Final iPhone 9 Leaks, iOS 13.4.5 Beta 1 & iPhone 12 Fall Release!

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    Final iPhone 9 feature leaks & release date! iOS 13.4.5 beta 1 released with a few changes, iPhone 12 news, more iOS 14 & WWDC 2020 leaks.
    Last iPhone 12 Leaks.
    Giveaway Instructions.
    Follow @phonerebel on insta, like & comment on latest post.
    2020 iPad Pro Bend Test & Teardown.
    Jon Prosser (Leaks Source)
    Max Weinbach (iOS 14 Leaks Source).
    iMac Concept (Viktor Kadar)
    AR7 Wallpapers used in scenes.

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    1. axcell555

      Where's iPhone 9 you were talking about??

    2. random person 1216

      Who else watching on the new se

    3. 8834

      Fun fact: *You didn't check when the video was made*

    4. Gibin Blogger

      Hello sir I love i phone plus I have no money😢😢😢 please give a i phone plus please 😢😢😢

    5. Mark Evangelista

      Hope that i can buy those stuff ..😥 cant afford it.. i wish i have an apple phone😥

    6. OptimalOreo

      Im the 1000th person to have iphone se 2

    7. karthik

      keep posting

    8. ifikhar kazmi

      You are always pre informed

    9. Aaron Rodriguez

      Ok but why is he so hot 😩

    10. Eli Anderson

      why are you giving away S20´s? this is everythingapplepro, not androidpro

    11. Nokia_ 1112_


    12. PeekGamingCx

      “Done” “iPhone SE entry” “Color: product red” “Why: i have a refurbished iPhone 5 and it’s slowing down and the battery drains fast I would really appreciate it if I won the giveaway but I know I will never win :((“

    13. abauna smith

      Samsung j4+ Ultra

    14. abauna smith

      Hi i have samsung j4+ idea,s please hear it

    15. Beast mode



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    17. Arabindhu Madhu


    18. Kukonic

      *There won’t be an iPhone 9*

    19. Thandar Aye

      So when is it coming out like the date?is it in April or May

    20. Collin Anderson

      Is the CARIBBEAN excluded for the iPhone give away? #loveapple #loveiphone #neediphone

    21. Gedeon Silvestre

      Ughhhh Iphone SE ❤️

    22. Zibran Khan


    23. T2xpal6t G

      I need it

    24. Light Fusion

      Should I buy a iPhone 11 (I have a 6s) or wait for the new phones to drop

    25. Nithin Sai

      How many of you are here on/ after April 15

    26. Adomas Adomas

      Apple: Releases the iPhone 12 EverythingApplePro: Exclusive iPhone 14 leaks!

    27. Caitlin Brown

      im never updating my phone ever again

    28. Jhonz Reyes

      Iphone 9??? But 11 is already out, why are they going backwards??🤣


      Hey..bro,how are you?

    30. Bumpy

      my brother thinks this is an april fools joke can u confirm that it is real?

    31. Jerrico Elizalde

      Iphone 9 coming out Me watching this vid on my SE

    32. Junior Cruz

      Who else got distracted looking at his arms’ vains? 🤔

      1. Jason montez

        Junior Cruz ME ! 😂😂🤪🤗

    33. morgan wright

      Soon as I just upgrade from my 6s to the iPhone 11 they come out with another phone should have just waited

    34. Lieni

      Bruh I just want Apple to slow the fuck down.

    35. squinty36

      I’ve not got any cases for the iPhone yet in my dept at Best Buy, I wonder if my store is going to get them or not on launch date

    36. ItzdaCheeks

      Lol 😂 am still using iPhone 6s

    37. Uηkησωη Boy

      Thnx bro, for info😊

    38. Robert Oteyza

      I'm so excited❤

    39. Big Werm

      And in further news I'm getting a 6 tmw

    40. Ryan McPherson

      You posted this on April fools day. You are lying

    41. that one short person

      Apple needs to slow down, i’m tryna catch up😅

    42. jaay min

      me watching this knowing im using Android looool

    43. Sankor Biswas

      Iphone 9 wow

    44. wong 2750

      Can’t wait, been keeping it in the back of my head

    45. Kayla fernandez

      It’s Joe fucking goldberg 😩😍😍😍😍😍

    46. WHITE9

      @EverythingApplePro great contents pretty much every time, and we get that you want to make as much money as possible, but PLEASE (!) cut down on the adds! 😖

    47. ʟɪɴᴅᴀ

      I have had an iPhone 6 for like 3-4 years now and all my friends have like all the newest iPhones and I’m here just sitting there silently listening to music with my earphones while they have AirPods 😐😂

    48. Brendan Armolea

      What was he saying about the messages? Emotes? 💀

    49. Adly Hakim

      Wait, why I can't share my music to Instagram Story? How did you do that?

    50. Randy Rivera

      Anyone else having issues with the “There’s a problem loading this content” error on the Apple TV app for downloaded content on 13.4.1?

    51. Ian Wong


    52. 23meterbridge

      y dont they put the notch in the vessles

    53. Ritam Biswas

      Gift 🎁me i phone.... Plzz brother 😭😭😭😭😭

    54. Ernie Bryan Reyes

      Wasn’t listening. Was focusing with those biceps.

