Exclusive iPhone 12 Pro Leaks! Final Design, 120Hz Hope & iOS 14 Beta 6!

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    The Final iPhone 12 camera design, real notch leak, 120Hz ProMotion displays might happen, battery life specs, prices & more exclusive leaks! + iOS 14 Beta 6 new features review.
    Phone Rebel Cases Now In Stock!
    iPhone 12 Clone Unboxing.
    Last Fresh iPhone 12 Leaks.
    Max Weinbach (leaks source)
    Jon Prosser (iPhone 12 Leaks)

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    1. tharindu roashan

      After 12 launch Came here to watch what you right and wrong 😑

    2. Mason 美生

      Yeah 120Hz did not happen. Can't trust iAppleTimes(3:17).

    3. Aaron Williams

      iphone 4 vibes

    4. Jakob Baker

      can’t wait to see a big physically upgrade from the X like a very small if not no notch, until then i ain’t upgrading

    5. Tariqul Islam

      IPhone 12 pro may i know the finale release seat..?

    6. Jeff Leblanc

      They said no 120 I read in news yeasterday

      1. Kasper Hansen

        yea yesterday. This vid is 3-4 weeks old. He already made a new vid about the no 120hz already.

    7. Szymon Brylewski

      All thanks to jpc_hacker on Instagram he help me update my iOS in a chip rate and he is involved in all kind of Jobs

    8. Welco

      Biden - “a black man invented the iPhone”

    9. Les Zani


    10. Les Zani


    11. Les Zani


    12. Les Zani


    13. Les Zani


    14. Edgar Sanchez

      Starting price $100000

    15. My Name Is Earl

      airpods! 🤔

    16. mhel cedrick alvarezortega

      Can I have some iPhone from you please any units it's ok please iwish that you will notice me

    17. Jose Olvera

      Beautiful!!!!! 🙏

    18. John Arvin Sarno

      if that was the design i will stay on my iphone 11 pro max. 😑 its just same.

    19. Jonathan Reyes

      I have the Xs max, this is fucking trash lmaoo probably gonna wait until the 14th gen with these slow ass updates

    20. Eisensau

      Where are the 4 lenses?

    21. Judson Garr

      So basically the 11 but a few minor upgrades? gotcha

    22. Ace Nyc

      I just got the 11 a few days ago😂

    23. Aljon Bogz

      So excited.

    24. iReeview

      Can't wait for this even if I don't have money to buy it. Lol 🤑😪

    25. Cristi G

      Opened your video, watched 5 adds, left.

    26. intasam4 intasam

      All same apple products I use canon photography quality better camera

    27. Justin Oh

      Still no touch id despite the pandemic?

    28. Hemanshu Sah

      sir when iphone 12 will lunch in dubai plz tell me

    29. gaby michelle

      I’m praying and crossing everything for the 120hzzzzz

    30. Darryl McKillop

      At 3:25, you said debilitating, you meant DELIBERATING. One means to be seriously impaired, the other means to be carefully considering.

    31. ste prof

      We won’t upgrade much but we will go back in time with the style and go with square edges again 😂 iPhone 17 pro leak will be welocome to 2025 we have gave it a curved edge like in 2020 👀

    32. Love Asharaf


    33. Love Asharaf


    34. U.N. Owen

      +EverythingApplePro; that ANYONE Cates about such bullshit as a products' (possible) future iterations is, well, pathetic. As for you; hey, there's nothing bad about giving an addict a 'taste', but you - and anyone else who isn't an owner of Apple (it's stock or as an employee, or any else), that's another story. You're a bottom-feeder.

    35. arya 123

      I think i just felt in love

    36. OllieTheEpic 99

      Does anyone have the wallpaper in 1:07 ??

    37. Paul Njeru

      I hope and doubt that apple will make a 4g only iphone 12. That is way too fragmented for the iPhone line

    38. Cleopatra TROPHY WIFE


    39. fouoii gyhh

      "USB-C is finally happening, guys!" 😂

    40. safetydown

      3:26 Debilitating?!? Bruh, it's called deliberating...haha @EverythingApplePro

    41. Hamza

      Man that square camera orientation looked sick

    42. Hamza

      Props to Jon Prosser for being the only one with hope for 120 hz

      1. fouoii gyhh

        Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    43. Amanda in Japan

      Another ugly phone... Almost same as the 11 series.... And that notch 😣

    44. BuckBack

      Apple's small batteries can't handle 120hz

    45. Jumpman23

      Buy some $AAPL

    46. Wilfred Tam

      Apple plans everything to make me pay more. I was wondering if they would cut the iPhone XR another $100 and make it $499. But I guess it would be too close to the iPhone SE sale price. I hate the SE. It feels like the SE could have just had the Xr Body with the bigger battery. I'll just have to hold onto my iPhone 7 and see what other iPhones might be in the $400-500 range.

