Apple Watch Series 6! Unboxing & Impressions vs Series 5

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    Apple Watch Series 6 vs Series 5 Impressions! Deep Navy color is delicious! 2.5x brighter always on display, S6 chip, blood oxygen sensor & everything else.
    Latest iPhone 12 Leaks.
    Final iOS 14 Review!
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    1. Hall of famer 2020

      Useless 🤦🏻‍♀️

    2. Gabriel

      Everythingapplepro: not much has changed Also Everythingapplepro: it’s a great update

    3. Michel zquick

      Hey have you ever tried replacing apple watch series 5 lcd on series 4 would then always on display works ? Would be really useful info to know , have an apple watch 4 if i replace it with lcd of apple watch 5 then always on display would work ?

    4. Jizan P

      Give one I phone

    5. Jizan P


    6. Jizan P

      Give me one watch


      The always on display is really 2.5x brighter outdoors according to my experience

    8. Amine Khe


    9. Amine Khe


    10. Amine Khe

      It's vary watch apple

    11. Beto

      Que braço mais lindo 😍🥰

    12. Mason Thomas

      It’s only brighter outdoors. It’s the same as the 5 inside

    13. Leo Fonseca

      I want a SE review!!! Who agrees but then like 👍!

    14. Francisco Reyes

      I thought this was impossiblé but thanks to *scozhacker_* on Instagram who Made it Possiblé bro I'm glad Workêd with you

    15. Samuel Brown

      Not sure if I should get the Nike edition or the regular blue series 6? I want the faces but I love the blue

    16. Gregory Carter

      Blue is my favorite color, loving this blue one but color may clash with band colors compared to just black one

    17. Luke Pruscino

      Apple said the display was 2.5x brighter OUTDOORS

    18. Matt Shaffer

      How’s the battery life ? I have a series 4 and thinking about upgrading just for the battery life and the always on display

    19. CasualYoutuber

      as fas as I rememeber this blood oxygen thing was in my Samsung Watch .... for 299

    20. Ruby Pareek

      HELLO EverythingApplePro, I am Sankalp Pareek,a die hard fan of yours from India. I am going through a really tough time and I figured out that I could use some help from a highly talented tech youtuber like you. I have been using a 32-bit Windows Vista Desktop since the beginning of this pandemic... I would be really thankful if you give me a decent laptop from your huge collection of gadgets, it would make my life a lot better. I am really serious about this...please reply to this comment if you want to help (everyone please like this comment so that it comes to his notice).

    21. Suba Devi

      Thanks for the info I will send out the invoice for this work tomorrow and hope you can recover from virus 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢📵📵📵📵📵🌐⛔⛔

    22. BornBeauty star

      Gotta get this with the blue 12 pro too

    23. Praveen Posina

      @everythingapplepro: I trusted your branding Phone Rebel and ordered for a iPhone 11 Pro Max case on the 11th of September 2020. Now it is the 15th of October 2020 and I am still told the case is in transit. Now I am starting to feel this is all a scam. It can’t take so long for a case to be shipped and delivered. Stop cheating loyalists, we buy from you to support your channel so you can grow and is this how we are treated? Please issue a refund immediately if you are unable to ship the case.

    24. KL Gupta

      This year i have both apple and android atmosphere

    25. YOUR WORLD


    26. BlackGT1999

      You seem disappointed in the video! I agree with the 2.5x brightness being underwhelming

    27. Jose Olvera

      I love it so much. Especially the red color watch band. So beautiful 🙏

    28. Pheng Pheng

      Me like 🥰😍

    29. Alvaro Grados

      Packaging is eco friendly 😅 they must be happy about it. Probably saving a ton of money there

    30. Lizz M92

      hey i need help can u send text messages to other devices that are not iphone/apple products on celluar apple watch with out an iphone?

    31. Poprocks PPV

      Can’t believe they still haven’t added , feature to check “Blood pressure”. 👎🏽 6th gen and still...

