EXCLUSIVE iPhone 12 Pro Max Design Leaks! It's HUGE

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    EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7-in Design CADs! Flat edges, 2D glass, smaller notch, HUGE camera, Smart Connector, wider antennas, relocated sim card tray & more. Insane leaks (feat. Max Weinbach)
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    Max Weinbach (Leaks Source).
    AR7 Wallpapers used in scenes.

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    1. Francesco Mazzuzi

      “Done” “Iphone SE entry” “Color:red” “Why: I want to switch to iPhone”

    2. Ahmed Rizwan

      I just came here to see if he was right on 2020 leaks, which seems so! Now time to watch 2021 leaks and trust him hahaha

    3. Muhammed Arshad

      Absolutely perfect leak

    4. Alan Maldonado


    5. Machine Learning

      About Germany thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/n8Cbgsuspt7Ee24.html

    6. iamgood

      what the thing under the off button it look like a non press able button

    7. Bernard Côté

      Solid video. Well done 👍

    8. Khan Arman

      Very nice phone give me SE 😚

    9. Pako Kesiamang

      "Done" "IPhone SE entry" Reason : my J2 battery I messed up

    10. Armitta N

      I cant wait to buy IPHONE 12 max pro :)

      1. Joseph Yewlett

        Pro max :-) How much storage are you getting?

    11. James West

      Waoo I have tried a lot to unlock my iPhone 11 pro max but thanks to that person that recommended this ghuy *hack_mavei0* his a genius he unlocked my phone in less than 3hours on ìnśtâgrâm *hack_mavei0* on Ìñśtâgrâm....

    12. James West

      Waoo I have tried a lot to unlock my iPhone 11 pro max but thanks to that person that recommended this ghuy *hack_mavei0* his a genius he unlocked my phone in less than 3hours on ìnśtâgrâm *hack_mavei0* on Ìñśtâgrâm...

    13. James West

      Waoo I have tried a lot to unlock my iPhone 11 pro max but thanks to that person that recommended this ghuy *hack_mavei0* his a genius he unlocked my phone in less than 3hours on ìnśtâgrâm *hack_mavei0* on Ìñśtâgrâm.....

    14. James West

      Waoo I have tried a lot to unlock my iPhone 11 pro max but thanks to that person that recommended this ghuy *hack_mavei0* his a genius he unlocked my phone in less than 3hours on ìnśtâgrâm *hack_mavei0* on Ìñśtâgrâm.....

    15. James West

      Waoo I have tried a lot to unlock my iPhone 11 pro max but thanks to that person that recommended this ghuy *hack_mavei0* his a genius he unlocked my phone in less than 3hours on ìnśtâgrâm *hack_mavei0* on Ìñśtâgrâm....

    16. Amelia Coutinho

      What is the price

      1. Joseph Yewlett

        Hasn't released yet - I'm guessing $1100 - $1200 for the base model 🤔

    17. Amelia Coutinho

      Iam trying to get 12 pro max 5 g

    18. orcamexiwie

      I just can't hate the bezels more. Please stop!

    19. Nova Gaming

      “Done” “Iphone SE entry” “Color:Space Grey” “Why: I want to give it to my mum as a gift and a thank you for everything she has done for me”

    20. Ajay Sampat


    21. Nikita Tarasov

      Странные музыкальные предпочтения у американцев.... ЯD Последний раз

    22. Edward Galuzo

      I always liked OnePlus designs, and i am Android users for many years, but these renders look very impressive!

    23. Archivark VII

      WOW such a big difference I can barely tell the difference between iPhone 12 and iPhone 11. Nice job Apple. The only difference is its more expensive and you just added a another camera.

      1. Joseph Yewlett

        Slimmer bezels, magnets for charging, (maybe 120hz?), A14 Bionic processor, 6GB RAM, 128GB base storage, 5G, Different size lineup, slimmer design anything else??

