AirPods 3 Final Design & iPhone SE 2 Confirmed!

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    AirPods 3 (Pro?) final design has leaked! First look, features & release date! iPhone SE 2 confirmed for Q1 2020 & more Apple news!
    Phone Rebel cases: phonerebel
    Last 2020 iPhone Leaks.
    iOS 13.2 Review.
    iPad Pro hands on:
    #AirPods3 #iPhoneSE2

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    1. Adithya Nagaraja

      Fake news...... Not sure why THwikis let people post fake videos like this!!!

    2. Shubfler Sandwich

      Watching this after I’ve had AirPods Pro for 6 months makes me laugh, they look so ugly in this video compared to real life

    3. justine_yancamo


    4. ItsDandy

      I love how I’m watching this after they come out

    5. xXAnni3LuvsYhuXx

      White iPhone with purple back looks so BEAUTIFUL 😍

    6. Dark Assassin

      Airpods 3 looks more better than airpods pro & airpods 2.

    7. mohit bhagat

      Should i buy airpods pro now or wait for new ones?

    8. DeliaBesgorl

      I got cheap wireless earbuds from Walmart and I’m telling my friends that I got the new AirPods 3, and they’re gonna be all like, “AirPods 3?!?! How come I haven’t heard of them?!?” And I’m just gonna tell them I got a product tester release thing and they’re gonna get so jealous 😂

    9. Stefan Prole

      Dont waste money on original one, when you can buy fake ones that looks same as real one. Fake ones have great sound and mic quality i love them so much. I got my at

      1. Mahir Bin Masum

        Shut up cheapass

    10. First name Last name

      they truly love bellsprout

    11. Emma Mc Keating

      When will these come out

    12. _Xx_Bloody_xRawrr_Spawn_Xxx_ X

      I'll buy Iphone 12 Pro with Old Ear Pods Pro

    13. Omar Hadi

      lmao are anyone else watching with AirPods Pro?

    14. Asjath Shakir


    15. _Xx_Bloody_xRawrr_Spawn_Xxx_ X

      They look bad the airpods pro looked good

    16. だにえる

      I don’t think the AirPods 3 would be so ugly....

    17. XXLoxerxX 17

      I have a question. When you open the IPhone 11 and you see AirPods why is there a wire??

    18. adammourad

      wtf this is all fake like the airpods is literally airpods pro, the ipad that’s a flattened out iphone 11 pro, and no comment on the iphone se 2✊😌😤

    19. MeatKlifer

      ok there is gonna be tons of memes about these ugly earpieces and they are probably gonna sell them for like 350$!!!!!!!

    20. ZariaEditsx '

      Why does the new iPhone coming up look better than the domino iPhone 11

    21. Mr. Wray160

      Why do the airpods 3 model remind me of the hindenburg?

    22. Daniel Byrnes

      Is it just me or does anyone else look at rumours of products that already came out to see how weird they look?

    23. Starcode_ Unformala

      Did you make the AirPods three out of titanium four and then it could be full proof and people cannot stop complaining about the AirPods just breaking

    24. XenonDied!

      Since it actually came out... Those leaks look way worse than the real ones.

    25. Drew Himmelberger

      Me: waiting for airpods 3 final design Also Me: Yeah I'm just gonna buy the airpod pros

    26. Kreate


    27. Choonguus

      who else is here after the airpods pro came out and it wasnt the airpod 3

    28. Joseph Sanchez

      I still use the iPhone 6s

    29. Sakina

      For the iPhone SE2, do you think there will be Face ID due to the home button and the fact that it's a budget iPhone? Comment down below what you think!

    30. Josegotband J

      Apple should make a phone that comes with airpods like if u agree

    31. Ayush Singh


    32. Python

      Apple needs Money

    33. Fernando De sousa

      I’ve still got a iPhone 6 would be appreciated if I could get a new one🙏🏾

    34. Eshal Shah

      Airpods users: thus you see my superior status Airpod pro users: I'm sorry I could not hear through my noise cancellation feature peasant

    35. TechPimp

      Where are the clones for these?

    36. Jovanni sanchez

      Bruh they look like bell sprout from pokemon

    37. Karma

      they look like NIPPLES 🤢🤢

    38. Kshi On Youtube

      Just got AirPod first gen for 150$ and it’s great. In my opinion I don’t like the new AirPod 3s at all

    39. The Trader

      Who’s here after the release

    40. Jay Bankz

      Is these gonna be louder than power beats pro 🤔

    41. Jay Bankz

      Power beats pro vs these

    42. Ravedaze

      At last something to fit in my ears

    43. robert

      haha they showed it online

    44. Kyle Vincent Martos

      And just when I bought my Aiprods last week, they then release the Airpods pro just now. So sad.😭😭😭😭😭

    45. mohammed shanib

      Looking good. AirPod 1and 2

    46. Sagar サガル Hamal

      Toothbrush to hair dryer 😀😀😀😀😀

    47. Always Jay

      Whate the fuck for crap is this

    48. Dr Inti

      How reliable is Ben Gaskin?

    49. Amir Rana

      When will se 2 finally comes out?😒

    50. Reave Lagrisola

      Who liked the old airpods better than this? I miss the old ones..

    51. MG the Engineer

      Sad news about the notch.

