AirPods Pro Confirmed! + Fresh iPhone SE 2 Leaks

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    Exclusive AirPods Pro leaks! Hands on with casing, more features, price & release date. iPhone SE 2 detailed report, iPhone 12 & more  news!
    Phone Rebel cases giveaway: phonerebel (Follow, like & comment)
    Huge iPhone 11/11 Pro Giveaway!
    Last AirPods Pro Leaks.
    iOS 13.2 Review.
    Pitaka cases:
    USB-C on an iPhone.
    U1 chip writeup:
    #AirPodsPro #iPhoneSE2

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    1. Michael OBrien

      Apple is getting more and more Greedy for money and less on good products

    2. justine_yancamo


    3. Fabianlewis6 Lewis

      Can I have the 8 iPhones and air pods please 😢

    4. Amnay Damnati


    5. Amnay Damnati


    6. ItzDogo YT

      The color of the AirPods will always be white and will never change

      1. JustRobertCZE

        Unless you get skin or order them for 300 dollars more from Colorware

    7. Sheridan Smith

      Who is gonna pay $40,000 for a plastic model of the airpods pro dont waste your money

    8. Alma c

      My son airosos

    9. Michael OBrien

      why is apple so far behind other phone company

    10. Fade

      When are people gonna realize that it’s not fucking AirPods 2. It is a refresh to AirPods, so it’s just AirPods still.

    11. Dion

      IAM Australia its $450 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    12. Henning Hauene Svaland

      I will win!!!!!!! My number is 94199953

    13. Asjath Shakir


    14. Raj sugu


    15. Julena Smith

      Give me one iPhone 11 pro I can't afford it even air pods pros

    16. bardopotato

      apple: smoothing the design and calling it professional will make us rich

    17. caleb kulakevich

      iPhone SE-9... More like iPhone SE-X

      1. ChaD Smith


    18. Mycumminsisbetterthenyours

      There 374 in Canada all in from Best Buy it’s sad there so much $$ no reason for this Apple

    19. HNT Gaming

      Air pods SS ++. $99999999999/-

    20. luci max

      airpods 1: $160 airpods 2 :$200 airpods 3:$250 airpods 4:$1.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      1. ChaD Smith

        So $1

    21. Fire PhiPhi2010

      Who cares there just AirPods pro but a different Color itit Wai sting money

      1. Omar Espinoza

        Fire PhiPhi2010 hope I have them now that they’re released and they’re really good

    22. Kaleb Hebert

      10/28 is my b day hehe

    23. Updesh Yadav

      eagerly waiting for the airpod pro

    24. Gabby Guzman

      Airpods 😆😀


      send me one LoL

    26. Stony Kush

      Are the color ware real AirPods

    27. iErikonaツ

      I hope se 2 comes out

    28. joahnie dandoy

      Hey I subscribed your channel and liked it your the best!! !!!!

    29. Sean Horsfield

      Best ever iPhone accessory in my opinion Best feature gotta be the noise cancellation Incredible video and very interesting

    30. UKW

      se2 should be less than actual iPhones, much less...

    31. Thameenah Nawaz

      I would love to win one of the iphones i hope i win because i hqve never experienced a phone because my parens are always busy and i am always luving at my cousins house

    32. Arabindhu Madhu


    33. Giovanni Polony

      I will buy the new iPhone SE unless it has a headphone jack!

    34. KayPlayz 17

      Apple products are way more expensive in Australia

    35. Saurav Mandal

      Lots of love from India Sir ❤️

    36. Farhat Akhter

      De please give me

    37. abby

      the Lenovo ideapads bezel are so small

    38. Jaylen Henry

      I think the to most biggest pays is the AirPods 2 and AirPods pro

    39. Gaming Yt


    40. Joey Scar

      New budget phone is well over due for Apple

    41. Fortnite Trash

      It seems that there are no colors but it’s so cool!!💯💯

    42. My_Piggy 07


    43. Class1c

      Didn’t the AirPods just go live so you can buy them?

    44. Sammi Ng

      Really have black colour air pod pro ?

    45. Florian Thiem

      I would like to have a new iPhone. That would be so nice!!!!!!!! Greetings from Germany

    46. Pete Coventry

      2:17 - any number of the millions of idiots who are Apple customers do just that. - hence their $300,000 a MINUTE profit.. Yup - Apple made 3.3 Million in the time you did your video.