    24. NiGGaZtcz

      It looks like iphone 5, which makes it which makes it a regression. EverythingApplePro : it's evolution! xDDD

    25. Othman Aref

      "Done" "Iphone SE entry" "Color: black or any" "Why: Because I have old iphone 6s and want to upgrade"

    26. juicy2knife


    27. Anita Goodwill

      I couldn’t login my iCloud on my iPhone 11, met Vad_da_hacker on !ntagram now I’m using my iPhone without no issues

    28. Bap

      I was expecting this to drop on Sep. 15 but seems like corona delayed things.. can’t wait to get one though

      1. Joseph Yewlett

        Yes 😕 still no iPhone, but an October 13 launch event has been confirmed...

    29. Shockate

      It sucks, same shit as before

    30. Markus Lundamo

      Smart connector -> finger print scanner💁


      Some of the pictures I see in this video is true


      Omg I just watch the event

    33. SonicBooom96

      There's literally no difference other the phone being larger in length. And maybe a new color or 2. No one is going to tell the difference from 2 rear camera to 4.

    34. sali77able


    35. angie

      not a fan of the box-y, iphone 4-like design of it.

    36. Shadow ozzy

      What about the dark purple color🤔

    37. Monzsta

      Im buying this phone lol

    38. tube96000

      I love this design with the angular edges

    39. Diogo Castanheiro

      "done" "iphone se entry" color "any"

    40. Leo Liu

      new iphone pro just getting more expensive and uglier lol

    41. elson de Saantana

      not iphone 12 is totally different from your video

    42. online Girls

      When will the iPhone 12 Pro Max leak? Please😢

    43. Tuna Girit

      “Done” “iPhone SE entry” “Color: red “Why: I want it because my phone is going to die so i want a phone that i can use for nearly 4-5 years."

    44. Ritushan Naguleswaran

      so u know-how u say it has a square battery wouldn't it blow up if gets hot or like increase in size.

    45. #24 Goated

      Done iPhone se entry Color red

    46. nasri Marc

      The iPhone 12 be exactly like you see in this video

    47. jair martinez

      Extremely boring however if they improve their weight I would def upgrade my 11 pro max for it. I find the 11 pro max extremely heavy and have been waiting to replace it with a new lighter phone version.

    48. Bách Lâm

      4 months later and...so much of this has been changed:/

    49. Beyma Mejia

      Que chafa hasta cuando apple va hacer algo diferente!!! Deberian de ponerle touch id, con el cubre bocas no te reconoce el face id

    50. yipeeyaya

      I'm so excited! It will be my first iPhone!! But I'm sure gonna costs a lot. Zzzzzz

    51. RS165 rblx

      hope i win an iphone se i would love it....

    52. Balvir Singh

      Me: bought IPhone 12 pro max with my dad credit card Me: YES Dad: breaks the door open Me:😦😦😦 I'm toast

    53. Fred

      This video just got mentioned in a big Austrian newspaper. www.derstandard.at/story/2000119474198/etliche-infos-entwischt-beim-iphone-12-baut-apple-drastisch-um?ref=rss

    54. Stephane Cote

      Thank you your leak just convinced me to stick to Apple instead of moving to something else. Like Pixel one

    55. Wendy Lopez

      Love this video

    56. Elon C

      Portless Solution ? How are you going to charge it while using? Like everyone does laying in bed. This is just dumb

    57. Sherlyn

      can't wait for the launch

    58. Shirley Whirley

      Is this giveaway even real, april 30th dam Ill wait tho

    59. Oliver Cuautli

      The iPhone 12 is gonna look really good

    60. Junior Aba

      I would buy if the iPhone 12 did have full screen view

    61. Roger Panlilio


    62. SPY KID634

      "Done" "iPhone SE Entry" "Color" Any

    63. Jose Luis Gutierrez Maloof

      Finally, they bringing the iphone 5 square edges feel. Never liked the round sides/corners.

    64. Rebecca Outram

      I’m looking forward so much to the iPhone 12

    65. AJ TAN

      “Done” “iPhone SE2 entry” “Color: any “Why: My phone is bad and i dont eant my parents to buy a new one for me

    66. thepixelpusher

      Wow! Excellent overview and recap!