    52. Jameson W

      Fuck I hate apple

    53. Its_HeroCast

      I LOVE JAILBREAKING MY IPHONE!!! I got THwikis Premium for free, I increased my phone speed, and best of all, I upgraded my phone security by 500% by adding FaceID / Passcode Protection to all apps, to shut my phone down requires FaceID / Passcode, so its impossible to steal cause airplane mode also is protected by FaceID / Passcode. I use the best jailbreak tool unc0ver ->

    54. Anthiety

      This is great, because that means the gen 1 airpods, which is completely fine, will be cheaper.

    55. TAE TAE

      Looks like a freakin blow dryer -_-💀

    56. InDeinKeller Rein

      This Design looks like Shit, Like Tampon.

    57. Reda Bonna

      I have Airpod v1 blutooth and iphone 7 plus ..but after i updated ios 13.1.3 I notice that microphone doesn't work at all when i play PUBG mobile ... although all the microphone settings is turned on from the game and also from the phone settings...please anybody has the solution ???

    58. M C

      I come from 2120 and the Iphone SE2 just launched! Apple are still using the notch as a marketing thing.

    59. José Angel Centurión Basso

      I think Apple plan to have two low priced, two medium range and two premium models, as today; so next step could be to stop selling A11 chips in 8 and 8+ ( related to the hacking issue ) and instead create the Xe, an iPhone 7 chasis with an A12 chip, which alongside the Xr could be the low priced ones.

    60. S_hadowRBLX

      those are garbage

    61. Big Dog

      Old style is better. They rest in the ear instead of stuff plugging it with the soft tip. Those kind suck

    62. MaksMaksTV

      My dad still has iphone 5s and he is just searching where can buy another 5s...😂😂😂

    63. NintenMax

      Me: watching this video Ads: SONY WF-1000XM3! BuY tHeM iNsTeAd EaRshit

    64. Joshua Miller

      2016: iPhone se 2 confirmed 2017: iPhone se 2 confirmed 2018: iPhone se 2 confirmed 2019: iPhone se 2 confirmed 2029: iPhone se 2 confirmed 9877776653777419: iPhone se 2 confirmed *last black hole in universe evaporates* : iPhone se 2 confirmed

    65. Chris’s Top Level Media


    66. Ray

      Wth is that EVERYBODY RUN!!!!

    67. Safwan Rahman

      When you let Area 51 workers design airpods

    68. Saad Ahmed

      Who else didn't liked the style of new iphone se 2 ⬇

    69. Adrian

      The airpods 3 look like a pair of blowdryers

    70. Jake

      Air pods looks like ass wtf is this awful design no one gonna buy it

    71. Aviral Mishra

      i have been waiting for these

    72. Saimir

      250-300$ oh hell naaaa. the airpods 2 look better anyway

    73. arkar arkar

      roughly when will airpod 3 be released ?

    74. Love Ajpw


    75. CrazyButterToast

      They ugly

    76. Jes Ng

      I like AirPods because it’s comfortable to wear. Idc if it’s ugly or not as long as it’s comfortable, better sound and noice cancelled for the third version. I’m good. I will buy Apple Watch S5 too.

    77. Rabbit food is good.

      I got the iPhone 11 pro and there is a se2? Coming out

    78. Xsii


    79. TwistedReality 117

      Airpods (2016) they look like tooth brushes, who'd buy them Airpods (2019) it smells like poor in here Airpods 3 (2019 or 2020) they are ugly as hell I would never wear them Airpods 3 (2023 or 2022) all this broke people have me sick

      1. Arseni

        ur ugly bitch

    80. Iliana H

      They look like 💩

    81. Yen Therese Barroga

      my phone’s lcd is broken and the screen has a big dark spot at the upper right corner 😭 that’s why I’m really hoping that I can win your giveaway cause I badly need a new phone rn, it’s an essential thing for a student, also I’m a graduating student so it’s really important to me😭

    82. Hibah Siddiqui

      I hope i win

    83. nobodycaresTTV

      My first gen airpods are useless now Id use them all day and now I get 30 min of battery well worth my money

    84. Actionbastard

      How about you keep your fucking commercial pretending to be a video out of my recommended section. THeirs enough shit clogging it up these days.

    85. Henry Gurjar

      sooooi fuck*** guddd🌚

    86. TwoFiveSix

      The AirPods 3 look like knockoffs of AirPods

    87. Theresa Shores

      I actually thought the Microsoft earbuds look better. Lol. Like they'd actually stay in my ears.

    88. Sam Edits

      I just brought airpods😢🤬

    89. Toni Wisdom

      I really wished the AirPods matched phones in colors

    90. spaceyface

      Can’t wait

    91. Win

      just get the AirPods 2 the wireless charge

    92. shoto

      They keep getting uglier and uglier🙄🤦

    93. Adreanna Johnson


    94. Erick Posada

      🤣🤣🤣 Ugly.


      SE kind of dope

    96. mitesh mahajan

      Airport super design and sound quality good Battery backup awesome Twitter I'd @Mitesh22392014

    97. Louis Jacq

      Why has apple just given up on actual designing things well? First they have the 3 camera phone that doesn’t blend at all with the phone and now they’re making wide ass klunky AirPods

    98. Ramish Saeed


    99. MrJogurt120

      Finale AirPods that will fit!!!!!!!

    100. Can’t relate