    47. Doraimo Gaming

      I spend my most of time in ''Recording","Gameplay","Editing and Uploading.I need all my Brothers and Sisters support🙏....

    48. AuC

      we are just a week away aren't there any more leakssss pls say 120 Hz is a thing 8 Sep is my bday and my parents are gonna buy me a new phone... and I want the 12 pro

    49. Unknown People

      Ios 13.6.1 jailbreak plz plz plz..❤️❤️❤️ Love from Inida

    50. AuC

      dude, do you know how much we await for your videos bro please upload more frequently plsplsplsplslpsplssplspsps

    51. Preoximerias

      Another iPhone release year and another disappointment.

    52. Rayan Alawaji

      اكو عرب

    53. Kenneth Lyons

      When is the Apple event

    54. M B

      They are going to call the 2021 iPhone, the iPhone 7

    55. logtec 11

      PHONE REBEL CASE WHEN ? TO Iphone 12 pro?

    56. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    57. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    58. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    59. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    60. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    61. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    62. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    63. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    64. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    65. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    66. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    67. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    68. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    69. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    70. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    71. Make It Colourful

      Plz give me an iphone 7 Country -sri lanka

    72. Magnum Revolver


    73. Surekha

      Im waiting for iPhone 12 series launch in India 😂😂so that I can finally buy iPhone 11 in price drop

    74. Dtctv Ylow

      Man.. when the iPhone 12 comes out, I will lose my title of having the newest iPhone :(

      1. Dtctv Ylow

        @MabelHernandez But my data is saved there, I can’t backup because my ICloud is somewhat broken, I need to transfer the data directly, not via iCloud, or iCloud backups.

      2. Mabel Hernandez

        Just trade in your phone for the iPhone 12 lol.

    75. Hong Ziun

      iphone 26: get the blueprint buy the parts yourself

    76. Kakaश्री Gaming

      I always search for everything Apple pro on the search bar and I always get disappointed 😞 😒 😔...Coz U update so late or have nothing new.....Would love to see you upload more..🙏🙏🙏

    77. atul bharshankar

      Awaiting for new video

    78. Flows. YT

      Is he dead 1 week no upload

    79. Muhammad Riyan

      Can you give me one 😔 Your rich but I'm poor but my dream is to get a any iphone

      1. Muhammad Riyan

        @No One 😔😔😔

      2. No One


    80. tommy lee

      your so slow bro galaxy tab 7 plus and zfold 2 came out please be active or people see you as bias

    81. Mr. Jedi

      I’m not even upgrading its not worth it

    82. psulion31

      Gave up 4 weeks ago, after hearing them taking away charger and increasing the price, and no 120 Hz. Holding my Note 20 Ultra. Make the switch y’all, it’s F-ing awesome.

    83. Bernard Houston

      My guy we need the Apple Watch update!!!!

    84. bofooit gojo

      Claim your “Here before 1 million views” ticket here

    85. Paddy- Cake

      Come on

    86. Paddy- Cake

      Beta 7 is out

    87. Dream Desk

      Woah dude it looks the same as the 11, craaazyyyy

    88. Eliteski

      Is there gon be Iphone 12 Iphone 12 pro Iphone 12 max Iphone 12 pro max Just a question and they should add s and plus and s plus it would be the best apple launch! Plus should go in the next years launch

      1. bofooit gojo

        120hz will sell me

    89. Kuusik 100

      ios 14b6 & 14b7 ????

    90. Maa Telecom Doha Qatar

      Hi brother where are you bey your t-shirt it’s very nice i love your tshirt can you send for me 😊

    91. White Noise

      late 2020 >Notch omegalul

    92. Andrew Cox

      I want Apple to get rid of the notch and just go back to bezels. I can't believe they didn't go for a balanced middle ground of reducing the bezels and maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. A minimal bezel at the top and bottom actually makes the phone more pleasing to use in everyday life. This war inn bezels is an absurd fad just to top the "other guy".

    93. Apple Apple

      I thought it had 4 cameras

    94. The Hunter

      i dont care about the leaks. when the hell is the main event?

    95. Morgan Moriarty

      "USB-C is finally happening, guys!" 😂

    96. fai salem

      Please i want Samsung galaxy A30s phone

    97. Quentin Glitch

      REMOVE NOTCH DAMMMM , i love apple but really need to change design ....

    98. ولاء ألنجفي


    99. ANTI SOC555

      Hey Filip r u from russia man ? Thanks 2 have these cool vids dude!

    100. Tech J 37

      There's nothing wrong with the notch, most people don't care and like it, The notch haters are only a few tech geeks who are fussy and some apple haters .