    32. Daniel Strunk

      0:09 those are definitely iphone 12 cases

    33. SpadesOfPaint Studios

      The series 5 and 6 are carbon copies of the series 4 the colors are nice along with the newer sensors but seriously what was the point

    34. Killyang

      Thumbs down on the series 6 because it’s barely an improvement over the 5 but thumbs up on your video.

    35. C B

      Apple watch is cool and all but I spent 1000 plus for my iphone so I'm gonna use it hehe

    36. anthony

      So should I just the series 5? Since the only difference is the blood oxygen sensor and chip

    37. Åmït Chäüdhary

      Plz make a video on using external hard drive with ipad pro...after connection 1. Will it works as internal storage ?? 2.How will be the video editing experience as compared to videos on internal memory... 3.Do all photos n videos come in photos app directly just after connecting the hard drive. Plz help i m going to buy ipad pro... But confused if i should go for higher storage or less storage +ssd. Thankyou

    38. EverythingApplePro EAP

    39. eyewhipz

      Esti roman ?

    40. Farhan khan


    41. Jesus 1370

      Maybe the fact that the series 5 is older and the 6 is new is why some apps launched faster

    42. chomuyaneblyat xd

      Слава Україні!

    43. K1 and K4

      i’m gonna buy series 6 (if that’s how to spell it) after COVID-19 lockdown so that’s the reason i watched this vid,btw nice content loki!

    44. Mike Smith

      Where to buy one for lower price ? Thanks guys

      1. Damir Planic

        bought mine there too and im obsessed with it

      2. Haris

        bought mine series 5 on , its same as series 5 just much more cheeaper

    45. jibba jABBA

      i was thinking of getting an apple watch but ... yea this still looks pretty worthless

    46. Kool Kat

      I think the budget model is better because always on displays are not my thing..

    47. Alan W

      “I ordered several of them” 😂😂 I wish I could afford that many

    48. Yasin mahmud mirza Zoheb

      Filip: *Trying not to keep moving arms* Also him: *Keeps moving arm*

    49. MrAlextravaganza

      I have noticed some serious watch battery issue since Watch os 7.0.1

    50. Kari Fogt

      Is the watch available in store ?

    51. Owen Harris

      Do Apple Watch SE

    52. Unclejerry50th

      I wish they would’ve made a deep navy blue stainless steel model

    53. Eeshitha,Varshita,Maanas

      Don't tell me that was unboxing

    54. Kunal Kumar

      pls make comparison with se n s6

    55. Unboxing fever

      Pliz make a video with the se 🙏🙏

    56. Jonathan Rogers

      • Buys the Apple Watch Series 6 only for the Blood Oxygen feature (had the Series 4). • Loads watchOS 7.1 Public Beta. • Doesn’t have the Blood Oxygen feature.

    57. Tzachi Kraus

      Great videos as always. I also upload videos for unboxing of Apple vintage products, and I learn a lot from you. you are the best!

    58. iParaShane

      How are we supposed to charge it without a plug?! That’s idiotic

    59. Nevro

      can see the watch is brighter quite easily tbh.

    60. Imroz Imy

      I love mini / handy 5.4”🥰

    61. Ayaz Mehmood

      I have the series 5.

    62. Charles Holland

      Mine is otw. I’m coming from a series 3 so I should notice improvements. My favorite all time feature is ping. Can’t ever seem to find my phone

    63. Truman Hicks

    64. danny calland

      It’s the same watch as last year! With some really ....really minor upgrades !! Jesus if you stop plugging this shite year in year out they might actually have to take a leap and do something different! Same with the bloody iPhone! iPhone 12....practically the same phone as the 11 with some minor updates that really aren’t worth upgrading for! WOW!! a new colour and camera sensor....who gives a shit? The 11 took Amazing pics anyway! much better is it going to be? Don’t get me wrong I like my iPhone but you can’t help be a little disappointed when they do the same shit year after year! How about it Apple pro guy, actually do a video and tell us what you really think instead of the same it’s brilliant! It’s amazing! bolloks year in year out!!


      Suggest apple to make a gaming phone as it’s next model

    66. Nazmul Hassan

      @Filip Koroy I saw your hand,I can guess,Your personal life have some problem,something unusual,Something weird,not going good. And even it will continue till next 3/4 months. Then everything will be perfect again like before. Wish all the best..