    67. Joshua Fondrenn

      Yeah get rid of pro pro max and go back to plus like 8 plus for example

    68. Shane's vid's

      Iphone SE entry I want to give my friend an Iphone SE so so so bad

    69. TiTaN

      Possibly replacing the charging port or going wireless?

    70. Aaron Lowe

      11:35 "CarKeys" for Tesla already works with Android NFC. Yes, natively. And yes, you don't need to open the app. Unlock your phone with your fingerprint and you can tap your NFC enabled Android device to the B pillar of a Tesla Model 3 and it'll unlock and lock the car. I've been using it for some time with my Google Pixel 3 and it's crazy futuristic. Elon's not locking out Apple from doing this. If Apple let developers have access to the NFC hardware, Tesla would have done this for iOS too a long time ago.

    71. Samuel de Sosa Núñez

      Does anyone know how to get these CAD models? I want to make a packaging concept and these seem very precise! Thanks!

    72. Tim Hortons

      Imma wait for the next one..

      1. Tim Hortons

        apparently theres a giveaway meh ill enter its better than an iPhone 6

    73. Alexander Wilkins

      What will be the colors released for the iPhone 12 pro max

    74. deli

      I came here to dislike. "apple is trying to get you to subscribe to apple music through features, genius." Genius? This is the least genius move. I can't stand to people who just talk, just to talk.

    75. flickem beanz

      "Done” “iPhone SE entry” “Color: any “Why: I don't have a phone and I'm using a trash laptop"

      1. Uncle John

        The giveaway ended months ago, sorry man :

    76. Leo oram

      This is all really stupid. A new, over $1000 phone that is just slightly different in shape. That summarizes apple nowadays

    77. zac

      Hiiiii, ur vids are awesome

    78. Aleks Jabłoński

      why can't we have the Midnight Blue in cheaper iPhone 12 T_T

    79. Larpster Nation

      SE entry liked and subbed!!!

    80. Edwin Capidos

      This could be the first time I'm buying an iPhone. Like that 5.4 square design.

    81. mike's here

      I cant even buy iphone 4s, can i have one

    82. Dhanyaa Bharadwaj

      "Done” “Iphone SE entry” “Color: Black” Reason: I need this to save a relationship. In desperate need of one, please!!

    83. Alberta H

      I subscribed

    84. No No

      An iPhone that will cut the pockets of my jeans, oh great, like the first iPhone se that I changed for that reason ! Il looks old, won’t be comfortable in hand, looks thick, and will destroy my pants... great idea Apple !!!

    85. Unknown

      They should make the cameras like a bar kind of like the macs touchbar but on the back and put 3-4 cameras across the top

    86. Aliens Vlog

      This design is nice. It remembers me the design of iphone 5s, SE. Even though I am not an iPhone user I like the design of 5s and waiting for a new generation phone with a similar design. It would be nice if apple can avoid the camera bump by giving more thickness in this design and use that thickness to accommodate a projector. If they can avoid the notch it would be more better. Also I appreciate if there is an IR blaster too.

    87. Yapping Donut

      iPhone SE giveaway

    88. kinder batteuse

      mouai... rien ne prouve que ca soit le prochaine iPhone... encore des suppositions

    89. Reagz Ichigo

      great review..keep it up..iphone se awesome device

    90. Eve O

      I like the idea that they’re gonna decrease the size of the notch. I don’t like the size of it currently and if they do make it smaller, then I will love it.


      can i use your renders in my video??

    92. Zylice Liddell

      Oh *LAWD!* Navy blue, Midnight Green *AND* violet?! 😱

    93. Larrydhel Vizarra

      Done, iphone SE entry, hope to win it...

    94. WoshiiAlongKia

      Its an iphone 5 plus and im calling it

    95. Maximus Gabriel

      I never won anything

    96. Maximus Gabriel

      Me plz

    97. Shantanu Mehrotra


    98. Nolan's Baits

      So cool.

    99. Radkoy

      Can i win please🤣

    100. Flip Flinstone

      Just another Iphone 11, only a couple of hundred more expensive.