming out though like next year or.....

    66. Henry Chen

      When you legit just bought a 11

    67. Arsh X

      When iphone first came out it was all about simplicity and comfort. Now I’m having a headache just watching these stuff

    68. King Willi Slayter

      Why not get us all of this. But with an IPhone9 ?!’👀

    69. Scott Amon

      I still rock iPhone 5S. I am so behind.

    70. Glen_ Gorblin696

      This better have a headphone jack

    71. Imran Shaik

      I hate apple notch. I thought Iphone 12 would be bezelless

    72. Rosie Army

      This is iPhone 11

    73. Kaung Set Lin Htike

      Plz change camera annoying zzzz

    74. Christian Castro

      I just bought my first ever iPhone ever (iphone11promax) and here I am watching this video lol.

    75. - Gacha Dylan -

      iPhone 30: 🎛🎛🎛 🎛🎛🎛 🎛🍎🎛 🎛🎛🎛 🎛🎛🎛

    76. Kyme513

      I'll consider buying it if it doesn't have any notches

    77. L F

      already talking about the next iphone? get a life bruh 😂

    78. X-gamer Pro


    79. Madan Singh

      Very simple but is very important voice call recording is missing for me I need it thanks

    80. Vibez

      Can you be patient my nigga

    81. G

      I still love my iphone 7 fits perfectly in my hand

      1. Dylan Raper

        Geraint Jones I have a 7 too and I agree

    82. Andrei Stefan

      When comeing iPhone 12?

    83. Mor M21

      The biggest thing I hope is that they get rid of the notch, also including the fingerprint scanner like the S10 plus and also including customization of things like the swiping. Over all improving the design, if they get rid of the notch I will buy the iPhone 12 instead of the 11 pro max

    84. Kristian Larsen

      How about a standard always on display on every iPhone back to the 10 - the peasants one without 1080P?! Apple is trash

    85. Basim Suhail

      Any new updates..? No updates for the last 3 weeks.

    86. Rodrigo Berdan

      I love iPhone since birth

    87. Zarul Uzumaki

      Next what Bubble tea phone

    88. Rashaad TV

      It’s too early for This Shitt

    89. Göld 86

      Hope they bring back iPhone 4 look & how to take rear glass off slide off & get rid of the camera bump on bump if it’s getting thicker who cares about notch get rid of bump stupid design having a big bump then another camera bump come on EAPro voice this for us please they listen to ur channel & we need a flush new 2020 iPhone bumpless

    90. ChillRainbwoah _Pleb

      I’m expecting 200 cameras on iPhone 13 Don’t let me down Apple

    91. geetanjali vaishnav

      hi i really need help in letting me knoe which iphone should i buy for a long term cause there are already so many coming up and so many options and getting expensive too.

    92. MrKevinTaco

      Forget iPhone 12 when is iPhone 9 coming out?

    93. Zaphod Stone

      I have the 8 plus and I’m not getting the 11, I’m waiting on the 12 because the leaks have been very promising

      1. JORI

        Or just buy a s20 ultra

      2. Ruby Endara


    94. Boze Commentator

      2024Iphone: No Lightning Port No Headphone Jack No Camera No Screen No Wifi No Mic No Antenna’s

      1. Whis 79

        Boze Commentator Every other phone companies: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

    95. Camry Hunt

      Imagine a iPhone with 20 cameras 😆

    96. Alan Lee

      you know iphone been long time dint actually do any upgrade... i only want apple add golden spiral ratio grid....come on it simple

    97. Danny Killian

      2020:Refreshed iPhone design, new consoles, , Apple ar glasses... my parents wallet:😟

    98. justin jay

      my apps opening slow slow..dumb

    99. Pràgyan

      I just fell the 2020 iPhone will be called iPhone 11s

    100. Miguel Mendoza

      Who here has the iPhone 11