    67. Sukhwinder Kaur

      What happened on the officalphonerebal that YT channel keep uploading on that channel plz dude :)

    68. Sujan Magar

      Does anyone knows or heard about how to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone 8+, i am in real pain if anyone could please please help me . I beg of you🙏🏻 all my favorite and my most memorable photos were deleted 😢help me please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    69. David Hudick

      I have the series 4 wouldn’t mind getting the 6. Worth it? Might do it just to have the blue.

    70. Lava Lyrics and More

      Following you bro

    71. AppleTricksPro

      Love this 💖

    72. Hedges3

      Love apple

    73. Decker Normington

      Did he think that the Apple Watch series 5 is where it is suppose to be for the brightness where the Apple Watch series 6 is too high.

    74. Rodolpho's Tech channel

      So it's the same as series 5 but with the altimeter

    75. Sidhant

      Me buying Mi band 5 🤪

    76. Outbound Wheel49

      Man your phone case line is amazing, but so is your screen protector’s, I would love to buy them on their own. 10/10 rebel is quality

    77. shiva kumaran

      Pls do a review on the new iPad Air

    78. Barry Cho

      Getting a heavy methamphetamine vibe this video.

    79. Syed Abdur rab

      Your thumbnails are lame

    80. Syed Abdur rab

      Can you up your game Look at mkbhd and unbox therapy


      EverythingApplePro the New version iOS 14.0.1 we can to update your phone now

    82. tapsel99

      Please Watch this, there is Tim Cook and Eddy CUe dancing to Pharrel Wiliams

    83. iFuff

      Maybe their light sensors just decided to have the same brightness in your room?

    84. Litch Lubke

      Do you guys even know that this dude uses a SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE fact

    85. Michael Hidalgo

      Why hasn’t anyone reviewed the stainless steel version?

    86. Erica Valadez

      I have a series 3. Should I upgrade?

    87. Sam K

      Love the honesty and simplicity of your reviews.

    88. Benjamin Kim

      WAIT!!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!?! THE GALAXY S20 FE???? (Not SE, Ultra, and Ultra 5G but FE) Watch the Samsung Ad starring Millie Bobby Brown

    89. Search on YouTube - SouljaQ

      How do you not know how the always on display works being a reviewer this long I just don’t understand....

    90. GeneralYT

    91. Abekhoukh Mohamed

      its crazy men

    92. Tanu games

      indians like

    93. Abu Hurairah

      Now only boring news in this very innovative mobile world comes from apple: the noch will be some percent small, there will be no charger, basic wireless charging, new software update, new pricing, maybbe 120hz or may be not, war with epic not for innovation but for money money money money, block the fb update because that tell truth about apple money hunger, innovating new launch date, bla bla bla..... Nothing innovating, nothing exciting, very very very old style boring news. But but for those izombie...........

    94. Jakub Malinowski

      Can you make the phonerebel cases for samsung phones? like the s10plus s10 and above? i love their design and looking for a case like that

    95. wasif raja

      Love it

    96. Sakibur Chy

      which color should I get?

    97. BTT _77

      I usually upgrade every 2 years witch means I’m upgrading to the 12 this year but not the pro .

      1. Sakibur Chy

        Braden Timothy i went with blie

      2. Sakibur Chy

        I already got blue one

      3. BTT _77

        Well it’s your choice I prefer red

      4. Sakibur Chy

        what color should I get blue or red for series 6

    98. Jordan Levy

      Are airtags "one more thing" worthy?

    99. Tejvir Dureja

      never had an apple watch. looking to either get the series 6 or SE. Always on display is pretty important to me as well as the slightly faster processor. dont care too much for new health features. SE however saves me about 200 total. What should I do. I

    100. Raava & Vaatu

      Id like to ask you filip , after i updated to ios14 my iphone 8 rear camera and flash light stopped working, i tryed everything eaven factory restore and it didnt fix the issue , could you look into this a bit and see if one of your devices also gets effected by this , have a good day