    55. ADI BØY

    56. era khan


    57. Reid Ulberg

      i reckon the sides should be flat like the ipad

    58. Chris Bodall

      Looking swoll

    59. zoey neal.

      Dang I just got the 11 in January

    60. Loganator

      these "leaks" are not true do not support this person because they are fake.

    61. PhostageFRFX

      I hate iPhones

    62. laurageous

      Bruh I just bought my new phone...

    63. Mason Jodoin MJ

      I Did All The Instructions For The S20 Ultra Giveaway

    64. Cinema Sage

      @EverythingApplePro Those arms are yoked dude !

    65. Priyo Konok bhai

      Apple is good thinking for camera

    66. Jaime Montiel

      IOS beta

    67. Aban Anwar

      To all the people who are watching with an iPhone 6😭

    68. Jenathen T

      I would love a new phone as mine is 5 years old and can’t use it for too long.

    69. Jeth ro

      That new iPhone i hope she is 5G Ready.

    70. Tessia Fox

      Ok but why does Apple feel the need to release a new phone every year?

    71. 16 WHALE

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    72. Yasuicide

      Still stuck at iphone 4s 👁👄👁

    73. LosIrizarryz Gamez


    74. Alyssa Mae Pascua


    75. Lars Dennert

      iPhone 9. Same as the 8s, 7s, 6s. Doesn't do anything new. Software the same. Koolaid.

    76. Cemot x0x

      I need iphone pliss give for me🙏🙏

    77. Tv Stand

      I wanna ask about AirPower or what is it I really want to know about it

    78. Michael Cotterell

      Absolute GOAT for Apple news

    79. Crip Rick

      Who has a blue XR?

    80. Fatmanur Okur

      ıphone entry"done"

    81. borhungary

      When will the giveaway winner be announced ?

    82. WalmartGoodGas

      dont know if I should buy the 11pro right now or wait for the 12

    83. EJL 96

      Hello. Can someone please help me. I've found a glitch on my Xs ios 13.4 | where and how do I report it?

    84. Carlos Lewis

      iPhone 9 is shipping April 22nd

    85. borhungary

      When do you think will checkra1n be available for iPhone XS/IOS13.4?

    86. Hani Gold Dubai

      There is new leeks 😉

    87. For Your Consideration

      Will they continue updating the diarrhea app??

    88. Angel Supnet

      I don't know if you have chose the winner for the giveaway but plz know that I really do need a phone mine lags and dies really fast it's hard for me to do my school work on it because I have to keep it on the charger and then it over heats I take good care of it, it doesn't even have any cracks maybe a few minor scratches but other than that it's fine I really do take care of it and i would take good care of the S20 Ultra the phone i have now is the Samsung Galaxy j7 and I've had it for almost 5 years please just consider me for the give away i watch all of your videos on THwikis and i like all of your photos on Instagram please i really do need a phone and I'm not just saying it because I want one but o really do need one and I don't want to ask my dad for one he struggles with money as it is and I can't get a job right now because of the virus and well I am still in high school and I can't keep up with the online work because my phone lags and dies really fast I would be really grateful like honestly you wouldn't know the feeling I wouldn't even know what to say just plzz I really don't know if you've even read my other comments but if you have what I said is true

    89. sibbat ul hassan

      Can you give me iPhone you have many because I make THwikis video and I use iPhone 5s camera seriously I’m not lying please please

    90. Satya Bhanja

      Superb news

    91. Reyhan Bekdemir

      I would loveee to win the samsung s20 💖💖💖💖

    92. Jonny Jetblack

      This guy should probably start another channel doing videos about android devices because apple is just falling apart and apple just won't be worth making videos on anymore.

    93. Zameel

      I hope I win the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra🔥🔥I swear on God, I am not telling you this so that you would choose me as the winner, I would buy the Crystal Case for it @phonerebel @everythingapplepro I HAVE FOLLOWED EVERYTHING AS YOU SAID, I HAVE LIKED AND COMMENTED ON ALL YOUR RECENT POSTS, WILL ALWAYS DO THE SAME IN THE FUTURE 👍👍So please, I request you from the bottom of my heart, please choose me as the winner for the giveaway, please... 😐😐

    94. Zameel

      I hope I win the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra🔥🔥I swear on God, I am not telling you this so that you would choose me as the winner, I would buy the Crystal Case for it @phonerebel @everythingapplepro I HAVE FOLLOWED EVERYTHING AS YOU SAID, I HAVE LIKED AND COMMENTED ON ALL YOUR RECENT POSTS, WILL ALWAYS DO THE SAME IN THE FUTURE 👍👍So please, I request you from the bottom of my heart, please choose me as the winner for the giveaway, please... Please man....

    95. Ignacio Gavilanes

      can I have the iPhone

    96. Stephen Newell

      Pick me s-20✊🏻

    97. xXx_william12_xXx

      Me: aight ima go to sleep EAP: somethings wrong, i can feel it

    98. cooc murphy

      Have the 11 can’t wait to get 12

      1. JrBudgetTech

        i have the xs max cant wait for the 12 pro! i did a full review check it out

    99. Tech, Vlogs n' Gaming

      You called call them Airphones lol


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