Exciting iPhone 9/12 Pro Leaks & AirPower LIVES!

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    Apple is bringing back AirPower & Periscope Zoom to the iPhone! New iPhone 12 Pro Feature Leaks & iPhone 9 release date in April! Tons of Apple leaks & news!
    Last iPhone 12 Leaks.
    Giveaway Instructions.
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    2020 iPad Pro Bend Test & Teardown.

    Jon Prosser (Leaks Source)
    AR7 Wallpapers used in scenes.
    Concept Inspiration (@apple_idesigner)
    Renders Inspiration (@iphone_lov_er)

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      Iphone 12 doesn't have charging port?

    16. Josh VII

      Iphone 12 doesn't have charging port?

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      I’ve had an upgrade for 3 years now and just didn’t care. I still have my 6S. So. I’ll be upgrading to the 12 Pro this September lol

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      I personally don’t care of those little internal improvement, I just want them to make iPhone 9/12 a new look like for example to get rid of notch

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      4:44 WHY NOT? Literally What is the point of this? Now you can’t use your phone and hold it while it’s charging


      1:29 what do you mean one of them disabled? Did they purposely make it slower or something?

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      I am still on iPhone 7 Plus and none of the new iPhones get me excited, I see so many things that could be changed and bettered. From software to hardware. I feel like there wouldn’t be any major differences worth $1000. I would love to see FaceID and touchID in the screen. Remove the notch. Make. It. Interesting.

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      Why would you want a port less phone?? How am I gonna charge my iPhone in the car and how will I watch videos and charge my phone at the same time.. I said well never need a cable anymore but even AirPower has a cable..

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