    47. Azizbek

      It's been 2 weeks, you still didn't announce the winners

    48. Liliap0p

      I get a Sony ad before this 😂

    49. Lukey Huettner

      I from future they come out octobe

    50. Michael Bourke

      SENNHESIER MOMENTUIM VS AIRPOD PRO SOUND COMPARISON Hello all... I bought mine this morning from Apple in Sydney Australia. I own both the Airpod series 1 and now the Pro as well as the Sennheiser Momentum. Straight to the point, hands down the SENNHEISER PRO sound is so much more immersive, providing a rich soundstage, that balances treble and bass perfectly (for me) and the most incredible sound separation . AIRPOD PRO sound is similar to the AIRPODS series 1, the ANC (Active noise cancelling) is truly stupendous, I used them at the gym today and A. They stayed in on the treadmill (the new fit and the rubber tips make all the difference) B. The treble (highs) seem more pronounced and the soundstage is less...full..IMMERSION with ANC on is as good as it gets for outside sound, but not really a benefit to the overall soundstage for music. The Bass, although present is not as deep as the SENNHEISER MOMENTUM. I bought the Sennheiser for the sound quality and as yet, they cannot be matched BUT for phone calls, they are rubbish. I would have to take my air-pods with me for phone calls. IN SUMMARY SENNHEISER SOUND (MUSIC) 9/10 AIRPOD PRO SOUND (MUSIC) 7/10 I am no audiophile, but I know deep rich and immersive sound, and the Airpod Pro don't really have it. Buy them for the Active Noise Cancellation and the superior fit and finish, compared to the previous versions. I hope this helps, will answer any questions you might have.. PS. Still annoyed at $399.00 AUD they dont have volume adjustment on the Airpod Pro's themselves Michael

    51. Tim Othy

      Those things look like AirPods got a fungus infection

    52. Atif Saleem

      Best phone channel on THwikis for me

    53. Tarun Sethi

      Bro you are completely fake

    54. chad chua

      Report from CHINA??? nah its fake news

    55. Joao-Carlos

      I’ve done it I’ve followed and I’ve liked all of the posts . I really really want AirPods

    56. Can We make it to 100k With no videos

      Apple Is just running out of ideas next Apple Glasses Apple Shoes SMH

    57. Anamika Mathur

      How is he so sexy

    58. Target 06

      Me: I can’t afford AirPods This Guy: I found 6 in my vault for some reason

    59. Freedom 3336

      October 30th it comes out

    60. Jeff Miracle

      Does apple will unveil homepod 2 at the end of October??

    61. Jean B

      They just released it? I got an email and you can buy it at the Apple store right now

    62. saad bin nasir

      Plz i want the giveaway

    63. Fürüzan Kartal

      I have been waiting for the iphone 12 for way too long, so they better release it soon! I just like the look on the front sooo much, it looks so sleak

    64. Suleman Qasim


    65. jdknik

      The new AirPods look like he is trying to troll us like bruh why these so fat

    66. carlos juarez mendez

      The New AirPods Pro are now available in the Apple store, they are 250

    67. Nitewalker

      The video for them came out

    68. Ayy Lmao

      Can't wait for the Airpods Pro Replicas.

    69. Riyaad Yaseen

      You should do the Mac PowerBook 100

    70. asif pulakkal

      Waiting for the pro💪🏻

    71. Kikiwow Diaz

      Hi I subscribe and post notifications on and liked the video 😊

    72. Hudson H

      just ordered them :) im a dumbass

    73. Kaz Kaz

      No black color :(

    74. Timon Besue

      Need that AirPods 🙏

    75. ezpz_7

      AirPods Pro released earlier today

    76. Imeon Zwei

      Who is here after tge release of the airpods pro ?

    77. syr_Neptuneツ

      Did u watch the apple video

    78. Jest Boniface

      Like how would you even survive Apple works without this Channel?

    79. Nova 29

      The new AirPods look so stupid

    80. David Farah

      Literally a rip off from the galaxy buds

    81. Camaroforza 6

      You were right about AirPods Pro

    82. Jigar Patel

      hi bro the apple airpod pro has been released... have u even checked..... pls make video of it... u r leaked were perfect...

    83. Zachary Chan

      The AirPods pro are out now, want to see your thoughts about them!

    84. nerosugarman29

      Apple released the trailer and they look like ASS!

    85. 아칸

      no mat black wtf

    86. Jamie Ad

      AirPod Pro is out now.

    87. Clivian

      What about the airpods pro max ?

    88. bluepeng889

      Anyone else here after AirPods Pro got announced?

    89. Anthony Picard

      Wouldn't you lose access to the flash with that 11 Pro sticker at 9:21?

    90. LuddeKudde


    91. James Loh

      Well, the AirPods pro just got released and wow the price tag is ...

    92. Alexander Rodriguez

      Lets get this bread

    93. EnJee

      fuck i hate the new airpods

    94. fadhili bakari

      Good work everythingapplepro

    95. KareemSayed


    96. Slapshot Jack

      iPhone se 2 is not gonna exist Apple already confirmed this and this needs to stop showing up in my news feed all the time it’s gonna be another s model

    97. Danny Hanna

      Love you update videos man they always make my day and I was actually upset that Apple did not at least start bringing that uniform iPad Pro design to the iPad Air even, like I mean this display is used for the iPhone XR so it would cheaper anyways right?? Anyway can’t wait to see more 2020 iPhone leaks as that will be the iPhone I’ll finally be upgrading too :)

    98. Ken Mandaguit


    99. vetwetFN GG

      Fuck... I bought iPhone 11 and now it’s getting old already T-T

    100. galin kasis

      hey can you please give me a phone. why? i have an iPhone 5s my phones half screen doesnt work i had this for 5 years my mom doesnt buy me a new one :(