Exclusive Apple Watch 6, AirPower 2020 & iPhone SE 2 Leaks!

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    Exclusive Apple Watch Series 6 leaks (feat. Max Weinbach)! Touch ID, underwater mode, anxiety alerts & watchOS 7! AirPower 2020 fixed! iPhone SE 2 release & more iOS 14 leaks!
    Last iPhone 12 & iOS 14 Leaks.
    Phone Rebel Cases.

    Max Weinbach (iOS 14 Leaks Source).
    Jon Prosser (Leaks Source)
    AR7 Wallpapers used in scenes.

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    1. *

      3:38 did anyone see the Russian music?! Filip is Russian confirmed! (Btw I don’t know Russian but my friend knows it so he told me it’s russian)

    2. *

      Now I’m looking back at all these leaks and they’re were kinda right with the square design. Everything else is not really accurate.

    3. Isabella Sprague

      *famoushack12* on Instagram OMG 😱 am touched beyond words now this is something I'll treasure I found everything intact.. even the residual files I thought will be missing you are the famous hacker everyone call you...you got my shout out forever *famoushack12* on Instagram

    4. Andy Akbar

      Where subtitle Indonesia



    6. Stephen Clark

      Awesome THwikis video

    7. Robert Charles

      Where to get one cheap?Thanks

      1. Haris

        Liban Hershey its not real man ahahhaa it says its a clone

      2. Liban Hershey

        Harris it’s fake , you can’t get a real Apple Watch for 70$

      3. Damir Planic

        @Haris me too , im obsessed with it

      4. Haris

        i bought mine apple watch series 5 on iwatchclone.com , best quality and its much cheaper

    8. Aminah B

      Them wallpapers look nice

    9. jnyce thelogo

      All this cool stuff might come out next year but not likely 😆 🤦‍♂️

    10. Garrett

      Knew they wouldnt change the display. 1-3 incremental changes. 4 was the biggest upgrade, 5 was the same with AOD, 6 will add a few more incremental changes to complete the watch underneath (hardware, software). Series 7 is where we get into aesthetics for sure. Lucky number 7 will be the biggest change in screen size, microled display, and hopefully crown replacement with sensor.

    11. Stephen Clark

      Awesome THwikis video

    12. Malimbo

      there was literally a se 2 that just came out. Leaks are so stupid

    13. Glendale Guevarra

      Bro You look slim now. ;)

    14. RIDER ridrid

      I think this watch will be a good product for Apple to get a little more into the medical world, for the health of its consumers. plz I need some help offering an Apple Watch 5 for a friend 🙏🏻👉🏻 @t

    15. Munro McLaren

      Can they offer a 42mm option for the Series 6? Please?

    16. Elan Must

      сегодня бета 5 ?

    17. jesus christ

      i went from iphone 4 to an iphone 11 and i’m getting airpods soon. i hope the apple watch comes in time for christmas because ive always wanted one

    18. edgar ruvalcaba

      How long do we have to wait for it to have FaceTime like them power rangers

    19. Peanut Butter

      The Apple Watch face is slowly turning into a circle

    20. Gmail Account

      make a iphone 4 , that was the best iphone , but apple already knows that..

    21. Gmail Account

      i feel bad for the ones whole paid over 10 k for the series 1

    22. Tony Reyes

      Nothing special on the new Apple Watch and iPhone 12 I’ll keep my iPhone 10 Xs Max & Apple Watch 4

    23. Toaster Of all toaster

      I just bought series 5 ;(

    24. Avantika Balkaran

      How about playing youtube on your watch? Samsung actives do about time apple does

    25. Archie Santos


    26. Custom

      all i want to know can i play minecraft on that watch

    27. Gracie Weaver

      Gracias a #FAMOUSHACK12 sur Instagram. Obtuvo acceso a la cuenta de mi esposo sin que él supiera que es un profesional. Al principio pensé que era una duda, pero él aclaró mi duda y me demostró que es el mejor.

    28. Shrish Hukkeri

      APPLE CAR...thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/aNGIor1prM-tYpk.html 🔥🔥🔥💕💕👍👍😎😎

    29. Abdulkader Abdi Hossein

      Wat 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️😇🤣☺️🐎🐎🐷🐷🐷👍👍😃😡🤣😘🥰🤨🙃😋😫🥳😫😋😟🤪😋😤😟😤😟😋😙😟😋😋👱🏿‍♀️ black live matter👱🏿‍♀️👱🏿‍♀️👱🏿‍♀️👱🏿‍♀️👱🏿‍♀️👱🏿‍♀️

    30. Edward Oliver

      Typical apple. Slow/needless security stuff/ “overheating issue” (ie: malfunction) being addressed is now a bragging point apparently.../ no useful features like ACTUALLY BEING A WRIST PHONE LIKE PEOPLE WANT! Or foldable displays etc... just the same old “get another model out with a few features that should have been around for several generations and up the price several hundred dollars “ cr*p we have come to expect from Apple... 💩

    31. puggy pie

      am so waiting for a variety of design for the apple watch cuz one time my family had a reunion and most of us had apple watches, we all looked like members of a cult!!! please!!! we need regular shape watches, apple!!!

    32. RichieRichy Ballon

      God Bless You YES PLEASE NOW 💵💓💰 THANK YOU 🙏 GOD

    33. Roberto Ferrando

      Is the series 6 going to have a barometer??

    34. Xx_anonymous_xX

      WWDC 2021 agenda 1. iOS 2. ipadOS 3. watchOS 4. MacOS 5. Wireless chargerOS

    35. James Christensen

      the se2 already happened...?

    36. Salim Kunnathur


    37. SuperZandersmom

      I would definitely upgrade if it detects when anxiety hits ,

    38. Alex Shin

      The voice echo is weird...

    39. maaweeliye official

      I have finally iphone 7 thanks allah

    40. 楊朔

      How much is the apple watch 6


      So if Apple brings back Touch ID is Apple killing Face ID

    42. Aaronn sixx

      I just bought a series 3 lmao oops

    43. swashy 08

      How i wish to have that apple watch. It just a dream to have that watch.

    44. Varsha Kashyap

      I’m surely having Apple products addiction from iPhone , IPad ,AirPods,MAC Airbook to Apple Watch... 🙄

    45. Everything Cubed

      Who remembers when he had 200K subs?

    46. Max Rowland

      They missed a beat there... panic-aTRACK

    47. Ole Jørgen Kjøhl

      Love your videos! ❤️

    48. anthony smith

      Will Apple Watch 6 be getting a larger screen up from 44m to say 46m? Could do with it.

    49. Alan H

      Great video Man....Can't wait to get my new Apple Watch... Alan H

    50. Mountain Bike And BMX Videos.

      This THwikisr is the worst, this video is pointless, stupid , and he is just the same. I have reported this video as well.

    51. Kynnlei Neufeld

      does anyone know when they are getting rid of the apple watch series 3?? I want that one but don't know if i'll get enough money quick enough

    52. Siraj Mazher

      What’s with the echo reverb?

    53. Emeral Ferrell

      i don't want the digital crown to go thooo

    54. أحمد الجنيدي

      I want to buy a watch, so what do you think i I wait for 6 or i buy 5 ?

    55. Laser Law

      this is actually longer than the apple watch keynote

    56. Lusine Piryan

      Any more news about Apple Watch series 6?

    57. Israel Calzada

      So what's the one that has a iPhone 7 plus/8 plus phone call?

    58. Dreni Gashi

      Is it still worth it to buy a series 5 or would it be better to wait for the series 6?

      1. Cadogan Crete

        Wait and see of you really want the 6 but yes the 5 is still great

    59. Alexandra Griffin

      I’m happy with my iPhone XR and Apple Watch series 3 😃

    60. Robby Elliott

      Apple can’t put the finger print scanner in the power button bc if you have a case how will it scan your finger?

    61. PunjabiM8

      God I hate those forced 15 second ads before videos. Unsubscribe for that BS

      1. Cadogan Crete

        He doesn’t chose where thoses adds go you do realize

    62. Vardhan Garg

      I am going to get a Apple Watch series 6 on 1st jan 2021

      1. Cadogan Crete

        How do you knwo the exact day?

    63. homer_thompson

      I want to buy an apple watch after playing Resident Evil 7, to monitor my health and know when I need to splash chem fluid over my severed leg.

    64. Balo Lozano

      The watch could be used as the new apple tags to find your kids if they are lost.

    65. R.Vaishak


    66. Collin Linebaugh

      I want a apple nano watch.

    67. ry ky

      watch when the watch looks the exact same

      1. Cadogan Crete

        Most tech products look the same when they are up dated unless they want to redesign or the hardware or software makes it have to happen

    68. Edward

      Apple Watch 15 will have a Sasquatchee edition will be called the Apple saswatch with exclusive sasquatchee Watch faces 😅😂

    69. Edward

      Apple Watch 14 will have a little laptop attached

    70. Edward

      Apple Watch 13 will hologram guy with hologram Apple Watch; Apple Watch 12 or older will not be supported

    71. Edward

      Apple Watch 12 will replace the guy in this video with hologram guy

    72. Edward

      Apple Watch 11 will have. little machine guns with no heart monitor

    73. Edward

      Apple Watch 10 will turn you into an Apple cyborg robot

    74. Edward

      Apple Watch 9 will have a salad bar

    75. Edward

      Apple Watch 8 should have an Apple Card maker

    76. Edward

      Apple Watch 7 should have a icee machine and pina colada machine

    77. Justice Forall

      Maybe they can partner with Iridium or Inmarsat so that the watch could make satphone calls when the cell tower goes down, or for those who are going off-grid. Hey! The watch already have the SOS Emergency feature, 🤷🏾‍♂️😃😃Soooo, Why not????🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️😬😬😬😬

    78. Justice Forall

      Apple need to work on their so-called push-to-talk walkie-talkie feature on the next Apple Watch Series 6. They need to perfect that. 🤷🏾‍♂️🧔🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    79. ÑęRjR

      Nice video

    80. Rf3730 Francis

      Dude Apple is dragggggging the hellllll out of its technology. People are tired of the well they focus more on reliability bs man they use to wow people now it’s becoming insulting. The series one looks no different. The iPhone 6 is now the se...almost over a decade old. Apple is so close to falling I hate I support them with this crap.

    81. Brayden Rymer

      Idk why I watch these because I can't afford any Apple products and I use android

    82. InsaneFire10YT

      When a charger has a faster cpu than your iPhone 6s😐

    83. Adam Arney

      Are there any release date leaks because I’m waiting to get the 6 for my first Apple Watch

    84. nathaniel dude returns


    85. Gibin Blogger

      Hai sir Hey I love i phone I have no money😢😢😢 please give a i phone please please 😢😢

    86. ching ching


    87. ching ching


    88. lsndr87

      🧐 so kinda pointless to upgrade iwatch series 5 to series 6?

    89. Carlo Sesenna

      I hope with round shape!

    90. Edward Deaney

      Regarding mental health, if the Apple Watch S6 could predict and pre warn me about my epileptic seizures I would be more grateful than can be expressed in words.

    91. Jeremy Hopkins

      Watch air power be $299

    92. Mark Evangelista

      Hope that i can buy those stuff ..😥 cant afford it.. i wish i have an apple phone😥

    93. Far Fromluzin

      Yea those face mask kinda screwed that Face ID. LOL

    94. Kalvin Reese

      When tf will Apple revamp the iMac?or are they phasing it out with the iPad Pro eventually

    95. Gunther

      Why is Apple turning into an android

    96. Ken

      Why is there so much damn reverb on your voice? Sounds like your recording in public restroom.

    97. Pravin RRD


    98. Jacob Golubeff

      9:27 perfect name: Apple Watch Series 5c

    99. Cleo The Cat

      7:41 I need that shit. I have such bad anxiety

    100. Shangram Mohammad

      No offence but calling a ginormous iPhone 12 a mini compared to a SE is stupid... It will probably be called: iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 MAX IPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 ProMax Just makes more sense to me rather than calling it a mini 😅 like wtf?!